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  1. Never visiting Hullaballoo again. It stinks like **** now! And tell me this, who is going to sit on that cushion. It's just asking for problems. Remember all we can eat is fruit! I've reached that point where I've ran out of stuff to do, I'm pretty happy with my island and home so only popping on every few days to check the shops and whatnot. Maybe once I've accumulated a bunch more items I'll create a new area on the island or reonovate a room, but for now I'm happy to take a bit of a break and play it the classic way. I can't complain though, even considering there's a ton of AFK time on the clock I'm standing at over 340 hours, which however you dice it is a crazy amount of value for a game which isn't even an MMO or competitive shooter. I popped in today and already my neighbours were like "oh I'm glad we're still talking, I thought I'd done something wrong" Damn you Nintendoooooo!
  2. If anyone gets a decent price this afternoon I'm lookin' to sell!
  3. Yep good article. I've been pretty impressed with the fashion side of things, even though its something that doesn't interest me too much normally. I quite often find myself stopping in front of other players and going into first person view just to check out their appearance. With the dyes and sheer amount of clothing that seems to be on offer, everyone looks different although its all tied together in that distinctive style. Even the lowest level scrubs look good in their basic armour. I'm an Archer and as soon as I started getting new gear I could look at my character stood next to higher level folk and thinking, damn, I almost look as good as these guys already! I've even started putting a few dyes on. Compared to FF11 where in your role you were stuck on the same armour sets and everyone looked the same, this is a breath of fresh air. I've not even begun going down the rabbit hole of glamours as I'm getting new gear so often, but its a great concept and I've seen loads of high level players running around in casual gear or just plain weird stuff weilding massive weapons which looks awesome. It legit has the coolest looking clothing/armour in any RPG I've played.
  4. I'm sure everyone else will join me in thanking @Jamie John and the other folks like @MagicalDrop who helped organise this. It was a lot of fun and really spurred a lot of us to improve our islands. Plus its a great excuse to go and really look around people's islands properly and appreciate them! And in the midst of lockdown it was nice to have a enjoyable project to work on, even though it is virtual it put the old brain cells and imagination to use. Congrats to the finalists and looking forward to after the finals when hopefully they will open up for us all to come marvel at their slices of paradise!
  5. Thanks for all the tips! I've got two hotbars set up, one for combat and one for towns/getting from A to B. I'll need to set up another hot bar soon as my combat one's almost full and rotate them in combat. I have a usb keyboard plugged in which I plop on my lap for chatting in dungeons etc. It's not the most comfortable setup in an armchair but typing with the pad is too painful so I don't mind picking up the keyboard now and again! A fellowship is basically an in-game message board, use the fellowship search function to get started, there's a couple of good ones there and some of them organise events and stuff. Seems like a good way to meet new players. I'm not planning to get into free companies yet though as they provide exp boosts and stuff which is the opposite of what I need right now! But looks fun for the future with guild houses you can buy and kit out, special gear and so on. I''ve been in a slog the last few days, the main quest is really dragging between level 25-30 with loads of fetch quests and the annoying slyphs. Thankfully its led me to some cool new areas though like southern thanalan which is all mesas, and right now I've just been to the western edges of the shroud where its all rocky and majestic as it reaches towards the highlands, and a town on a lake. Its pretty cool. To keep sane I've been playing a lot of triple triad which I love, I was addicted to it in FF8 and this is no different. I love the new rule sets they introduced although I can only have 1 rare in my deck which is bullshit. And also the drop rates of new cards from NPCs for beating them seems ridiculously low unless I'm missing something! I'll be on the rest of the evening so hit me up, and yes Hogg it would be fun to have some company for some dungeons etc, if anyone has any level 30ish characters on Moogle, or don't mind redoing old dungeons when I come across them, feel free to join too!
  6. I should note I've had no pressure about watching cutscenes, although I do feel a bit guilty making everyone wait while I watch! It's more as the dungeons are getting more complex, I have no time to explore. Like last night we were in the south forest dungeon with the spiders and its like a maze, but we skipped most of it because the leader knew exactly where to go. I can't run off to side rooms on my lonesome and let the party who is charging ahead deal with stuff without me. Ideally I need to find some other moons around my level so we can go in fresh and take our time a bit. I barely even have time to take in my surroundings half the time because we're always in combat. And we seem to skip a lot of treasure chests which are easily reachable. Does anyone here play on console? I'm on ps4 and having difficulty switching to the correct targets when there's lots of mobs and a full party in play. Often deselecting your target and retargeting will end up targeting a teammate or the wrong mob. Any tips or other controls I should know about (I use dpad for cycling). Can someone invite me to the relevant rllmuk linkshell please? Also happy to accept friend invites. My character is Jigsawn Wiles on Moogle server (PSN name Jigsawn).
