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  1. No matter how bad fruit is at Tesco or Morrisons - they can never reach the level of shittines on the display in my local Sainsbury's fruit section.
  2. The Sixth Sense. After seeing it, the ending was so obvious - but I didn't twig it on the first viewing.
  3. Where to start - that's a question with too many answers. If you are looking to get a full-time job as a programmer, you'll be better off learning one of the more popular languages - that being C++, Java or C# (IMO). Of those, I would recommend Java - it is easier to learn than C++ and there is a lot of good help content on the Sun website. If you're just looking to mess about making projects in your spare time. You really need to decide what you want to do and then decide the best language for the job. Want to write mobile phone games? Learn Java. Want to crack software? Learn C and assembler. Want to write server-side webpage code? Learn Python or PHP. The list goes on and on. If I was pushed to recommened one language, I would go for Java.
  4. I still play those two regularly. They never really seem to age; two perfect games.
  5. 45 reads and not a single response? meh....
  6. CupOfTea


    Don't forget it's /** for a comment that's to be exported to JavaDoc, and /* for a normal code comment.
  7. I followed a link form a post on Gamesradar to this here forum and I was well chuffed to see a development folder. What kind of stuff is being developed by people here? What langauges are people using on what platforms? As for me, I'm currently working on a 2D game which could be loosely described as taking interesting bits from Bangai-O, Space Invaders, Ikaruga and Vib Ribbon and bunging them all together! I'm using C++ and the SDL library to create it (www.libsdl.org). I'm developing it on WinXP but am hoping ports for Linux and Dreamcast should be fairly straightforward as SDL is cross platform. *goes to put the kettle on*
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