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    Great news and quite a surprise. I thought they were going to release the whole thing at once, so carrying on with the release every chapter approach is quite interesting. What I'm really curious about is whether this chapter will be paid or not. I hope it is, we were completely spoiled with Chapter 1 being free. Toby has staff now as well so you'd imagine he will need some money to actually pay them (although he must still be loaded from Undertale's sales).
  2. I should have mentioned, I've also been getting the gameplay freezes on pS5. I found that going to the ps5 home menu and going back ingame might help unstuck it.
  3. Played the first few hours last night on PS5 and enjoying it so far. I really like the premise and the environments are awesome and the style is cool. The story is intriguing as well. Sadly as mentioned above the combat so far is simplistic, stealth not that engaging so far either. But I am early in and already got a glimpse of the blink-like ability and looking forward to seeing how it progresses. The structure of the game is really interesting, I am just into where it takes off the training wheels and you have multiple threads to follow. I agree the game is terrible for overloading you with info when its not needed, thankfully its all pretty straight forward and you can bring up help in the menus. Less useful are the pop up text tips which vanish far too quickly for you to read them. As I've found in other games of this type, I had to turn subtitles back on because its too hard to hear enemy conversations in the mix and when the main characters are chatting there's so much going on it can be hard to focus on what they are saying. I would recommend turning on all subtitles but turning the background opacity to zero so they dont stand out so much. First few hours are positive, hopefully the combat and stealth picks up a bit. The island is awesome, especially the big machine thing, its so cool! Looking forward to seeing how things progress.
  4. I checked a few months ago and it still hadn't been patched! I even played a bit and once again it ended up crashing after a while on about the second save. If I ever end up finishing it I will have to save regularly but the whole thought of never knowing when you might be losing progress really puts me off going back. Really bad form from the devs, presumably not enough players get that far and also spend ages like me finding out how to actually complain to the right people to make them bother with it. Tempted to get in touch with Nintendo and pointing it out to them, it surely breaks their internal QA policy.
  5. Insane reviews. I don't really like Dishonoured but I can't really ignore those scores. Come on tomorrow!
  6. Thanks, I haven't got that far yet, I did a bit of 1-4 but left as all clues were pointing it to be the endgame based on what characters were saying etc. Just cleared valley of defilement area 2 and I think the valley and the end of bolateria is the last stuff I need to do aside from soul tendancies etc. Are there any hints in the game as to what turns a world tendancy white/black? I've come very close to full white on some places but not quite all the way. Do I need to become a helping phantom or something, or is it explained somewhere? Cheers
  7. I'm getting near the end of this and I wanted to know, is there a point of no return? I want to explore the soul tendency stuff, but can I finish the game and then return to a save before the last boss? Or does it autosave and make you go into new game + when you finish it? Cheers
  8. Also out of curiosity I was wondering why most speedruns are 99.8%, then I discovered why. In the process I also found a link about this - mind completely blown - I'd always suspected something about this area but couldn't figure it out. How cool! Spoilers again! https://gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/253933/how-do-i-know-when-ive-100d-the-game
  9. I've been watching the Sudoku playthrough as well and Simon is a genius, cracking puzzles in seconds that took me hours to twig. Its great to watch and remember how amazing the puzzle design and progression is in this game, without having to go and re-do the whole thing (and of course you can just fast forward the vod to skip solving time). Anyway because I'd been watching that, this popped up in my Youtube recommended. Aside from the insane memory required there are some incredible long-range solves as well. Absolute insanity! Mega Spoilers!
  10. I've been watching the playthrough below on and off on Youtube of Dark Souls 3 recently. Its been great to re-live it and Mapocolops really takes his time getting into the lore and exploring everything. I've seen quite a few new things I missed on my playthrough and different character/NPC routes. Also I had never played Dark Souls 1 when I played Dark Souls 3 so its been cool to see how the game references the original and soak up that juicy lore. He's up to Dancer now in the game. Mapocolops has some other good playthroughs as well like Alien Isolation, would recommend.
  11. I played on the hardest and its instadeath if you get melee hit by a dino. I found it quite fun because it forces you to use the weaknesses and stuff properly, its not impossible by any means and the slowmo aiming really helps. I'd bang it up to the max and see how you get on, if that is a bit too punishing try the next level down which is what I feel is probably the best balance overall.
  12. Yeah for me its the bosses that usually spoil it, I much prefer the exploration and world combat. I'm in the middle of Demons Souls at the moment and finding it a better balance than the more recent games in terms of boss difficulty and other places to progress if you get stuck. Looking forward to Elden Ring as it sounds like it will incorporate more of those elements. Still haven't beaten Sekiro because I just find fighting the bosses pretty tedious.
