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  1. Because “we” should playing “your” weakened team but “you” should not be playing “my” weakened team.
  2. Can’t get relegated if you don’t play the games.
  3. Burnley vs Watford off. Next up, Arsenal. They don't have problems right now, do they?
  4. The problem is that by making clubs play over the Christmas period, some are making the argument that the injuries are Covid related because they've been rushed back fro injury / played too many games in a short period because of the lack of cover. It's not an argument that I have a massive amount of time for, but one that I concede has some validity. (Dyche had the example of Matej Vydra who was scheduled to have a hernia op over Christmas, but caught Covid so it was cancelled. So technically, he's not out due to Covid but if he wasn't, he'd have had his operation and be nearing the bench.)
  5. Dyche has said in todays press conference our application is because we have ten fit players who aren't injured or in Covid protocol.* Some Watford fans are livid at the idea of postponing the match, thereby setting the benchmark for short memories at about a month. *From memory, of the first team squad, five are injured, one at AFCON, one transferred to Newcastle.)
  6. Burnley have asked for tomorrow’s game at home to Watford, previously postponed due to Covid, to be postponed due to Covid.
  7. Yeah, it's one of those where you know something has happened, but you can't quite figure out what it was until you see it from the right angle.
  8. For clarity, one was snowed off (though we were accused of doing it because of injuries, of which we had... one). Three were the opposition calling it off (Villa, Everton, Leicester). We played Man Utd with three out to Covid, Huddersfield with 14 fit players (the manager out as well) and requested postponement of todays game.
  9. I see that £100m transfer flop, forgotten man and general all round struggling to fit in misfit Jack Grealish has been entrusted with starting a game against their closest challengers.
  10. Having got a bit more clarity, Burnley had 11 players not in COVID isolation and then Chris Wood gets his release clause triggered. But according to some cunt on TalkShite, we're the ones gaming the system and we can always recall the U23 striker that we have out on loan. The one that did his cruciate three months ago and is out until at least the end of the season? Yes, that one. It's nothing new, but the sheer ignorance of basic facts and pride in not doing 30 seconds of research displayed by people paid to talk about football in the national media is staggering.
  11. Yes, it did that for me. You can look ahead to seasons and the points are already accruing (not just the monthly Rivals) plus you can complete the daily challenges after then end of the season that they appear (which is a welcome change from FH4).
  12. Burnley vs Leicester is off. Clarets requested the postponement.
  13. Watching those Supercup highlights, Dani Alves looks very, very past it.
  14. Guess what the final game of the season is?!
  15. He's still going to be New Zealand's highest paid sportsman, just having doubled his wages. I'm not going to have a go at players for making the most in their career.
  16. On the one hand, we're getting £20m (or £25m) for a 30 year old striker who has scored three times in 21 games. On the other, he's our second most reliable goal threat, after the one who is currently at the AFCON. Given that we're likely to go down anyway, I'm actually a little divided on the prospect.
  17. Plissken

    NFL 2021!

    Article from the Ringer about it - https://www.theringer.com/nfl/2022/1/10/22876955/brian-flores-fired-miami-dolphins-stephen-ross
  18. Of course it has. Given that the idea of an NFT is for the owner to become the boot stamping on the rest of humanity's face forever, then an NFT that not only makes you unstoppable in Game A but also Games B-Z is going to be very attractive to these people.
  19. I've clearly missed something - WTF is that Arsenal kit about? Edit: Oh, anti-knife crime shirt. "No more red."
  20. Some of the goals in the Barnsley / Barrow game were absolute belters (in both senses of the word).
  21. Played the first section is this. It's incredibly clever in its simplicity. Definitely would recommend trying it out.
  22. Yes and No. At first glance, the starting XI was fairly strong however if you know the squad, it basically screamed Covid outbreak. You would have expected Bardsley to come in for Lowton at RB. The latter ended up playing LB as neither Charlie Taylor nor Erik Pieters were in the squad. Tarkowski and Mee were the CBs when everyone was expecting Kevin Long (sub, recovering from Covid) and missing Nathan Collins entirely, presumably due to a positive test as he was doing all the pre-match buildup interviews during the week. The midfield was three central midfielders in Westwood, Brownhill and Stephens plus Aaron Lennon. No Gudmundsson or McNeil on the bench and again, you would have expected Pieters to fill in. Up front, Wood / Rodriguez with the former a surprise as Vydra suddenly wasn't available. Barnes still out through injury. The bench was Jack Cork and a bunch of U23s. So basically 13 of what you would call a usual matchday squad with seven of them starting. None of this should take anything away from Huddersfield, who deserved their win.
  23. I dunno whether limping out of the Cup at home to a lower division side is worse than losing to a lower division side at home in front of a full house of expectant fans. I suspect not.
  24. Sidney Poitier. First Black man to win the Best Actor Oscar, a brilliant screen presence, a voice that commanded authority, a fun watch in stuff like Deadly Pursuit and Sneakers and one seriously good looking fella. Rest In Power, sir.
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