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  1. It’s not the same though, I can’t get used to holding the trigger for the full swing as opposed to letting go to let the ball go. bought this for 4 player bowling and gutted you can’t, it’s great but it’s a shame there’s not much for 3/4 players
  2. Zoltar

    Pokemon Go

    Thanks for that! And many thanks to all the friend requests! Hugely appreciated, it made me and my eight year old son very happy
  3. Zoltar

    Pokemon Go

    Long time lurker forced out of the shadows to find three friends, I'm PaddysWhack 4228 1339 8690 Id there a spreadsheet of trainer codes?... Where would I find that?
  4. Was surprised at the negativity to this yesterday and saw it today: it was fine. The scenery is stunning as everyone is saying, the weather effects (love when the lighting in a scene is affected by cloud movement that isn't indicating anything)... Its just uninspired; I had no interest in Arlo, I think Spot is nicely emotive but I wasn't bought into their relationship so that typical Pixar heartbreaking bit just didn't have any weight. A lot of the other dinosaurs I liked, none outstayed their welcome... felt like there was a lot of life-threatening danger in this for a Pixar film. Personal
  5. Slate until 2019 https://twitter.com/disneypixar/status/652157762525261824
  6. Trailer 2, story seems to be standard fare, looks gorgeous, can already feel myself welling up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=daFnEiLEx70
  7. Even though its stated in the first post of the Inside Out topic I don't know how I missed that there are two Pixar films due this year (although a Thanksgiving release could push them to January/February here): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R1nfAxkpx9M
  8. Saw it today, thought it was stunning No love for the score? Deafening at times sure but I thought it was wonderful.
  9. I got this for iOS two weeks ago and played it pretty solidly, easily worth the 69p, made me feel like a bit of a legend. Had a couple of difficult transfers where I just wasn't performing for the teams but quickly transferred out. Only played for four seasons and my only WTF moment was in my first (and final) season with Arsenal, I had scored more goals than I had appearances, performances were up and down but had a right few 8-10s, eventually pipped City to the title and yet twice they accepted an offer for me from a Conference North side who offered me more money than Arsenal. Bloody Weng
  10. Couldn't wait to see this, just had it on the apple tv and have to say it left me pretty cold. Run of the mill trailer stuff, Braveheart for kids... I will look forward to this but other than being lush it wouldn't have sold the story to me.
  11. Actually it says deluxe version but Amazon only have one version...
  12. The ad on the eurogamer page with the limited pictures suggests preordering it at amazon for £34.90 will get you it: Eurogamer ad Amazon page Or have I misinterpreted that?
  13. I don't know the original material, I'm not particularly into fantasy type stuff and I'm following this mostly because of Stanton; I really liked that trailer. As said above, works well for a teaser. And the music? An Arcade Fire cover
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