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  1. Bunch of cloggers again in the Citeh vs Burnley game, where one side committed ten fouls and got one yellow and the other played the game properly and committed five fouls with no cards.
  2. Yeah but Brendan is manoeuvring for the Newcastle job.
  3. I see Tim Krul has the cloak of referee invisibility on again.
  4. Worst "please buy this player, he's absolutely the next Messi, honest!" ever. Besides, the release clauses only count in Spain.
  5. This is like the Daily Mash who sold the site but didn’t share any of the proceeds with the actual writers.
  6. Yoffy from Fingerbobs died a couple of days ago aged 84.
  7. I think that was the moment I fell in love with it as well. And judging by my wife’s reaction, her too. Just finished S2. Good ending to some arcs and setting up others. Nothing could possibly match the impact of S1 purely because the novelty is replaced by expectation but I still loved it overall.
  8. There is, and he's in charge of the Fit and Proper Persons test. After all, the same person said that Portsmouth owner passed the test and he didn't actually exist.
  9. You know the Saudis will have to pay extra to remove him front the rights deal. And he’ll have a nice concession on merchandise. Not that the non-Government owners will care. Check out their non-government website at https://www.pif.gov.sa/en/Pages/About-OurLeadership.aspx
  10. Like I said, the official position seems to be that the Public Investment Fund, i.e. the national sovereign wealth fund of Saudi Arabia (chairman, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia) is a separate entity to the Saudi state. But I don't blame the fans for pretending that it is, if the Premier League have officially done so.
  11. To be fair, it was a good one.
  12. Yes, it is. This isn't being taken over by some foreign businessman. This is being taken over by a regime that has bombed countries, chopped up journalists and blockaded a neighbour for a couple of years. Abramovich and the Glazers are angels compared to this lot.
  13. Heh. A lawyer friend of mine just commented that the PL official position is that a national sovereign wealth fund is not controlled by the sovereign nation. Which means the new owners have stolen billions from the State. @Jazz Glands Burnley. I'm not bitter towards Newcastle fans per se. In fact any Newcastle fans who refuse to put a single penny into the club beyond what is already committed from today have my wholehearted support and sympathy. Any Newcastle fans who fight this takeover have my support and sympathy. But those that do decide that its OK to keep supporting them because Ashley is gone and they have a vastly increased chance of winning shiny trophies, well, fuck 'em. It speaks volumes that you think that I am coming from this from anti-Newcastle sentiment as opposed to anti-clubs run by murderous regimes for sportwashing purposes.
  14. But that's the point. It's not the same club any more. Owners come, owners go. Fine. But Man City isn't the same club that it was 15 years ago, not even remotely. You could argue Liverpool and Arsenal are not either. Sure, they've got that surface veneer and the owners know how to push the right nostalgia buttons but they are quite happy to jettison club history if it gets in the way of making a buck. No-one is saying change your allegiance. But Newcastle fans have to decide (in the same way that Man Utd fans, Chelsea fans, Man City fans had to) where the line is. What is a trophy worth to them? Is Champions League qualification worth praising the owner for despite knowing that his next phone call might be to order the death of another journalist who was asking awkward questions? Let's take the argument that is club is not about the owners, stadium or players, but about the fans. OK, so the fans appear to be happy that they support a murderous regime who are only using their club for sport-washing purposes. Says something about that fanbase, I think.
  15. The money you have given already is dead money and yes, I'd probably see the season out. But if you want to make a stand, then sending back the renewal form in chopped up pieces would be the best move. I said elsewhere that Bob Lord was an anti-semitic dictator who when it came to performance bonuses for his players, quietly gave them condemned meat. This was in the 60s. He wouldn't even crack the top five of worst owners in the Premier League.
  16. "It's my club that I've followed forever, what can I do?" is an utter copout. No-one forces you to spend money with them. In terms of new owners, the Premier League has been a total race to find the cuntiest in the world and welcome them with open arms. Not attacking anyone specificly on here but the wider scenes of Newcastle fans welcoming a bunch of human rights abusers who chopped up a journalist because they didn't like what he was saying purely because it means they are no longer owned by Mike Ashley and have a good chance of buying trophies is frankly, sickening. And I'm not letting the Premier League off in this. It seems that openly beheading people is fine, as long as they don't encourage piracy of the product for the purposes of diplomatic leverage.
  17. IIRC (it's been a long time) the end points for each race are repeated, so once you know you are finishing in the stadium for instance, you begin to build a mental map via the street names. If you miss a turn, the rubberbanding will keep things tense anyway and the US block style street map means you can usually make a decent recover unless you miss a turn very close to the finishing point. I found concentrating on the smash boards and the times for each street (can't remember the name for it) went a long way to building the map in my head before going on to most of the races.
  18. Have some respect man and look at their trophy cabinet.
  19. No worries, I added it in shortly after. I've ended up in a Twitter conversation with the club commentator and statistician over it the numbers and just pasted the new table in.
  20. Basic conclusions from the tables posted above. Liverpool are far and away the cleanest team Man Utd are consistently the dirtiest team Most teams get 60-68 yellows per season regardless of "style" Yellow cards went right down last season in front of no crowds Teams at the bottom tend to be in the top ten cleaner sides And if you want to boil it down to "useless hot takes for #bantz" For all their possession, Man City are dirtier than Chelsea Mourinho turned Spurs into a bunch of thugs, continuing his fine work at Man Utd Recently Arsenal have joined Brighton in deciding to skip yellow cards and go straight for the reds
  21. Show me how - I'm no statistician.
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