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  1. I've had exactly that problem with the big nacelles getting them stuck. Now instead of going at crazy angles to the processor, I tether to one of the spiky constructs so they're more central and from there tether to the processor. Onto my first Gecko. Its a big boy, I spent nearly a whole shift just exploring its innards and figuring out where to start. I've not had any depressurisation accidents, usually I like to deal with them by:
  2. I had a lucky escape just now, sort of. I just upgraded my grapple so it's quite strong and used it to pull out a level 1 reactor from far away. In my haste I pulled way too long and it shot like a missile into me, smashing my body and faceplate into mush. In a red haze of venting oxygen fumes, blaring alarms and smashed glass, with my hands outstretched in pain, I wildly tried to locate the ticking time bomb before it went off. By some miracle I managed to find it careening through space, grapple it and fire it into the barge just before I died from the multiple things afflicting me. Definitely deserve a special medal for that shit!
  3. Binged this all tonight. I thought the web series was great and amazingly they've managed to translate it to full length episodes perfectly. Instead of just relying on a musical number or two you get proper (mad) stories, lots of jokes and of course some funny tunes as well. The dark, weird and horrifying is here in full force too which is great to see - although I agree its not as hard hitting as the Youtube series in that regard. Loads of creativity (lets get creative!) and I love the characters. I think the comedic timing is brilliant. Also this was absolutely beautiful as many of you have already attested (Ep 6 spoiler):
  4. I'm up to level 2 reactors now and honestly the grind of taking apart ships is getting a bit much, that's partly because the past 3 ships haven't offered much new. However what I do like is that as the ships get larger and you have access to more upgrades, there's real scope to be more efficient and think big. Instead of gleefully zapping every cut point I now look at the larger structures and try to figure out ways to get them out in as big chunks as possible. Its really satsifying to use tethers to pull a massive hull section away from the inner rooms like a nested doll, or to remove a floor in a cockpit to make it really easy to fling all those electronics right into the barge. The only problem with thinking big is that if you mess up, you have entire sections of a ship in awkward positions or floating inexorably towards the wrong processor. But when you pull it off its a great feeling. But screw those ships with the lattice midsection. They love to put fuel tanks with concertina designs in the centre of the lattice and they are a complete nightmare to get out!
  5. Yeah, earlier I got nearly propelled into outer space by a bottle or something I'd reeled in. I also had a reactor mishap this afternoon, it was placed between the outer and inner layer of the hull and I thought there would be enough room to pull it through the gap between the two into space. There wasn't and it jammed in the gap when I detached it. I frantically pulled out the cutting laser trying to cut off the outer hull to make space but didn't have time and had to retreat just in time to a safe distance before it blew up. Thankfully it only wrecked part of the ship, the inner hull must have shielded a lot of the blast. It's a pain in the arse picking up the leftover bits though! That's my first rank 5 ruined, I've been managing to hit 5 for each other ship even with a fuel explosion in one of the early ones. I'm onto hazard 5 now and just in the process of taking apart one of the cylinder cargo ships with the big ring surrounding it and the pod holders - thankfully its not carrying anything on the pods. Very satisfying to take it apart bit by bit and then use tethers to haul massive parts of the ship into the correct bays. I like how as long as you are getting good ranks you keep getting access to more wrinkles and upgrades each ship otherwise it would become a bit repetative. The decompression stuff and using panels to affect the ship are really nice extra layers to make you plan out your deconstruction instead of just going straight for the cut points. Cut the power connections and suddenly maybe you can't eject the thruster or cycle an airlock. Good stuff! I do like the extra story/worldbuilding elements but I agree they are really annoying when it forces you to sit in the habitat to listen to a long radio message. Just do it all out in the field so you can work and get the story alongside, unless its something really critical.
