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  1. I found this article about how Spanish clubs can sign players after the transfer deadline to be interesting - https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/feb/18/leganes-the-unlucky-victims-of-barcelonas-slapdash-recruitment If a player is lost to a long term injury (5+ months, ratified by the governing body) then the club can sign a replacement. The thing is that every player in Spain has a buyout clause, so the "selling" team can lose the player without their permission and are not permitted to buy a replacement. Somewhat unsurprisingly, Barcalona are taking advantage of this by stripping Leganes of their top remaining striker, which probably condemns them to relegation. That player will sit on Barcas bench for six months and then be moved on.
  2. I asked my Canadian friend about it and he said Batshuayi was "just fucking aboot".
  3. Perhaps the reason for Liverpool's low stat is that they prefer a "chaotic" end to end game to stretch the play and aren't afraid to hit a long ball - sorry, precise 35 yard pass - to quickly turn defence into attack. Whereas City play very high up the pitch and rely on patient short passing and seek to control the game, open play suits Liverpool's style and speed. And Arsenal have a high count because Guendouzi is shit and keeps getting caught out positionally and physically.
  4. I'd have had us on higher on the tactical foul chart but maybe that is because ours are much more noticeable. Westwood doesn't exactly hide it and usually gets a booking.
  5. I know we've been net winners but my point is that all the incidents have previous precedent with the same outcome, so what could possibly have changed. If Girouds goal had been given where Grealish vs Burnley (and others) had not then there would be a problem.
  6. "Maguire should have been sent off". Well, given some of the challenges we have seen let go so far (Che Adams for example), not really. "That was never a foul on Shaw." It was never a foul on Jonny Evans but that got pulled back. "It's ridiculous that Giroud was offside" Ask Villa, Wolves and many other fans who have had goals pulled back for toenails being offside so far this year. Now, I wouldn't want to say that the excessively loud bleating seems to be because the big clubs are being treated the same as the small clubs. Oh no. (And besides, I'm not convinced the Maguire was a red. On the balance of probabilities, I would say he probably meant it but even after several viewings I dont think it is a howler of a mistake from the officials.)
  7. Napster et al taught an entire generation that music is disposable and free. Spotify, Apple Music and others just continued the trend. I saw a tweet that said artists were getting paid nothing from Napster when it was free to consumers and now we all pay a tenner monthly subscriptions, the artists cut is still nothing. The charts are completely unimportant and essentially useless (especially since airplay and streaming started counting). The pop bands these days are there to sell branded merchandise - Little Mix are less a pop group and more a bunch of singing clothes horses. One Direction made more money from selling rucksacks and lunchboxes than they ever did from selling records.
  8. "Chassis options?" FFS.
  9. The problem is that people are getting a crash course in what the rules actually are. The Wolves goal and the Mee handball were the correct decisions according to the rule book that probably would have resulted in incorrectly awarded goal and a penalty last season - even though fewer people would have complained about it.
  10. Went to the O2 Academy Birmingham in order to see what the young kids are listening to and feel very old. For I went to see a band called Inhaler. The support act was Feet, from Coventry. Enthusiastic enough and they've got something about them. They definitely wear their influences on their sleeve presentation wise - one guitarist steals his moves from The Beatles, the bass player from Sparks, the lead singer will grow into his Peter Wyngarde moustache. I thought they were quite decent. This is me being a crotchety old git though because they might have practiced their look and their moves, but it never felt fake or put upon. Just something that you notice when you are old enough to have seen it the first time around. Then to Inhaler. The crowd were split between young 'uns and forty-something pluses like me. Why? Well, Inhaler are a four piece from from Dublin and the lead singer is Elijah Hewson, son of Paul Hewson, aka Bono. So having heard their stuff, with definite U2 influences, there was a curiosity there. And you know what... they are damned good. With Hewson, the apple definitely hasn't fallen far from the tree in looks, charisma or stage presence. I mean that as a compliment because for all his faults, Bono is one of the best frontmen in the world and watching his son was very much like watching his dad in 1981 (as my wife said, and she should know). Occasionally it was uncanny in the way he'd hold a mic or stand. But I'm being a little unfair in making these comparisons because the band are working very hard to shrug off the comparisons and do their own thing. They are tight as hell, with the bass player a real driving force on stage next to Hewson. They've got some excellent rock tunes without going the easy route of big stadium choruses. OK, so most bands their age and experience don't have a multitude of guitars and a full-time guitar tech, but I get the feeling that the idea is to use those advantages to make their own thing better rather than exploit them. I wouldn't be surprised to see them make it much bigger and they will have earned it on their own merits.
  11. Yeesh, you're not exaggerating either.
  12. Jason Bourne: Decent enough entertainment for a Saturday, some good set-pieces but generic as hell, plot holes you could drive a SWAT truck through and the shakycam fucked me right off.
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