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  1. Can someone who's completed the game tell us how it's best fun to play through. What I mean is, if you go and find everything and do every wee sidequest, does it make the game too easy? Or drawn out? Or is it best fun to play through just the plot stuff and then come back at the end to do all the extra stuff? I usually like to find some extra stuff but not all, so there's something to do after I've finished the game. Will that work in FFX-2?
  2. I've bought mine off Amazon at a reasonable 30 quid.
  3. I think the whole changing over to the "alternate" world in Silent Hill is overused now. If they made the alternate place more interesting and scary it would be good (like the hospital in SH3). In Silent Hill one the alternate worlds thing was shit scary, but since then we've seen it so often it doesn't really affect us any more - not forgetting the fact that in SH3 the change to alternate world just seemed like an afterthought - ah I've cleared this area, now lets do it again in alternate mode... hurray!
  4. Oh i wasted hours on this last sunday - I got like 18,000 but gave up in the end because I couldn't be arsed to get the exact order right. I managed to see everything at max level, and all the best events but not combine them perfectly. What's stupid is that you don't know which events are "best". It's fun for a bit but a waste of time trying to get perfect score.
  5. They've probably just ran out of money after poor sales of Manhunt, and so needed a good excuse not to send you the game for free
  6. I almost smashed my pad on the centepide boss. I resorted to GameFAQs in the end - turns out I had been right about what to do - I just was unlucky. When he comes in over the middle bit you've got to jump and attack him in the mouth. Annoyingly though it's really easy to get hit by his tail and whatever afterwards. Use the dash to get to the floating boulders and smash em for goodies. After 3 or 4 hits he dies, he gets faster each time. Remember to keep on the move because if you stay in one place for longer than a second or two then the lightning kills you. I'm a few levels beyond that now but I'm stuck cos it's too hard. That boss that kept saying "none shall pass" was funny!
  7. Yep that level caused me to go to GameFAQs until I realised there was no special secret to it, it's just run around like a madman and if you're lucky you get past
  8. Fantastic! I thought I'd never get to play this (remember it got 9/10 in Edge). Thanks for letting us know!
  9. Iffy camera? The camera is a joke, one of the worst camera's I've seen for ages. The game has it's moments and looks amazing, but for me it's gameplay flaws override the fun I was having.
  10. No, personally it makes me want to mash the screen with frustration. I'm on about level 14 or so and it gets hard and annoying.
  11. Haha Rob, why didn't you just ask who I was? I assumed that you would have checked who I was before accepting the Friend request anyway... Sean I am just telling the world not claiming responsibility for discovering it. Boutros, you make the mod, I'll play it.
  12. This is doing the rounds now so just to let you all know: Preferably 7 or 8 people. Choose a small and narrow track for best results. To begin with everyone goes in the same Sports Coupe and does one race. Whoever comes last must then be a fast car (powerful Ultimate works best) in the next race. You race the same track each time. Each race, whichever Coupe comes last then changes to an Ultimate. There are no rules apart from the Ultimate's goal is to kill the Coupe in first. Coupes can try to kill each other. Whoever wins the final (when there's 2 coupes and all the rest Ultimates) is the Ultimate winner. This game starts off slow but once a few Ultimates are on the track things get a lot more exciting. I've never seen so many flying cars! Enjoy!
  13. Oh I must have remembered it wrong, I thought you had to kill em all. Maybe I did it wrong the first few times.
  14. Finally, this game should be brilliant as it's got the original team making it PLUS the guys at Ion Storm. Hopefully the level design will be as brilliant as in Thief 2 - one of the best games on the PC. If you haven't played a Thief game I recommend picking up both of em, they're a fiver each. If you can only afford one get Thief 2 as it's better, but be warned that it follows a continuing plot from the first game.
  15. I think he's right though, quite a lot of the levels in Perfect Dark are too sprawling and mazelike. I still don't know my way around at least 6 of them despite having played stupid amounts of time on the game.
  16. A few weeks ago I went on Live and the host of the game (a brit) immediately asked me where I was from. I said the UK. He said "oh good, as long as you're not from Germany that's alright". I chuckled and the rest of the room did too (his mates). But then before the race started, a new player joined. "Where are you from mate?" asks the host. "I am from Germany", came the reply. "Byebye!" laughed the host as he banned him from the room. Him and his goons pissed themselves whilst I stared at the screen in disbelief: "Err, why did you kick him, what did he do?". "I just don't like Germans mate, they're all arseholes". "That's harsh, they're just the same as us, seems a bit harsh to kick em straight away". "The kick button's hovering over your name Jigsawn!" - the guy wasn't laughing, he was serious. One of his goons told me not to bother arguing with him about the Germans as he had "strong feelings" about it. I couldn't believe it, what I had first thought as a joker had turned out to be a complete racist. Suffice to say I did one race and then left the racist twat to go kick germans willy nilly. It's a pity I forgot you could send negative feedback.