  6. Given all the praise in here and looking for a new podcast I gave this a go, and have been going through the back catalogue cherry picking topics that interest me. What makes this stand out from some other gaming podcasts is the writers background of the crew, the easy chemistry and their depth of knowledge. Although I feel like there's an overreliance on old games and nostalgia for content, as well as games mag chat, it makes up for it with insightful commentary and unearthing games in the nostalgia bits that you've either forgotten or never heard of. In terms of newer games Sam and Matt play a lot, so you get plenty of impressions through the lens of professional reviewers eyes. I appreciate that they're able to chat about games critically and enthusiastically, being a good writer does not necessarily translate to being able to talk about the same things with ease but the Back Page guys are good at it. The banter is also good and I like that things aren't po-faced and are a bit silly at times. Whilst saying that they talk about games mag stuff a bit too much (which is understandable given their backgrounds), I have found some of the games mag chat very interesting, like how reviews were done, what it was like to work with certain devs and the funny look at mag quotes from the horny era. I also appreciated the deep dives, the first episode I listened to was the Xenoblade one and even as a Xenoblade fan myself I learned a bunch of interesting tidbits about development. So yeah, this is a good recommendation for a gaming podcast and congrats to the guys for continuing to grow an audience. One thing I'd really like to see (hear) is some chats or interviews with developers maybe in a deep dive format on a particular title or series, I'm sure Sam and Matt would have a ton of interesting things to ask about.
  7. Fair do's. On Hard permadeath it was more engaging for me in the last area than you because I only had a few lives to play with, so it always remained tense. But that didn't eliminate the other problems you mentioned aside from cash which was always a bit of a struggle because I'd have to spend money on traps and ammo. I'd recommend watching some YouTube vids to see the last few bits and see the endings just for some closure.
  8. I seem to be the outlier here but I found this episode really meh. I found the time skip jarring although they have done a good job with getting actors that look and act really similar. I'm just finding that bizarrely this story is dragging on without much tension even though its covering years at a time, in contrast to last episode where things were finally starting to ramp up. I'm not going to discount the show based on one episode but its starting to lose me a bit. By the way can people please label book spoilers, I've already been spoiled on a future plot twist in this thread with no warning. When we see spoilers here we assume its about the current episode.
  9. I'm a few hours in as well, and I'm in the well as it turns out! Really love the manual idea, very clever. Finding the combat a bit tricky but just got the shield and a few upgrades which has helped a lot. So far so good, I like the music too which adds to that Fez vibe.
  10. Happy to see this finally arrived on console so I can play it. It's not quite what I expected but I'm still having a good time. Onto hazard 3. My first death was on the first ship where I was putting something into processing and realised I was stuck in its gravity pull. Squish! Don't get too close! Next mess up was on hazard 2 where I meticulously tried to work around a fuel drum before thinking, ah, if I cut the pipe leading to it then maybe I can extract the drum. Boom! I like the soulless corpo vibe and all the little world building details as well. Looking forward to seeing all the gear and upgrades you can get.
  11. Re: where you are I think a big part of the problem is the game allows you to push forward to new safe houses and harder areas without you necessarily being strong or tooled up enough. Having said that the enemies do get a lot harder and running or sneaking past is sometimes the best option. I agree about the busy work. It's something many survival games struggle with in the long run. Of course that's part of the survival experience, and automating everything in survival games makes it too easy or reveals the lack of other stuff in the game (early versions of Raft were bad for this). It's usually exploration or quests that drive me beyond surviving once you get past this point, or improving your base. In some games you wish you could have a button to do chores that expends X time. I think the only survival game that kept surviving fresh was the Long Dark because of the unpredictable weather and wildlife and the need to push onwards when supplies get low.
  12. It's certainly a nasty difficulty spike heading to that zone especially if you aren't sufficently tooled up, you really need armour and either guns or a good hand weapon to take on those monstrosities, and the nights get rough as well. My first successful long run ended through the horrible nights there. The next area is less dense with things to do but I didn't find it as hard once I'd geared up enough for area 3. As for whether to stick with it, I was very thorough so I spent quite a while in the last area, but if you just do the story related stuff its not as bad. I agree the game does drag on for too long, it should really have culminated in area 3. If you manage to get a foothold I'd probably stick with it as its satsfying to meet the challenge and see the various plotlines resolve, but if you keep finding it fatiguing I would probably cut your losses, you can always keep the save and return to it at a later date. Its definitely wearying to play in long sessions and the overall formula of explore/scavenge/fortify doesn't change.
  13. If that's so, apologies for not pointing that out. It makes sense logically as you're not accessing the time loop within the same day.
  14. Whatever happens. It will then be available on the gear select screen in mission select.
  15. Agreed, then culminates in an absolutely epic banger when you fight the mini-boss, which incorporates all the jazz parts from earlier. FFVII Remake and Intermission might be my favourite music in any game, at least in terms of matching the action and setting the mood. There's so many standout tracks and the way the tracks dynamically build up whilst modernising the old classics is amazingly done.
