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  1. 2 hours ago, Gabe said:

    as if he didn't know that was the position coming into the season. I also don't know how the team has been playing, but you can't completely absolve him of responsibility of what happens on the pitch, either.


    OK, long response.  Apologies for boring the pants off people.


    We've actually not been playing that badly, up until last weekend (i.e prior to the Spurs game) we had lost one more game than West Ham, scored more than Arsenal and conceded less than Man Utd.  The problem is that individual mistakes have been killing us.  That's just the way it goes especially when the other clubs are all pretty decent.  Small margins and all that - Charlie Taylor doesn't slip against Leeds, we win.  Cornet is fit to play 90 minutes against Arsenal, we at least draw.  Cornet doesn't miss the Norwich game or the ref actually sends Tim Krul for punching Matej Vydra in the head, we win.


    The lack of investment was under the previous Board.  While running the club on a tiny budget, they had failed to invest in three successive transfer windows. Last summer, they managed to have six players leave on expired contracts while we still had five games to play, and the only purchase i the window was £1.5m for Dale Stephens, who has been on the treatment table ever since.  The previous Board crossed the line between prudent and cheap.  The outgoing club president who steered the club for 20 years did an excellent interview, but there was a very telling quote "I wasn't happy about the new people buying the club with the money we had saved in the bank".  And my immediate reaction was "the reason that money was in the bank was because you wouldn't fucking spend it".


    As an example, in the summer window last year I think we were negotiating with Nottingham Forest for Joe Worrall (I may have the club and player wrong).  We were quoted £10m.  We offered £5m.  Eventually we went back with £7m.  And then £8m with conditions.  And then broke off talks.  We're sitting here with one centre back going into the last year of his contract, the other having two years left and we're walking away from a player because we don't want to pay £10m despite losing six players from the squad, having £60m in the fucking bank and having literally spent £1.5m in the window *and* got £8m in from Norwich for Ben Gibson! I've said it before, coming on top of two previous windows where they didn't buy anybodythe outgoing Board were damned lucky that there weren't fans in the ground because the atmosphere would have been absolutely toxic.


    The new Board has come in but on Dec 31st, so it was impossible for them to get any significant deals done in January, so they tied down a number of expiring contracts.  Then the window opens and suddenly we've got Nathan Collins and Connor Roberts in before June has ended.  They are the replacements for Tarkowski (leaving in the summer) and Lowton (about to turn 33).  Then we identify Maxwell Cornet and the Chairman flies out to Lyon to personally persuade him join the club.   I can't emphasise how much of a change that is - the previous Board were shopping in the Championship bargain bin (usually only - and it was so weird - ever going to buy from Stoke or Forest) and still declaring it too much while the new guy is going out to Europe (which we've been absolutely screaming for for years) and paying £12m for a player with Champions League experience.  Dyche - who was not going to sign a new contract under the old owners - was satisfied that the new people did have the money and were going to support him.  He doesn't want £100m to spend, what he wants to to identify a player and for the blokes at the top to actually sign the bloody cheque.


    I think we are going down but I've always said we have to defy gravity every year just to survive.  Our highest paid player gets less than the average PL wage.  (Chris Wood, who is actually the highest paid New Zealand pro in any sport!)  The first team has three different players than that from four years ago. Three! The only thing we can offer is to go back to what worked when we yo-yo'd, to offer a player a chance to showcase themselves to the rest of the Premier League and leave for a big profit.  We did it with Danny Ings, Kieran Trippier, Michael Keane and Andre Gray and then because they didn't spend the proceeds on equivalents, that supply line dried up.  (Tarkowski was supposed to be the next, but we can't sell because we didn't have a replacement until Collins was signed.)  Cornet is clearly a return to that strategy.  Good, because it is what we need to do.  We're going to be a yo-yo club again and that's OK.  I'll miss having plastic fans of "big clubs" saying we don't deserve to be in the Premier League because we could usually wave three points in their face but you can only fight the odds for so long.

  2. 2 hours ago, Gabe said:

    Wonder how both the club and Sean Dyche are feeling about his new contract he signed at the beginning of the season. They are in real trouble, aren't they? 



    This isn’t his fault. This is the lack of investment in the squad from the previous Board coming home to roost. It’s a miracle to defy the odds every season and there just aren’t three basket case clubs we can try to take advantage of.

  3. Quote

    Fixed an issue where the Lugar Tranquilo player home could become locked again after having purchased it


    Oh, so *that's* what happened.  (I got the castle and wondered why the achievement didn't pop.  And I had to a) repurchase that home and b) despite having 230 promo photos, the 200 photo achievement hasn't popped either.)

  4. 1 minute ago, The Fox said:

    Clear penalty, but so was Maguire on Tomiyasu which didn’t even get looked at.


    At no time was Tomiyasu anywhere near the ball so it will never be given.


    I don't think Atkinson didn't want to give the penalty, from the angle he was at there was a strong change Odegaard had got to the ball (both players backs were to him).  But that's at least the third case in three nights of VAR making sure that the right decision is made, which I'm sure we will hear a lot of...

  5. And the colleges aren't doing it for the academic good of the players, but purely for the money which they are fighting tooth and nail to keep away from those players.  One college just appointed a coach at a salary of $7.5m a year, whereas until July, the college could sell a players autograph, tickets to their personal appearances, photographs and jerseys with their name on it with none of the money going to the player themselves.

  6. I don't follow F1 all that closely any more, but Williams were always "my" team.  They just seemed more human than the more robotic and all-conquering (at the time) McLaren.  Do they still do the buffet lunch for the entire pit lane on a Thursday or Friday?  It always sounded like one of the things that made the circus more relatable.

  7. If it's an official jersey, then it's going to be pretty very big and loose anyway no matter what size you get.  If he might play in it, then I'd get XL to make sure he can fit the equipment under.


    If not, I've got an official Bruins replica* that is L and that hangs loosely off me and I'm usually an M for most things.


    * signed by the entire 2019 team**

    ** </humblebrag>

  8. It’s amazing really how we’ve managed to fool everyone that we don’t have it, to the point that the official referees decision references it being actually switched on for the last 24 hours despite it apparently not existing.

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