  7. So I did end up picking up the full game, I'll post impressions another time. Got a question though. I've started at the start and up to about level 25 now. Am I right in saying they increased exp rewards and starting gear for new players? I've been powering through very fast and honestly it's mostly been way too easy because I'm overlevelled. I've even been sticking mainly to the mainline story quests but even now I'm still 4 levels or something above the mainline quest level requirements (I didn't even equip the gear that gives you exp boosts). It is starting to get a bit harder now. Another issue I have is that in the dungeons I'm having no time to explore or learn, take in the lore or anything because everyone already knows the dungeons and just races through in the optimal route. Is there any way I can alleviate this or hook up with other noobs so we can experience it fresh? I'm on a 'blind' players in game message board but its not very active.
  8. I don't have a problem with it, I just think its an interesting design choice because it splits the players in terms of progression. I'm into game design so it's fun to look at the reasoning and results of those choices. I also find the player psychology interesting, for example the only reason I started going for big turnip hauls was because I was playing the game so much I kept running out of storage and rooms to play with. So I was always desperate to pay off the house loans so I could do more stuff in the game because I was loving it.
  9. @Jamie John I can get you a light switch, remind me this evening and I'll send you one.
  10. If anyone wants to come and see my island in its competition entry state, feel free to pop over. Sahara is wandering around, there's a few recipes on the front path up for grabs too. Jiggy at Shadyglade, Dodo Code 7K3QF I'll try and keep open for a few hours at least and will update this post with new codes if I open again later today.
  11. If anyone wants to come and see my island in its competition entry state, feel free to pop over (judging for the competition is done now). Sahara is wandering around, there's a few recipes on the front path up for grabs too. Jiggy at Shadyglade, Dodo Code 7K3QF
  12. @mikeyl thanks for the tune, oh Great Leader!
  13. The online economy seems pretty poorly thought out from a balance point of view. Even with just this forum its easy to make big money from nips after a few weeks. I started off with 80K bells investment. Week 1, 80K becomes about 300k. Week 2 invest 100K of my winnings. Get back 500K. Week 3 I reinvest 200K of last weeks, and get back over 1 million. Week 4 I re-invest that million to get 5 million, and pay off final loans, still leaving me with over a million in the bank. Week 5 I invested a million again, and even though I only got 3.5 million back, I just put it in the bank. Now I have savings I can dip into, and any time I need big money I can just start investing a million or two again. The past 2 weeks I have only spent smaller amounts on nips because there's nothing much to spend bells on now. But you can see how easy it is to make massive money if you keep reinvesting and can guarantee a decent price thanks to the forum, or for other folks, sites like turnip exchange or just small groups of friends. If I'd carried on reinvesting every time and had the time to do it, I could have had about 25 million by now without any huge effort. I can only imagine how much people have who have time travelled or opened up to the internet have made. They will have received massive tips and fees which they can reinvest if they can be arsed. The only really limiting factor is physical space to store turnips and trips made to Daisy with full inventories. The problem is how do you balance an economy for both single player and online. People who aren't online will take months just to pay off the house loans, let alone start thinking about buying expensive furniture. That's kind of the spirit of the game, but at the same time I wonder if they'll start adding way more expensive things for online players to spend bells on. Thank god its not a competitive game (officially) or people would have been in uproar about the imbalance. And you can't really fix the economy now either, a patch saying "sorry guys we're taking all your bells and nerfing the shit out of the turnip market" isn't an option. Not that its a big deal as is pointed out in the posts above, you can play how you want. But I for one am confused as to why people even bother making money beyond the point I have. I guess its something to aim for, and for those who want to take part in villager trading you need a crapton of bells for that too. Trust me though, one or two weeks of hauling 2 or 3 inventories worth of turnips to daisy Mae on another island is not very fun!
  14. - this is amazing, and so true. Damn, I've become what I mocked my sister for when I was seven!
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