  13. I don't think the format really matters, maybe the graphics are slightly better on one or the other but its not a game where that really matters. I played this last week on my PS5 and really enjoyed it. It's not the best game of this type but it has some cool ideas and an intriguing mystery. Its pretty janky, it shows that its the devs first proper game and its origins as a Skyrim mod are plain to see. On the plus side its oozing with atmosphere, the environments are great and the writing and voice acting are solid. Its more of an exploration and story game than an outright puzzler/murder mystery. Progression is more about eliminating possibilities than using clever logic or taking advantage of the timeline in any advanced way. But even so its entertaining and addictive, my main criticism is there is a lot of Skyrim/Fallout style dialogue to get through, where you're just standing there talking to people as they stiffly stand there. Definitely worth giving a shot if you like this kind of game.
  14. Try luring them out individually with the bow, spell or throwing knives. Fair warning, if you find that bit triggering then Dark Souls 3 might not be your cup of tea. I think its great but I also hate it at the same time, I don't think I've ever been more frustated at a game!
  15. I've only just heard about Forgotten City on here in this thread and the 12 Minutes thread, it sounds great. I can't seem to find a thread for it though in Search, do we not have one? Definitely going to pick it up but wondering what format would be best.
  16. Yeah the reality is that for most of the MSQ content you will fairly easily brute force it, aside from bosses with instakill mechanics. If you die it often doesn't matter because you'll either get rezzed fairly quickly or watch from the ground as the team finishes off the target. It only starts to get more challenging maybe mid-Stormblood and into Shadowbringers. The optional raids though can be quite a bit harder but still not anywhere near Extreme difficulties. Extreme is where you get a good challenge without any modifiers like minimum i-level, though difficulty is quite varied. There are even some Savages which are easier than some of the Extremes. For me who also came late into the game playing the newest patches and new end-game content has been a breath of fresh air, because it actually requires attention and you will get wipes if people are making too many mistakes. Looking forward to Endwalker where everyone will basically start at square one and we won't be decimating story bosses in seconds. I do wish they would add a duty finder roulette for min-ilevel/no Echo for earlier parts of the game so new players can experience msq content at a higher difficulty without having to mess with party finder. I would have loved that.
  17. Just did a very quick skim of the Eurogamer article and it sounds pretty great. Definitely don't want to learn any more about the game, I'll happily go into it knowing the basic overview and those few trailers we've had. The open world and more freedom in builds and playstyle is exactly what From needed to do after Sekiro, and its great they are putting more emphasis on exploration in Elden Ring. Can't wait to see what world they've come up with and explore it all. I'll probably be ducking out from here. Roll on January!
  18. Yeah its a lot of RP to lose. I'm guessing they make you lose RP to encourage people not to just yolo the entire time and ruin games with hot drops or crazy plays. Problem is that according to your and many other solo grinders experiences, that's happening quite a bit anyway. I believe when you rank up you can't drop below that rank, but maybe they need other RP milestones you can't drop down from. It puts me off ranked solo altogether as I know I would also rat at least to make sure I wasn't losing RP. Definitely something they need to look at.
  19. Thanks for the Seer infodump Moz. Its good to see the designers recognise the issues with him and the current nerfs are definitely a good start, I'm seeing a lot less of him already in pubs. What baffles me is why they didn't recognise just how powerful all of his infogathering is before launch, compared to other legends like Crypto. I was already starting to use Seer to his full potential this weekend, 360 scanning around with heartbeat sensor all the time to know where nearby teams were. Even at the start of the game its a massive boon to drop in a quieter location and while looting up immediately know if there's contesting teams moving in. In combat I always knew when we were getting flanked just by aiming down sights. Its just free info in a genre where info can be more powerful than skill. For me, Bloodbound's scan is about the perfect info balance for a game like this, its on a decent cooldown, its directional and only gives you info for a few seconds. Crypto of course is made even more redundant with Seer in play, so I'd like to see some of Seers original strength moved over to Crypto. Ratting is a weird one. On one hand I think it makes for terribly boring play (for the player doing it) in stuff like Ranked for people like Moz who need it as a fallback when a team goes to hell. On the other hand the game gives opportunities for great comebacks through ratting, via respawn banners or final circle third parties for example. I would love some sort of mechanic where you get stronger the longer you are alone to give you more survivability as a rat, but of course it would be abused horribly. I dunno, its a bit of a design issue in general. I'm curious how ratting goes in other battle royales as Apex is the only one I've followed at a pro level.
  20. Tempted to pick this up just for a week or two of fun. Do we have enough PS4/PS5 players on rllmuk to have a wee pool of players to co-op with?
