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  1. A case of technology enhancing, rather than ruining football.
  2. Genuine concern question. Ignoring the cost, is there any reason for me not to buy a Series X? Basically, I'm looking to treat myself to a Xmas present and I've long been thinking about the new gen. I don't have a 4K telly though I might end up with one in 12-18 months. I've got GPU, I've got a bunch of current games and I've got the budget for an X as I fully expect whatever I get to last the five years that my current Xbox One has. So given that I'm looking at the long term, a Series X makes sense over a Series S, right?
  3. Maybe. But I can think of many examples where something revolutionary has been introduced in something small and then copied. For instance, Portal. I think that I've said before that Forza Horizon was basically Test Drive Unlimited done properly. To me at least ,"megagame" implies "big, bold, blockbuster". Massive budgets, massive hype. The new Halo is absolutely a megagame, but is it introducing anything revolutionary? Did Destiny 2 bring anything new to the party?
  4. Not sure that "megagame" = "revolutionary". To me, a megagame is just one that is AAA and has a hype train running for 18 months beforehand. GTAV and Halo are definitely megagames. Death Stranding? Lot of hype there. DIablo III. Whatever is next in the Skyrim / Fallout series. To answer my own question, I checked the original Forza Horizon thread. Vague announcement in March, full trailer in June, launched in October. That's not a megagame to me, though it became one after the fact due to its success and the sequels defeinitely count.
  5. Yes, I'd go with that. Also, I think it appeared early on in the PS2 lifecycle so might have been one of the first big hitters? On a smiliar note but the other side, would Forza Horizon count? It basically arrived fully formed and absolutely amazing - but I can't remember whether it was hyped enough to be considered a "megagame". I seem to recall it sort of coming out of left field a bit.
  6. An Honest Liar is a good one as well. Although he is probably too famous, I'm going to leave Bobby Ball in here. Died aged 76. Here is a sketch with him and Rik Mayall.
  7. Speaking of drama, apparently there are now TWO bids for Burnley. We knew about ALK Capital, which looks like a bunch of American investors (including the ex-owner of Real Salt Lake) but now we have a bid from an Egyptian, Mohamed Elkahashy and a lawyer named Chris Farnell. Chris Farnell, who actually failed the Fit and Proper Persons Test as he was recently involved in the chaotic takeover of Charlton. Apparently he forgot to tick a box saying that he wasn't a director at the time of the takeover, an explanation that an independent tribunal has accepted and restored his status.
  8. Yeah, I was sceptical about paying for it but I've found it very good value.
  9. Was thinking - there is always a lot of drama around the superclubs. Almost as if when you are winning almost everything almost every year, you have to invent something to keep yourself occupied. I wonder how that would work if they started regularly finishing 6th in an European Super League.
  10. I know. Outside playing football when there are starving children out there. Tch, I say! Tch!
  11. Portal 2. Don't know if it counts as a megagame, but the hype train was fully justified. Hmm.. GTA V. It delivered what it does in spades, fixed the problems of IV, took the successful RDR template and moved it into the GTA world. The flaws are easy to see now (I tried it on GamePass and quit due to the hateful, hateful characters) but at the time I think it delivered on its promise.
  12. Yeah, but they’re the wrong type of exclusives.
  13. The investment required in developing games is just too great these days to expect anything to take advantage of the new hardware from day 1. You can't just expect companies to throw several millions at that sort of thing. Edit: The fact that companies are giving away enhanced content for free (or very cheap) is surprising enough.
  14. You are getting an entire back catalogue of a couple of thousand games. You are getting your existing paid for content transferred over for nothing - even including your saves. You are getting enhancements to your existing games, in very many cases for free without losing access to your current ones. You are getting massive horsepower and potential. You are getting this for getting this for less than the current high to mid range graphics card. When is it enough for you on day 1? And quit with the backhanded insults. I just don't like whiners with an over-developed
  15. I'm not stifling debate or criticism, all I'm doing is pointing out that the aspect of the console being discussed is - to use a technical term - utter bollocks. I don't know if these "concerns" are being voiced in the Sony thread because I'm not in it and I'm not interested in buying a PS5. If Microsoft, or Sony, or Nintendo were launching a console that a) didn't have any games at launch and b) absolutely did not have backward compatibility, that is, to me, a point of genuine discussion. To complain that consoles are launching with no exclusives but a back catalogue running int
  16. Given the nature of the Internet and the need for new content, that is pretty much exactly what happens. In t'olden days you had to wait for the next months magazine. It's not much content, spread very thinly. I mean, today's exclusive is "look at the box it comes in!".
  17. It's not exactly a problem is it? Unless you want to lord it over the plebs who didn't get one on the very first day? And that's before we get to the idea of exactly how long it takes to develop a game - any game - these days, let alone one to show off a new bit of hardware. More genuine sodding concerns.
  18. Oooh, that's a good one. "I can't think of any console that hasn't launched with exclusives". I can't think of any launch game that has launched with *checks Wiki* 2,611 games that you can play on the very first day.
  19. https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2020/10/xbox-series-boxes-unboxed-revealing-a-series-of-xboxes-inside-of-boxes/
  20. I genuinely just confused it with the Carabao Cup for a second.
  21. Elite on BBC, C64, Archimedes, Atari ST, Amiga (twice) and PC. And of course Frontier, FFE and Elite Dangerous. And Oolite.
  22. When BMW launch a new 3 Series, they don't give Top Gear the four cylinder 1.8 version to hoon around the track.
  23. I've no idea how gaming survived for 40 years without 4K ray tracing and advanced DLSS, AA and WGAF effects.
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