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  1. Ah, I'm quite impressed! Thanks. I think this is the way forward for systems in future (until everything goes cloud-only). What's really cool is how effectively this generation they have fixed backwards compatability. You can play pretty much Xbox/PS4 game on the next gen systems. Does anyone know why it was so hard in the past to make consoles backward compatible? I assume its because they are using similar architecture etc this time around to the last gen and in previous consoles the leap has been much greater? It's such a big selling point for me. I still have a hug
  2. Alan Stock


    Immediately obvious inspiration from Oldboy, The Raid and John Wick (although I suppose John Wick's just a spin on the classic martial arts brawlers). Anyway gets my vote for that reason alone, very curious how you pull off the moves, probably its context senstive depending on the environment. Not many games have managed to make big brawlers in 3D be super fluid so keeping an eye on how this could pull it off.
  3. Good news for me and other Subnautica fans: Below Zero (the sequel) is coming out of Early Access and getting full launch on PC and all consoles in May! This is particularly great news for those of us with shitty PCs as I was expecting us to have to wait ages for them to make the console versions. Looks like they invested wisely and got console publisher support thanks to the success of the original. Can't wait! https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2021-02-25-subnautica-below-zero-leaving-early-access-and-launching-in-may
  4. I can only imagine they are working on one big package like FFVII Remake have done, where they'll bundle multiplayer and the PS5 update in one. Maybe even some new single player content? They may have had enough time to actually do a short single player DLC since release.
  5. Yeah that actually looks pretty sweet. I wonder if you carry on save games between episodes and if they have cut gameplay features for mobile? I think the graphical update looks great at first glance, although it creates a crossover with the Remake graphics which is a little odd.
  6. Everything looked ok but nothing to be really hyped about. Kuna is probably the one that has the most wow factor for me (even if the gameplay looks like it could be generic) and it looks f'ing stunning! Death Loop has a very well presented trailer, its a work of art in itself, but still not sold on the gameplay until we see more what it actually is. Do you literally replay the same levels over and over like Hotline Miami? It looks like it has that 'looseness' in combat that Dishonored has but visually I'm sold. Dissapointed in Returnal, I knew it would be quite combat focussed but
  7. Doki Doki is a very slow start and quite laborious to begin with, I wouldn't necessarily recommend it as a starting point. I'm struggling to find the best visual novels on the systems you listed, unless you have an iOS device in which case you can play stuff like the Nonary Games (which I'd recommend as a good starting point).
  8. I'm assuming that if I back up my PS4 game save data on PSN, I'll be able to download and use it on PS5?
  9. Pretty much my thoughts as well.
  10. So in Rise have they made co-op with friends easier? It was such a pain in the balls for World, albiet amazingly fun once you got everyone in. Hopefully there's no co-op only village hub as well, it was so annoying to have to leave the hub just to go shopping.
  11. That's interesting. I wouldn't be against teams of 5 either with those kind of tank changes. In my opinion lessening the importance of tanking is a good thing for the game in general. In casual play people either don't want to play tank or don't know how to play tank. In high end play tanks are so vital to the team's survival that losing the main tank is often a clean wipe. Changing it to a brawler role is a great call, and hopefully will reduce reliance on shields in the game as well. Let people focus on the really fun stuff, fighting, instead of putting up shields. DPS players are going to b
  12. Ah crap, only just found this out: https://www.ign.com/articles/little-nightmares-creator-confirms-its-done-with-the-series-but-namco-could-carry-it-on-regardless No more Little Nightmares from Tarsier?! So much for their ongoing story! Gutted!
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