  17. I did that with a mixture of Epona and on foot - I found I needed Epona to get some of the far away ones. It was still pretty tricky and took me a number of attempts (I didn't change the time). PS - Don't run out of arrows it's the most frustrating thing.
  18. I probably won't be able to afford to renew mine after the summer. Question though: If I don't renew my Live payment, does my account still stay there or will it get deleted? Because, I'll want to start using it again when I get a job, but obviously don't want to lose my gamertag and scores etc. Anyone know?
  19. I thought the laptop gun was a cool idea but a bit harsh in reality - they REALLY wreck. Stick 2 of em in next to your briefcase with plenty of ammo and noone was getting out of there alive! Having said that I had to rely on them at times to do the single player challenges.
  20. You know what, I'd love it if there wasn't an umbrella base. It's so bloody boring at the end of Resident Evil games to always know you'll be entering some Umbrella facility which will then self destruct, not forgetting the boss you inevitably have to fight whilst time's running out. It's a broken record which I hope they change.
  21. Update Saturday Feburary 15th. This week I haven't done much on the level. I mainly have been planning out the bit I'm working on on paper, and getting some of the scripting done in the new area. That's things like getting lifts working, scientists doing what they're supposed to, and stuff like that. I did a wee bit of visual additions this evening like some added lights, but you can't really see the main additions without seeing the game in motion. Now I've got most of this bit of the level in playable form, I'm going to try and make it playable this week - it'll still have plenty of bugs and will look awful, but it'll be good to get feedback at this early stage. I'm making my level in different Zones. A Zone is the area between loading points, so you start in zone 1, hit a loading point to enter zone 2 etc. I'll start tweaking the events to get them timed right, and get zone 1 connected to zone 2 so we can play em back to back. After I get the first 2 zones to a decentish standard in gameplay and events (hopefully over the next 2 weeks) I'll start making Zone 3. So far I only have the general concepts and ideas for what's going in Zone 3 so I'll need to think about that a bit more too. I like the concept of revisiting areas in games (as shown in the original) - and in Zone 3 you will be revisiting some areas which makes it even harder to plan out. I have my work cut out for me! Here's 3 screens of the cavern area - as you can see visually they're practically unchanged, but its the nuts and bolts underneath I've been fiddling with. I've got my own webspace for uploading images now, but may well need somewhere to upload test versions of the levels as my space is limited. Above you can see it looks pretty much the same. I added some barnacles, added a lift and more lights, changed the positioning of a few things, that's all you can see. This is a wee room, and I had a bit of nightmare getting Mr. Scientist there to do what I wanted in the level editor. Git. I might have to get him killed off later on for that. Oh, all of those objects are prefabs (i.e. someone else made em). I just threw them in to add some detail and give an impression for what I want it to look like. I'll probably replace most of them eventually with my own creations, but they'll do for now. Boom! I'll get this event tweaked over the next week or two so it isn't just a random explosion. Bits go flying, it's cool and pretty easy to set up in the editor. Events like these take a wee bit of time to do though, you've got to set up a whole bunch of stuff . For example, it needs to be triggered by something, then you need to put a sound in, a visual effect, make all the debris and stuff happen, make things move, add other effects and so on. The more practice I get though the faster I become at adding these scripted sequences. Hopefully I'll get a playable version for the testers out next weekend or earlier. Tune in another time!
  22. Maybe I just go on on the wrong nights, but noone from here ever seems to be on Gotham 2 any more. Has everyone got bored already?
  23. I don't think it would be hard to do without hints, it would just be annoying as you'd probably spend ages doing aimless wandering to find out where you can use your new gained abilities. Basically the hints tell you what sort of area you should be heading to next at certain points of the game, it doesn't help you solve puzzles and stuff. I would play it with them on so you enjoy the game instead of getting bored.
  24. What I find funny about the new SH games is that they have amazing animation and facial lip synching etc for the characters, and then destroy it all by having them say utterly stupid dialogue. It's kind of like filming an amazingly tense horror film sequence and then setting it to the music of Benny Hill.
  25. Thanks, the link for the images, folks, if you didn't get em the first time, is: http://www.jeux-france.com/news3142.html I think it looks like it could be quite cool. It reminds me a lot of Forbidden Siren. Even if the plot stuff is true, who cares as it'll be seperate to the main RE plot. I like that it looks more like its based around one area you may revisit quite a bit. I'm sure they're just showing the daytime type bits now. This is just a wee part of the game.
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