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  1. City are playing with an infinite money cheat code and £100m is "fuck you" money. There is no such thing as market value as far as they are concerned. It's a shame because a little bit more of football's romance dies at the altar of capitalism, but even with Villa throwing around a lot of money themselves for the past two seasons, they still will never be able to compete with that.
  2. It’s a neat solution all round really. Barcelona never sold him, he never demanded to leave, it was all the pesky league’s fault.
  3. Burnley announced something to do with NFTs to a wide chorus of boos from the fanbase.
  4. Probably the biggest country never to have had a gold medal is Malaysia. Others that you might have expected to have at least one gold in history include Iceland, Sri Lanka and Saudi Arabia. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/All-time_Olympic_Games_medal_table
  5. I'm slightly out - there is a small amount of federal funding, but mainly it is schools and universities first followed by sponsors. There is no central sport "Ministry" like most countries have, so no Governmental control of sporting bodies.
  6. Pretty much, yes. And you get generous sponsor funding. IIRC, from an European point of view the US athletics team is virtually the Nike Sporting Club.
  7. US sport receives no federal funding at all, IIRC.
  8. The climbing was excellent. There is a Slovenia - Janja Garnbret - who just made the bouldering look totally effortless.
  9. Your suggestion is only used by the Americans which consistently - and not coincidentally - always puts them at the top.
  10. They replayed the Kelly Holmes 2004 "Fucking 'ell, I've actually done it" moment last night and that still gets to me. One of the others that sticks with me is one of the rowers in London (Helen somebody?) crossing the line and mouthing "Bloody hell, we've just won the Olympics!"
  11. My thoughts exactly. Not keen on sitting in a full stadium right now. The only reason I'm still going is because I usually combine my trips back to the homeland with seeing my parents and I haven't seen either of them for 18 months.
  12. I think that you mean the "normal" climbing which was on the Red Button last night. I found it fascinating - it's not really about the competitors against each other as seeing them trying to get to the top. As competitor after competitor fell, I had massive sympathy for them. It looks really, really bloody painful. (The only thing I would have liked more is a side angle because they are doing it at 35 degrees off the vertical which makes it even more ridiculously difficult.)
  13. Watched some Speed Climbing. How the hell do they do that so quickly? Do they study a map beforehand and just commit it to memory or something?
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