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  1. You know when the lone guy in the alleyways flanks the team up against the wall? I thought it was a bit weird that the enemies who had pinned that squad on the street didn't move up and outflank them. It didn't even look like the squad were covering that angle.
  2. Thing is though, its supposed to be based on how things work in real life urban combat. Getting that kind of coordinated maneuveur is probably infeasible with one person in command - it ties in with the "order overflow" the demo guy mentioned.
  3. Nice video, the ambience is quite excellent, bullets ricocheting off walls, dogs barking when the action goes off, it's all very frantic and engaging. My only concern is that the game could get quite repetative, but hopefully well designed levels will solve that. I really liked the quick thinking aspect of it - if your guys are pinned down you got to get them out of there fast and get them support. The ease in which you can control the teams looks very good as well, and perhaps the best thing is that for once you don't need to worry about your teams going off on some spacca AI routines, they seem to be intelligent enough to handle things without you. Good stuff.
  4. No, I also had this problem with mine. I also got it sent off and it arrived back in a few days with perfect working order, and I never had any problems since. It seems the earlier models are a bit prone to disc drive errors.
  5. I should point out that if people have trouble with the game as you go on, check out their website forums, there are loads of useful hints there. Also be very, very careful about deleting important emails related to the "plot", there is a bug where if you delete a certain one, you have screwed yourself and won't be able to progress. It happened to me and I wasted about 4 hours as a result
  6. Uh, where did you get Outcast from? I have wanted it for years
  7. What tracks does this mode usually work best on?
  8. Just read this thread for the first time, and yes, that water boss was rock hard and AMAZINGLY FRUSTRATING. I came close to smashing the pad on the wall because the water combat is so difficult to get right, with the shitty camera and control. I had to bolster up all my stuff which took ages, and even then I barely made it, it took me many attempts. Worst bit of the game, apart from that bloody Hand maze.
  9. Yes those tactics are still in, however they have a limited range now, and Pit can only be used when the target is on certain land types. Part of the skill of the game is to see what Tactics your opponent has, and set up combos so that their tactics won't disrupt them.
  10. Well I'm sorry to say that maybe my choice of "Extreme" difficulty has backfired, for the past week I have been stuck on one level... I would now not recommend this difficulty level to anyone! MODS: any chance of moving this thread to Reviews folder? It should have originally been posted there anyway, oops
  11. Can you tell us how her scenario fits into the plot? Why is she in this house? Obviously write it in yellow or something so as not to spoil it for others.
  12. In Silent Hill 3 apparently if you have a Silent Hill 2 save on the same memory card, you get an option to unblock one of the toilets early on in the game. I actually had a SH2 save on my memory card when I got to that bit in 3, but I can't remember the toilet bit as it was ages ago. Has anyone done it?
  13. Unfortunately in 3, its not helped by the fact a lot of the action is in wee rooms and corridors. The cam finds it hard to cope with all those walls about. Compare that to the huge sewer tunnels and its a lot better fun to play because for once you can dodge enemies without fear of running into one out of cam shot.
  14. Dude, I know what you look like remember. It's not gonna be hard to find you! As for upgrades in metal Arms, you wait till you get the level 3 nail gun with level 3 scope. Holy shiznit. And one more tip. Dont buy ANY guns. You'll get em all along the way anyhow. Dont listen to him Andy. You should upgrade when you can afford it - rocket launcher and machine gun/shotgun/rivet gun is a good way to go. Depends what difficulty you are on I guess but I was sure glad of those upgrades later on in the game, bear in mind there are like 40 levels and it gets a lot harder. Also say if you have upgrade level 2 on a gun and you collect another upgrade in the game world, it'll upgrade it to level 3 - that means that buying em is a good thing because you can get up to level 3 when normally you'd only be at level 2.