  21. So I'm maybe half way through the game now and really enjoying it. You quickly get access to a bunch of moveset upgrades which makes exploration much more fun. Enemies can still be a pain in the arse, but it's lessened by hunting out secrets. I love that you can add your own markers to the map to remember areas to return to, it makes the Metroidvania backtracking much easier, plus the ability to warp to save points helps a lot too. My only big complaint is the crap quest map markers which have made me waste hours already - by sometimes pointing in completely the opposite direction to where you need to go to progress. In other words, the quest marker is telling you the ultimate destination, but to get there you will have to explore completely different biomes in order to find an upgrade you need to get to the quest marker eventually. I wasted a ton of time thinking I'd missed a route into a quest zone only to discover hours later, on the other side of the world, was a movement upgrade I needed. On the plus side I did uncover a ton of secrets due to totally rinsing all the map I had access to, and so I have a well upgraded character now able to tank hits and do decent damage. Lets give some credit here to Axiom Verge 2 though. The environments are pretty, varied and expansive. They are fun and quick to get around thanks to the character movement and the animations are superb and really satisfying. The music is great, really conjures a different atmosphere to the first game. It is just an enoyable game to explore, find new routes and uncover secrets in. Although there are plenty of ability-gated routes, they are always clearly visible and link up with each other nicely. Shortcuts are constantly being unlocked as you explore to make backtracking faster. Secrets for the most part are not obscurely hidden - there will be clues like seeing an item you can't get to through a wall, or a blank map square in a zone where everything else is filled in. I still think the enemies are a bit overkill and I agree with the hope that the emphasis is even more on exploration if there is a sequel. The normal enemies mostly just annoy and kill (literally) your exploration, or knock you off edges. There are a few which are more interesting, and hacking makes things a bit better. The 'boss' enemies are really cool though, with great artwork and animation. I'm trying to think whether Metroid enemies had the same issues. For sure Metroid games have had some annoying enemies, but I think the combat was more engaging in the Metroid games, and also you had more abilities to use to deal with them. Metroid also used enemies a lot more in puzzles. Anyway, I'm enjoying this more than the original, and I'd definitely recommend it if you like exploration/Metroidy games.
  22. Started this last night and just got the first few abilities and the boomerang. I like the visuals so far and the music is a nice change, seems there will be quite a lot of variation in tunes compared to the original. Definitely agree with the sentiments about enemies so far. They cause too much damage, are too numerous and too aggressive, making it a bit annoying to get around some places when the fun is in exploring. I might tone them down if it becomes an issue as folks have recommended. I thought Axiom Verge was decent, but for me the highlights of that were the exploration and the puzzle bits, so I'm taking a punt on this as it sounds more my jam.
  23. Yep in that case I highly recommend just getting into a lot of combat early on for experience. You don't necessarily need to drop in the most crazy spots (like Estates in Olympus for example) but go for the bigger landmarks and drop quite early so you aren't all on your lonesome. Especially in public matches most of the lobby will drop within the first 5 seconds and fill up the first half of the map. Meaning by the time you run into teams later on, they will usually have killed at least one or two other teams and have the loot (and skills) to show for it. I suspect you are getting mauled by teams who are quite experienced and have much better gear than you. I got much better at combat by just getting into fights early on and playing more aggressively, which also gives you the benefit of loot if you win. Its quite possible to survive until the last few teams by playing passively and wandering the whole map, but its also pretty boring and you won't learn much about how to improve or get better at combat. As for looting, just hoover up everything in sight at the start and then drop wrong ammo types etc you don't need once you find some weapons. The game is pretty generous these days in that it gives you a basic loadout at the start so you have at least a chance of surviving combat as soon as you get a gun. After you all have basic loot, don't spend too much time looting - by mid-game most of the best loot will be on other players unless you find an untouched area. Deathboxes are a way better source of loot than anything else. Also if you start somewhere with a crafting station it is usually worth crafting a shield battery or good attachment. Seeing as you are struggling a bit, it might be worth investing in a mobile respawn beacon from the crafting station, then you can more easily rez each other. It is worth noting that when you queue in a 3-stack, you will get put into lobbies that favour other 3-stack teams, which means you might be running into some pretty experienced players. Although the game is seeing an influx of new players right now. Another thing to point out is that I have noticed a lot of smurfs recently, probably players who are hopping back into the game or playing it again on a new system (hurry up system-wide progression). I have had plenty of level 10-15 players on my team lately who are clearly veteren players, so that might be hurting you guys in the lobbies a bit. If you do fancy posting up some footage of your games we can always give other tips. Finally it just occured to me that Arenas is probably a great way to get the hang of weapons and combat when you are learning. Fast rounds and no looting. I have started playing a few rounds of Arenas to warm up before Battle Royale and I've found it really handy for getting to learn some of the newer weapons.
  24. Popped on here to post exactly this, but you've done it for me. Really hope it picks up in Chapter 3. So far the mysteries have been very unintriguing and the pacing way too slow, by this point in the other games I'd be happily ploughing through without stopping. The setup for Chapter 2's mystery had a lot of potential but completely squandered.
  25. Quite hard to give advice with nothing to go on. What mode are you playing on? Do you hot drop or drop into the far corner of the zone? Maybe if you could record some footage and post it up it would be useful to see if there are any things you guys could improve on. First basic things that come off the top of my head is weapon choice, shield strength and using cover and height properly. For a group of mates I'd suggest taking along a Lifeline for the revives and a scanning character like Bloodhound or Seer to start off with, then a character with team mobility like Octane, Horizon or Valkrie to get into good spots or escape bad situations.
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