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  1. Yeah I watched some of this video and damnnnn that's powerful: As someone pointed out in the Youtube comments, one of the first things Soken did after getting out of hospital was performing live on the fanfest with the most hilarious shitpost of a song ever, I couldn't stop laughing - what a f**king legend
  2. I actually posted something on this topic in the difficulty in games thread recently, so I'll repost here. People of average rllmuk age are in a pretty enviable position as we were slowly eased into the concept of 3D dual joystick control. First it was Doom with the keyboard only, then Quake with Mouse to aim and keyboard to strafe, then Goldeneye with strafing on the dpad and joystick aim. Finally Halo with dual joysticks which was a great introduction to the mechanics with a nice difficulty curve and forgiving autoaim. I too have seen non gamers like my sister have se
  3. Hadn't heard anything about this new(ish) multiplayer deception game until this awesome video: Steam page is here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1418630/Dread_Hunger/ Looks great for roleplaying and dastardly derring do. Having just watched The Terror tv series recently, I think this is a great take on a sorely underutilised setting in games.
  4. I don't think anyone's ever used it for anything, to be honest they should have just removed it. I think it's just a leftover from pre-alpha before they had proper bases, submarines etc, but practically its useless. And yes the oxygen in bases thing should be explained better by the game. I think somewhere in the files it mentions it but I, like you guys wasted time piping up an oxygen tube to my base before I realised it was pointless!
  5. It is. Scoobsi, try venturing into wee caves near your lifepod if you want to find sulphur, you'll kind of suffer if you go ages without it. I remember wasting ages looking for the damned stuff, if I recall you need it for some of the vital early items.
  6. You can just drop stuff in the sea via your inventory to get rid of it, I think it remains in the game world permenantly or at least for quite a while. Good way to get rid of excess mushrooms etc. Floating lockers are your friends at the start if you're struggling for storage.
  7. That Eye review above does give me a lot more hope for this game. I didn't realise they also did a space hulk game so they know the universe well. Anyway, Eye proved they can do over the top combat with rpg systems and some of the weaponry is straight out of what you'd expect in Necromunda, like dual weilding SMGs and swords. And the review says warhammer 40k was one of Eye's influences. I think this will hinge on how fun the combat is and whether there's enough variety to make the bounties repeatable.
  8. Its a direct sequel, it started out as just supposed to be DLC but expanded beyond that. Not as big as the original apparently but it has a new story and is set after the events of the first game.
  9. So we're all wondering how the performance and graphics are on Switch? How's it been?
  10. Oh, there's a livestream going on right now from the devs to celebrate launch day:
  11. Yes, you can go at your own pace entirely. All you have to worry about is staying alive, you can choose when to push out further and so forth.
  12. To my amazement my ShopTo order from earlier has gone to the warehouse so it looks like I am actually getting it! I really don't understand how, I was 15 minutes late for the drop and the queue was over 20k long. But suddenly I'm able to buy it. Maybe the queue crashed and went back up again or something? Either way, not complaining, looks like I may have gotten extremely lucky.
  13. Mine is arriving on Monday but I may have got myself a PS5. Then the eternal question is whether I have the willpower to wait a few weeks for the PS5 to arrive! And seeing as I bought it on PS4, if I install it on PS5 will it automatically get the new shiny upgrades just thanks to the hardware, or will I need to fork out for a PS5 version? I might have to stop watching Youtube for a bit because creators love to spoil things in thumbnails. I know all the main bits of Resident Evil Village before I've even touched the game thanks to that, grrr. Just found out the other da
  14. What a brutal challenge! Especially as you want a backup weapon to stand any kind of chance. I guess triple take is the way to go, but man that's harsh. It took me hours to get the shotguns arena challenge done and that's way easier than snipers. As for your challenge, the extra points shouldn't do anything. However they sometimes give you special badges for hitting certain milestones within the event. For Wargames there were badges for getting 50k damage, 250 downs, etc and 5 wins, with a special one if you got all 3. So yeah I wouldn't bother with your sniper challenge now!
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