  15. Well, inspired by todays discussion I just spent the past hour or two on Silent Hill 3. Turned out I was only an hour and a half into it anyway. Unfortunately starting to play it again has reminded me of all the bad things about the Silent Hill games. 1 - The camera in SH3 is terrible, number 2 also had this problem. You're constantly battling with it to see where the hell you are going and where the enemies who are right in front of you are. Even holding down the Zelda style camera fix just makes the camera veer around wildly whilst it tries to correct itself. Grrr. 2 - The design is awful. Although I tried to avoid spoilers about Silent Hill 3 in this thread, I did skim a bit about getting killed by subway trains. Well, I did that bit tonight, and a worse bit of design I have not seen for ages. Without any warning you will trigger a cutscene and die, just for walking into an trigger area. I was forced to redo the whole section, and fortunately I remembered the bit you wrote on here about the fire door and got out the way in time. There's another bit like that later on with the monster in pool. 3 - A common survival horror gripe this: no indication of where save points or boss battles are. This happened to me today, again, when I chose one door instead of another. Unfortunately the door I chose led to an irreversable cutscene, and I was unable to go back to the other door. Turns out that the other door had a save point and health and ammo in it. There's no indication which leads to glory or failure, it's blind luck. Now that's crap design. Resident Evil and co suffer from this as well, yes it provides tension when you're looking for a save point, but at least in RE you can generally survive the enemies going around the joint. In Silent Hill games your battle with the camera generally gets you damaged at least a wee bit, or worse still you might activate a boss, get killed and have to redo about 30 mins of gameplay to get back there. Gah! 4 - Lack of imagination in Silent Hill. Silent Hill 3 is just getting silly. It's kind of like being stuck in a building in Silent Hill 2, for the whole game. At least the first 2 games were punctuated by running around the town. They got stick for too much aimless wandering, fair enough. But when konami's alternative is the same old gritty urbanesque environments again, and again, and again, you get deadly sick of it. Not to mention the exploration "fun" to be had. Locked door. Locked Door. Broken Lock. Broken Lock. Big sheet of cloth covering your exit. A few bits of garbage that no man could possibly cross. Do you see where I'm going? So far the scare factor has been low, after you get over the horrid noises the baddies make, yes its still perturbing, but there has been a complete lack of tension (apart from when you are wandering around looking for the next Save!) for the most part. Davros was right, these games are getting worse and worse. Although Silent Hill 1 had many of the above flaws, at least it had a top notch atmosphere and more interesting locales. I'm now about 3 hours in, I'm wandering around the offices after the construction site. Frankly I'm looking forward to playing Project Zero and Siren after playing this turgid mess...
  16. Well I could have put in a clarifier but I couldn't be bothered. What I really meant is that you feel like it is you "hacking" in the game, rather than a comparison to real life hacking. The way that they've got a virtual "net" on there makes it really feel like you're busting into banks and stuff in the game world.
  17. That's the whole fun of it, it feels like you're a REAL hacker, yes it can feel a bit harsh, but once you figure out the best techniques being caught is hardly a risk. Highly addictive too.
  18. Only 10 pounds in Amazon Sale See my review in the reviews folder, Uplink is an amazingly original game about computer hacking, and is now only 10 quid, absolute bargain! Uplink Review Here
  19. Well unfortunately for non importers like me (cant afford it), this game's the best next gen alternative we've got at the moment. Disgea is supposed to have quite a lot in common with Tactics, though.
  20. I should note that I am playing the game on Expert difficulty, because I had played through the first one. I'm finding it's about the right difficulty for me. On normal the game is probably a lot quicker to get to the stage I'm at, I'll just have to see later on if i'll regret the Expert descision!
  21. Yes, I'm playing the Liu Bei campaign, and it's far more focused than Dynasty Tactics 1. I'm about 17 hours in, and mostly the maps I've been put on have been teensy compared to the epic map of the first game. In 2, you generally get shunted around via the plot to new locations, and given say 4 or 6 turn time limits to capture an enemy base. This basically means you spend far less time messing around on the map screen (that element of the game is still very basic compared to something like Medieval Total War), and more time in battles. It's only now in the campaign that I seem to be up against more than one army at once, so I'm just leaving one in my home base, and sending one "mighty army" for the objective, simply swapping out units which get too damaged for ones back in my home base. Providing you recruit all the civilians you can find you should have loads of excess officers. The maps are getting bigger as I go on, so I'll let you know later on how things progress.
