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  1. You're right, but there have still been a bunch of films which I've found geniuinely scary or deeply unsettling - these are the ones that pop into my head. - The Ring (Japanese) - Dark Water (Japanese) - REC (both versions) - Blair Witch Project - My Little Eye - Rosemary's Baby (original) - Wolf Creek - Paranormal Activity - It Follows - Funny Games - Invasion of the Body Snatchers There are others which I'd say are quite scary - but more masterclasses in tension than outright terrifying, like Alien, The Thing, Silence of the
  2. I've been enjoying The Magnus Archives which is a horror of the week type podcast with a compelling throughline. Nearly 200 episodes to enjoy and its finally almost over. Some genuinely creepy stuff, very entertaining even when not and the voice actors are top notch. Plus its British, wot wot! Start from episode 1. Another podcast I really enjoyed which is a true story but is a very compelling and quite short tale is Deep Cover, about an undercover agent who infiltrates a biker gang to try and bust an international drug smuggling ring.
  3. Finally got round to watching this and ended up dissapointed. Touted as one of the few new generation actually scary films, it really failed on that front for me. Artistically it looks great, the acting was quality, but for me the creep factor just wasn't there. Maybe I've just watched too many horror films but although on occasion there was a bit of tension, for most of the film I was just curious what was going to happen rather than apprehensive about any of it. And it isn't that I don't find slow-burn horror scary, there are plenty of those kind of films that have really got to me.
  4. Ah, I don't remember finding those. If I recall correctly I got mine in
  5. Q beam is also amazing at taking out the big enemies at range. I used it a lot in space. Pity I only found it right at the end of the game!
  6. You can't have a title sequences list without the most famous of all time: Doctor Who has got to be in here, I chose this series because its probably the most trippy: Dat funk: I know Voyager was already on here, but if Next Gen hasn't been on here it is anyway. This is probably the intro sequence that forever tops the list of getting me in the mood for the coming show: Also surprised this hasn't made the list yet:
  7. I crafted all of my high level hacks. Blueprints for them were mainly found in gigs and police side missions in crates I believe. Also check the hack shops for blueprints.
  8. Sorry, no stock alert. Unfortunately the news is that a bunch of UK retailers don't have any stock until the end of April, due to the semi-conductor shortage and the Suez adventure. This includes GAME and Argos. Also the word is that GAME won't be selling in-store once shops open due to the pandemic and the high demand.
  9. Booted this back up for the final cut. The voice acting seems really good, the actor for your internal monologue is especially fitting and all the locals have appropriate regional and foreign accents. I thought I'd end up skipping most of the dialogue and just reading the text but I ended up listening to a lot of it. Unfortunately despite all the optimisation they've done for lower end PC's, the loading times on my laptop are still 3-5 minutes long. The performance once you are in-game is definitely improved, but those loading times are killer in a game where you need to go back an
  10. Yeah I got that impression from the glaive as well for the few missions I've played with it. I might give something else a shot too. Planning to get back into the game over the next few days and hit the mulyiplayer hub. When I'm working I play late at night and keep firing up the game, but no one I know is online and the single player doesn't appeal to me much. Maybe I should hop into more randoms games. Its a shame you kind of need to do the village quests to advance the game, why didn't they just let it all be co-op?
  11. Rock Paper Shotgun review: https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/evil-genius-2-review
  12. Haha, it was deliberate, I guess I really took it to heart!
  13. For me its not the actual difficulty that's frustrating on Champions Road, its the repetition of having to do all the previous sections again. It's like the shitty bonfire runs in the Souls games, a punishment of time.
  14. For me its not the actual difficulty that's frustrating on Champions Road, its the repetition of having to do all the previous sections again. It's like the shitty bonfire runs in the Souls games, a punishment of time - with only a couple of seconds of actually getting to try the bit you are stuck on before you plummet to your death.
  15. Nice, thanks for the info. I will pop on the RLLMUK Connect today although I doubt there's much point in teaming up with you because I'm still Hunter Rank 1! In World if you took high level players into low rank matches they would decimate the monsters and make it way too easy, if I recall they still got to keep a significant power boost even though it was capped. All this talk of big smash smashy has made me pine for the great sword but no! I will resist and give some other weapons a fair stab (pun intended). If anyone has any tips for landing the insect glaive flying attacks do l
  16. I learned a bit more about the Hunter Connect mulitplayer option and I think we may be able to use it as a way for mukkers to easily join in games with each other at any time. From what I understand if someone sets up a Hunter Connect they can then invite players they meet, or folk from their friends list to it. Once you are signed up to it, at any point you can join your Hunter Connect and team up with people that are also online rather than having to create lobbies every session and invite separately. Has anyone given this a shot yet? I'm wondering how it deals with when you have more than 4
  17. I've had a skim. Feature-wise its just what they originally said. But there are hundreds of bug fixes and some optimisation. Some quality of life changes including something mentioning HUD and quest pathing - I really hope that includes making the mini map zoom out when driving. Also a wee bit of rebalancing including on crafting. There are loads of quest fixes so it looks like they will be cleaning up a lot of the jank. Overall its better than I expected based off the last press release, hopefully the next patch after this one will have some more feature tweaks. There's some more console opti
  18. Also, Public Service Announcement: you can invite friends on Switch to your lobby by speaking to the post cat again after creating your lobby, and going to the Friends list. Annoyingly it doesn't sort by people playing Monster Hunter (why????), but be aware you don't have to wait for the icons to load in, you can just cycle through the list quickly and the text will show you who is playing the game. Bear in mind that if you set a passcode and then invite friends, I don't think there's any way to communicate the passcode to them without using other platforms (or telling them irl!) to do so.
  19. Just had my first little multiplayer session (I'm Jigsawn on Switch and in-game), some forumites popped in, but its hard to know who were mukkers and who were randoms because your ingame name can be different to your Switch name. It was a good laugh. Honestly I much prefer to play Monster Hunter games co-op, for me that's what its all about. In the downtime between multiplayer sessions is when you can do solo stuff like crafting, training and exploring. I find it a bit soulless and grindy playing these games solo. Anyway, multiplayer impressions. Technically things were smooth, I o
  20. Official Apex winter championship playoffs for North America is currently streaming live on twitch and YouTube, I assume EU and Pacific will be following soon (or have already happened today). Watch on YouTube here: Vods should be up tomorrow. These teams have already been through multiple regional qualifiers so this is the cream of the crop, should be good!
  21. If you want an indication of the tone of Rise, just pull up the camera, press the right stick and go into the pose menu.
  22. Interesting, what sort of stuff is in the book that's had to be cut out of the series?
  23. Yeah I'd love the same Hexx but can't find a way to do it. Having to dive into a submenu for a move list is a 'mare especially as you can't pause at all in combat. Thanks for the Glaive tips. The auto attack thing you are talking about must be when you hold R2 and then press R1, it makes a dust plume effect on the target that stays there and also shows the colour type, I just don't think I had the right type of Kinsect to autoattack the target. I agree that after a bit with it I am suspecting the other weapons may be just as aerial if you start using the silk bind jumps. What the
  24. Did a frozen island mission and really starting to appreciate the wireflies also. What is the point of the hang move though? For dropping on monsters from above? For any new players reading, I just realised that holding L1 trigger in addition to opening the radial menu, also lets you cycle with Y and A as to what item your Y button will use. So you can easily rotate it off potions to other things in your inventory like steaks, the BBQ spit and other handy items without having to have them set up in your radial menu. Some of my World knowledge is coming back to me, I re
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