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  1. The company I'm at arranges a virtual Christmas do, with a guest speaker. This year its Neal Martin, ex F1 strategist for McLaren, Red Bull and Ferrari. Any questions for him?
  2. Croatia have looked like they don't have the legs for it since the last 16 in 2018. I agree that Brazil should be too much for them. Yet here they are. Again.
  3. The crowd appear to be 70% starfuckers.
  4. Ronaldo turning up for the next team meeting.
  5. I absolutely loved this guy. Made me howl.
  6. Good movie that. Also the excellent “Deadly Pursuit” with Sidney Poitier and Tom Berenger.
  7. The last time Brazil were actually likeable was 1986. Nike had got their claws into them by 1994 and even OG Ronaldo couldn't save them. It's almost as if the Portuguese equivalent of "This means more" is just as annoying.
  8. An absolutely appalling set of penalties.
  9. France are missing most of their midfield, aren't they? Kante and Pogba for sure, plus Benzema up front. That's three world class players they are down, and England's midfield can certainly be somewhere that they can control the game.
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