  22. Amazingly there's been no topics about this great game (out now, on PS2). Let me give you the lowdown by giving you some slightly more detailed info and observations on it. The Stage It's set in the Chinese Dynasty Era, when there were huge wars between the armies of 4 famous generals called Lui Bei, Cao Cao (pronounced Cow Cow), Lu Bu and Sun Quan. If you've ever played any of the Dynasty Warrior or Kessen games, it's the same characters and setting. You choose one of of these generals and go through a campaign storyline where you battle rival factions to establish your empire. The game action takes place in 2 modes. The first is the world map view which is where you have bases linked by lines to each other, you can move armies around, edit the armies, advance the skills of your units and so on here. It's turn based so at the end of your go, after you've moved your armies, if you meet a rival army you go into Battle mode. This is where most of the action takes place. Its a screen split into a grid over the terrain you fight on, and your army will appear in the form of individual pieces, representing troops in the force. It's quite similar to the Advance Wars style, each of your guys can move a number of squares each, when they are within range of an enemy they can use special moves called "Tactics". Tactics Which units move first is dependant on your morale statistic, and its turn based so you might get to move 2 guys, then the CPU 1, then you another, for example. You can always see onscreen what order your guys can move in, which helps you plan the Tactic combos which are vital to success. And thats what the game is all about - each Unit has a number of Tactics at their disposal: these Tactics perform different actions, normally against the enemy. There are loads of different Tactics and you can customise which guy has which Tactics to an extent in the Map Screen. So how do Tactics work? Well take the Tactic "Charge" for instance. If one of your guys has Charge and is adjecent to and facing an enemy unit, he'll attack the unit and then push him 1 square forwards on the battlefield. This is where you bring combos into play. If the enemy was pushed in front of another of your units, and he had "Repel" at the top of his Tactics list, then he would immediately use that Tactic, regardless of if it was his turn or not. In this way you can "chain" Tactics together, and the damage per Tactic in the chain is increased for each one used. This means that you have to do a lot of planning in positioning your guys, and swapping their Tactics about, to try and get big chains on the enemy to cause loads of damage! Add to this Strategists, who provide special abilities, and you've got a real thinking game on your hands. Often your objective is to kill the enemy commander unit, which again adds strategy as you may have a time limit. As well as the battles you have an ongoing plot in the campaign, and characters within your armies, which gives you a bit of background for why you're fighting. Its a Wrap! The game is flawed however by the amount of time it takes to play - sometimes you are looking at over an hour for longer battles. This isn't helped by the fact that you have to watch short animations for each of the moves, even when the big animations are turned off you still have to watch "mini" ones, it's very annoying and I pray for the day when they put in an option for Advance Wars instant attacks. Also, some minor battles still take a long time to do. However, despite these bad points the game is ace in my opinion, take the time to learn it (I had the advantage of playing the first) and you'll be throughourly rewarded. It's addictive as hell too, in the way that all good strategy games are. Definitely check it out if you're into that kind of game! Edges 8/10 rating is fair but I would rate it higher based on how damned addictive and satisfying it is! Has anyone else played it, what do you think? For players of the original Now for those who played Dynasty Tactics 1, here's some info on the The sequel is pretty much the same, it follows practially the same structuring, setting and combat. However there have been a few important tweaks: Tactics Strategists play a much bigger part in this game. You can have 2 strategists in your army, and each can Link as in the first game. But crucially, now they have a skill called "Order Chain". This makes your strategist do a move which allows your other units to "Chain" Tactics themselves... allowing for some devasting combos. For example, say you have a unit with the Tactics Charge, Repel, Pit, and Pierce. If he has Order Chain activated on him by the strategist, he could potentially use all 4 of those moves on an enemy in one combo, even before other units from your army continue the chain! You can choose what order the Tactics are activated in as well to get maximum potential. Craft Points Now you can also teach officers tactics on the map screen, you do this by earning "Craft points" in battles. Craft points are earned by defeating enemies in the battle screen. you can then spend them on different tactics in the map screen to equip your units with. This means you can customise your army even more. Misc Finally you can skip animations in Battles, though you still have to view mini ones. This makes the game a lot more playable! In terms of the game overall, it seems so far to be on a slightly smaller scale, i.e. the map screen is small in comparison, or maybe it's just because I'm about half way through? You find yourself being taken to location after location rather than being on one big map this time round. Of course there are new tactics too, and you can also send your officers to villages and Mystics at bases you own, in the hopes of learning new tactics or increasing their stats. Other than that the rest of the game will be quite familiar. Oh, there is a bit of FMV in this one too. It's still an ace game and definitely worth getting even if you played the sequel a lot. Enjoy!
  23. Yes, I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels that way about Silent Hill 3, after every play I feel drained!
  24. The scatter gun is very effecitve against them, especially if they're upgraded. The rivet gun (ugrade 2) can be handy. So is the machine gun up close. What I generally do it use rockets or grenades when they're far enough away, then as they get closer unleash the scatter gun or machine gun. If you are low on ammo then yes they are a bit of a nightmare.
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