  16. You keep it. Which is why when you get some OP gun and infuse it, there's not much incentive to use anything else
  17. The Batman Arkham games always did this the best. If your opponents are regular gangbangers give them dialogue which shows they're nervous or scared if they're the last ones left. If you can back that up with different animations and content sensitive dialogue (for example if you've been using stealth a lot) even better. If you have the resources you can have other faction types react differently, with badass gangs or military types swearing revenge or calling for backup. Like you say it really helps the immersion, just look at what a difference it made in Halo to have enemies which reacted differently depending on the situation.
  18. You can super jump when you're not respawning? Managed to get some splatfest in yesterday but didn't get any tricolour matches. I tried the playlist for tricolour but it couldn't find enough players. I was playing on the Pro playlist as suggested on here and it was mostly quite well balanced. Constant Turf War gives me RSI, with some weapons you have to be continually bapping the trigger to ink everything. One big problem I have in Splatoon is forgetting about my special, there's just so much going on all the time its easy to forget about, and I usually remember it when I die and I've lost the charge. I have been plagued with player disconnects and connection losses since I started playing the game, and more so in the past few days. Is this normal? Its really annoying. A lot of times when you drop out of a game the matchmaking dies after a minute which is just more wasted time. Its not my internet so do their servers struggle? I know the matches are peer to peer which explains the disconnecting players (terrible solution by the way, Nintendo's online is a joke) but it seems like the matchmaking servers are screwed as well. As for the Splatfest teams, what's really stupid is that when you choose your team, the default selected option is Gear. Of course half the players will just pick the default option. They should have gone for a free cursor or something, its basic player psychology.
  19. I keep unlocking things for my locker, but I have no idea where to find my locker! Will give splatfest a go tonight. Recently I tried out the buckets for the first time, they're amazing!
  20. I'm around the same point and also gave up because there wasn't enough driving force in the story and I just unlocked a huge new area. It's quite fatiguing in that way. I will go back eventually but new games take precident for me. It's a good game but definitely suffers from its structure and length. Compare that to something like FFVII Remake which I never put down for the 60+ hours I put into it.
  21. No, I finished it all on Hard with one of the permadeath modes on Switch. @Jamie John re: your spoiler question
  22. I think one of the things that make Darkwood stand out amongst other horror games is how oppressive it is. Off the top of my head its only really Silent Hill games and maybe Alien Isolation that have this unrelenting feeling of such a hostile place where there's rarely any breathing room. In most survival games with home bases, the base is your safe space to relax and organise between outings, but in Darkwood its often just another place to cower in a corner. Usually its the early morning that offers any kind of reprieve in this game where finally nothing is out to get you and you have a bit of safe time before the day ahead. It's a hard balance to strike without exhausting your players (which Alien Isolation did), but for me in Darkwood its the well designed survival and upgrade mechanics that are enough incentive to drive forward, a feeling that you're slowly making progress towards better things. That and wanting to explore the landmarks and complete side quests. Fortunately on Normal providing you don't have the permadeath type modes on, at least you aren't punished too harshly for mistakes made or poor long term planning. Playing with permadeath on (I played the one where you get 3 lives with the ability to find more), makes it even more oppressive and stressful. Not something I'd necessarily recommend as its incredibly punishing, but it is one of those few games where permadeath really adds to the atmosphere of dread. Just like the good old days playing Resi 1 for the first time and running out of typewriter ink!
  23. Tried out ranked for the first time today. What a difference! Only played the clam and rainmaker modes but immediatedly it became a better game where teamwork, timing, positioning and weapon traits all came into play. I was getting sick of turf war because ultimately it all comes down to the last minute or even seconds assuming one team isn't getting stomped. This was a great remedy. I was using the charger and although I'm not that good with it, in ranks you can use the long ink trail to forge lines of attack, cut off enemies and support team mates at range. Really enjoyed it. I also cleared the 3rd campaign island and its getting more interesting, its been a bit of a bore until now. And I'm glad I did because it taught me you can keep charger charge whilst submerged which is a tip they don't teach you except maybe the intro in the shop. Maybe I'm missing it but I don't understand why they don't have weapon tips and mechanics listed anywhere except when they're introduced in the shop, and in campaign missions. The shop intros are useless because you unlock things so fast and you never remember what was said when you first bought it. Good job the campaign teaches you those things!
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