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  1. Asimovs Foundation books were originally compilations short stories anyway and I think he did 4 books over the first 20 years. Then once he revisited it and ended up working with others, I really couldn't be bothered. He also started tying all his various series in with each other. Publishers just don't like leaving things alone. Rendezvous with Rama is brilliant and the whole point of it was Revisiting it with sequels which progressively got into more detail was one of the most spectacular missing of the points in SF history
  2. Home penalty incoming, I assume?
  3. Genius marketing idea if you ask me.
  4. A large part of management is motivation and group building / bonding. I mentioned it elsewhere but the Amazon Prime documentary "Making Their Mark" follows last years AFL season and concentrates on some coaches and their different methods of team building and approaching games. It really isn't about directing operations on the pitch any more.
  5. Table based on xG? If my grandma had balls etc...
  6. A quick skim of previous years it seems that there was maybe one place left on the last day at most.
  7. We can now add "stop, stop, they're already dead" to the list of reasons for VAR not overturning a decision.
  8. I have a soft spot for Rotherham but watching the highlights, they had more than enough chances against Cardiff to save themselves.
  9. I'm seeing reports that Derby have lost their appeal (or the EFL have won it) against a FFP points deduction which may well relegate them anyway and give Wycombe a reprieve.
  10. There was an article in The Athletic asking fans of Palace, Norwich, Burnley and West Brom whether they would prefer "attractive football and relegation" to staying in the Premier. There were plenty of fans saying "yes", to which I respond... bollocks. The Championship is a much more competitive and entertaining league than the Premier League. It's more entertaining because of its parity, not the quality of its football. Derby vs Sheff Wed today was awful from a quality point of view and excellent from a tension and entertainment view. (Probably not for their fans, mind.) If t
  11. I see the Championship is being its usual calm, sober self.
  12. Yeah, the fact that Colin Campbell is still around is a sign of how seriously the league doesn't take player safety.
  13. Actually, the problem is that by the standards of the game, even now, what Wilson did Wasn't That Bad. The thing is a) it was him and b) who he did it to. If it was, I dunno, Nick Ritchie punching Riley Sheahan and then dragging Casey Middlestedt down then you would be looking at a game or two max. But Wilson is a repeat offender. Not only has been suspended before, he's done worse this season. And he did it to the second highest paid player in the league who was simply jumping in to defend his teammate as the stupid Hockey Code demands. How the hell the DPoS managed to ignore
  14. A surprising number of substitutes do have a crafty puff on an inhaler before running onto the pitch.
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