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  1. The post Heavensward quests have some awesome story moments so don't worry! Stormblood is by far the weakest expansion but still decent (quite a lot better than ARR still), has lovely areas and good dungeons but issues with pacing.
  2. Its really not that hectic, the pace is slow unless there's some sort of crisis and you can pause the game and issue commands at any time. There isn't really combat, the odd critter to bash but its just send some guys to kill it, thats it. Not sure about the UI. I love factorio and ONI definitely pulls similar levers in my brainbox.
  3. So is the only way to avoid detection by the ultimate by crouchwalking or not moving? Moz, why don't you just stop playing ranked? You clearly hate it and waste tons of time when you could just be having fun in pubs or arena.
  4. Just started playing again last night. Yeah the Battlepass looks pretty crap, still forked out for it though because I like having stuff to work towards and apex packs are really the main thing I'm after. Seer seems really good, they learned from Fuse to start overpowered and work their way down from there so I expect he will be top tier for a while. My main gripe with him is with every team running him there are stupid massive vision globes everywhere, overlays all over the place and so forth. The new LMG is fun, really slow but when you land hits it absolutely shreds. Worlds Edge is a breath of fresh air and I'm not sorry to see trainyard go, although what's there instead isn't that great either. The other new areas I've seen have been fun though, like the tram areas. Everyone still seems to love dropping at fragment and with Seer in play its a big cluster, albeit quite fun.
  5. This is great to hear a perspective from both sides. Its like a real war with different info at the time based on what the higher ups are saying to the troops and then the aftermath where you find out more details on what happened. I also find it pretty interesting that even though its a game mainly based on combat and combat economies, PAPI and co still got war-weary and eventually pulled out. People in power setting out unrealistic war objectives in the name of propoganda/firing up the troops is another mirror to real life. Shame this seems like the end to the big war though!
  6. Yes, regarding your first question. Second question, there's a podcast linked a few pages back which is quite good. I'd also like to see any other making of articles etc though.
  7. A wee tip, set your double tap abilities to display on the screen using the cross hotbar, then resize them to make them smaller. I have my hotbars laid out like this: doubletaps left side doubletaps right side \ / main cross hotbar The only abilities I can't see are the holding triggers ones, but I put my least used abilities on them and I just have to pull a trigger to see the relevant actions.
  8. Thanks for the info. Its a real shame. I've played all the games and I feel like its a format you can keep going with as long as you have new characters and stories. Apollo Justice was at first way too similar to Phoenix Wright but became good in its own right (Wright?). Edgeworth wasn't quite as well written but had enough of a spin to be interesting. Just hopping back into Chronicles reminded me why I like the series so much, the characters, the sense of humour, the animation and the mysteries. I suppose the question is whether there are core Ace Attourney devs who preserve this style. And whether enough of them are still around to make a new series of games that are true to the feel of the previous ones. Fingers crossed. With all of this talk of the older games, I think how twisty and turny they are really helps with replayability. I played the original Phoenix Wright again last year and had forgotten most of it and although I could remember some of the big twists and plot points, some of them still threw me off guard and I'd forgotten most of the smaller revelations. I really enjoyed it and I'd happily replay all of the mainline games again. I will have to binge them again now they are getting a modern makeover.
  9. I didn't know that, can you point me to the right submenu in settings to do that? I use the double tap triggers as well as the hold triggers, so I pretty much can fit everything from combat abilities to chocobo commands on there without needing to change sets.
  10. Just started last night and midway through the first trial. The music isn't as good as the catchy DS tunes, but thankfully despite the more serious tone the silliness is still in full effect. Exaggerated characters, sound effects and funny bits. Really love the new animations and camera work, it adds a much more dynamic and cinematic feel over the flat DS games. As the interview linked earlier suggested, it must have been a lot of extra work but its worth it. I don't really get why they havent made more Ace Attourney games since these, maybe they didnt do that well. Hopefully this pack will sell well and get us some new games with deeper trials.
  11. Really want to play this but don't have a good enough PC. Hopefully they'll make a console version. Got Recommended in Eurogamer the other day: https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2021-07-28-chernobylite-review-a-haunting-and-atmospheric-stalk-em-up
  12. Ah thanks, I will bookmark the lodestone website, seems a lot more helpful than the wiki.
  13. The Trilogy are the original Phoenix Wright games which came out donkeys years ago on the DS, the Chronicles are much newer (from the 3DS era). The two Chronicles games are set in Sherlock Holmes times, whereas the Trilogy (and the other spinoffs) are in modern day. From the reviews I've read Chronicles is a bit more serious than the Trilogy, which excels in silliness and humour. If you are wondering where to start, definitely go with with Phoenix Wright: Ace Attourney as part of the Trilogy, it set the benchmark for all the others and is very good. Although there shouldn't be any harm in starting with Chronicles because as far as I know they aren't connected in any way aside from gameplay/style.
  14. Bit sad to hear in the reviews that the mysteries aren't as good or twisty as the mainline series. But overall the reception has been good. Definitely getting this on Switch for shits (literally) and giggles.
  15. I play Bard and its pretty insane at level 80, I spend more time looking at the hotbar instead of the fight, or in hard fights forgetting to use abilities because I'm focusing on boss mechanics. Its fun though but in hindsight I sometimes wish I hadn't chosen the most whack-a-mole of jobs. But it is very engaging. I tried Samurai and Dark Knight for a bit but found their rotations/combos too boring. Bard is a reactive playstyle where you hit procs when they come up and keep dots up. I've been continuing my relic grind and honestly its been fun. I think I said earlier I had to do the void ark raids a number of times, those were fun and I know them quite well now. This latest stage has been to do Ivalice raids which I'd only done once. I had forgotten how awesome they are and instead of just getting carried now I have learned their mechanics. They are some of the best raids in the game in both spectacle and gameplay and definitely check them out if you haven't yet - if I recall you unlock them after Stormblood. You can also grind Fates for the resources for the relic grind which has also been quite fun. Its nice to team up with randoms and you get to revisit areas you have no reason to go back to, in this case Ala Mhigo and Doma. Unfortunately I think the next step is repeating the same Bozjan dungeon multiple times which sounds like a real grind. Also I want to do the second main Hildebrand story but can't find out where to start it and the wiki isn't much help. If anyone knows please let me know where the starting character for the quest is!
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