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  1. The Elise championship gives you another Elise. The Classic series, well not sure because I can't buy a car for it yet...
  2. Yep. Was delighted to see it back, as well as some of the other old GT tracks, like Autumn Ring Mini and Grand Valley East.
  3. In a spectacular display of timing, I got an email from them, the website is here
  4. The R1 Special Edition is fantastic, two disc set, JC and KR commentary, deleted scenes - including the entire bank job that got Snake caught in the first place - gatefold, Snake comic. 16 of your Earth pounds from Playusa. I've just got into this elsewhere, so I won't bother again, but YOU WRONG! Sort of. I liked it a lot.
  5. The Region 1 one has been out for ages. And is lovely.
  6. Escape From LA is a classic trailer. Although it contained bits shot especially for it.
  7. He'd travelled back in time, to the 14th century or so. The story continues in ED3.
  8. That was the first series of "Look Around You".
  9. Rammstein, MEN Arena, 6th Feb Support Band - Apocalyptica hit the stage at precisely 7.30pm. Now, they consist of a drummer and four cellists. And do Metallica covers. Not so much Heavy Metal, as Heavy Wood. The vast majority of the crowd just utterly fell in love with them as they raced through "Master of Puppets", "Seek and Destroy", "Enter Sandman" as well as their own compositions and finishing with a belting thrash version of Greigs "Hall of the Mountain King". It is a bizarre idea that shouldn't work, yet does, wonderfully. The most successful German band in history exploded onto the stage with the first part of the gig showcasing songs from recent album "Reise, Reise". For those who aren't familiar with Rammsteins music stage show, imagine heavy - yet melodic - metal, without any cheese, and throw in flamethrowers, explosions and enough pyro to knock down a small building. Lead singer Till Lindemann growled his way through "Links 234" and "Feuer Frei" - the latter featuring Lindemann and two guitarists donning flamethrower masks. Then it was time for "Mein Teil", a homage to that German cannibal of a ocuple of years back. Lindemann disappears for a while, then comes back dressed as the chef from hell, dragging a large cooking pot. Inside the pot, Flake, the keyboard player. Lindemann then pulls out a flamethrower and roasts the pot a few times, before Flake jumps out, explosions going off around his body. Once the majority of the new material was out of the wayt, the band shifted into overdrive with "Sehnsucht", "Du Rischt So Gut" (a bow firing sparks all over the place) and a superb version of "America", with Flake riding around on a Segway. Then a couple of stunning encores, "Rammstein" (featuring Lindemann on flamethrowing gauntlet duty), "Sonne" and "Ich Will" before bassist Oli took his customary journey around the Arena on a dinghy. Rammstein have the most remarkable stage show you will ever see. But allied to music of such power, it was no surprise that they managed to play to over 30,000 fans in their short tour over here. Pics from Manchester and Brixton
  10. Forgive me for sounding dumb, but what does PAL/NTSC have to do with region locking on a handheld screen?
  11. The Ferrari is called a 360 for a reason. The model has a 3.6 litre engine.
  12. Nope, not at all. I've seen stuff done on a budget of 30p where the idea is simply worth pursuing, even if the coder doesn't have the money/tools/ability to carry it through. What I don't expect is to see the same old tosh. "Its bowling... but with breasts!" OK, maybe I sounded uncharitable, but IMO it is not far off deserving the same ridicule heaped upon "professional" stuff like BMX XXX. The lowest common denominator is the same for every developer. I'm also not against indie coding - I've just shelled out forBreakquest, which despite being a Breakout clone is done with some style and imagination. Everytime I see something like this, where tits and marketing are used to spice up something totally lacking in originality, a lickle kitten dies. A future at EA beckons.
  13. "Take us on you professional publishers! We can come up with dull, rehashed concepts wrapped in blatantly cynical marketing ideas, just like you!"
  14. The T2 homage in GTA:SA - I nearly dropped the controller in surprised laughter!
  15. Nope. Like I said, anything in the top three gets a medal and (if necessary) unlocks the next bit.
  16. No you don't. You can finish 3-3-1, 2-2-1, 2-3-1. Doesn't matter. As long as you finish in the top three, you move onwards.
  17. But is it in it for the long haul?
  18. So, a short recap of the world according to gaming fandom:- Microsoft lose money on ever XBox sold. It is a success because they are in it for the longhaul. Nintendo are a failure because they sell just as many Gamecubes as Microsoft at a profit. And Sony are TEH EV1L because they sold Playstations and Playstation2s to unheard of numbers of gamers, thus taking the industry from hardcore to something much closer to mainstream.
  19. Whereas American companies buy up all sorts of rights to prevent other (better) products coming out. But that is OK, because it is capitalism in action as opposed to low down dirty communism.
  20. Hold on a sec, it is Forza that is ripping GT off, not the other way around. The idea of damage in GT is overrated, basically one mistake and your race is over, anyway. I'm a GT fan, and I've already pre-ordered GT4, but the AI does hack me off. It should be more aggressive. What I would like to see (not just in GT, but in most racers) is some kind of unreliability factor built in to the longer races, such as engine overheating/blowup, gearbox failure or something like that. Would be a heck of a challenge to try and nurse an ailing car around for the last few laps.
  21. Michael Barrymore and John Leslie would probably beg to differ.
  22. Which is like saying a fractured wrist is better than a broken leg. OK, I'm prepared to give it time but as mentioned before the reviews are terrible. More typos than any other part of Teletext, but they come across as cheerless bastards. Page 1 - Intro, telling you the game is a bit cack Page 2 - The good bits. Which aren't outweighed by the bad bits. Page 3 - The bad bits. Which are cack. Page 4 - More on the bad bits. Insert other games that do it better Page 5 - Really, this is a bit cack. Page 6 - Recap. Score it 8/10 "WTF?" - The Viewers Page 7 - Advert I remember reading 6 pages of Halo 2 slating and was more than a little surprised to see a 9/10 on it. Same with GTA:SA, with a 8/10. Not that I care about scores, but they just don't seem to fit. As for the article which started this thread, I quite liked it apart from the ending page on the PSP. Not because the point was wrong, it just seemed unnecessary knocking after 6 pages of singing the DS's praises.
  23. Tried to get past the first page, but boredom and the eye-gouging colour scheme put me off.
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