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  1. They're superb, just for "The Day That Thatcher Dies", but the rest of their songs are mostly still good
  2. Just the original for me. Favourite games are the firework one, the kung fu one and the window one is also quite cool
  3. In the actual paper
  4. It's not the only music magazine that seems to be going downhill though. I used to buy Q all the time, but it's degenerated into Killers/Coldplay masterbation and endless Top 100/250/500 Something or Other polls. And Pete Doherty can FOAD
  5. There's an article in The Times about him today, basically going on about his previous army career, and how one of the songs is about his experience with Serbian insurgents
  6. This exclusive scene comes from the filming of the new Pacman film, where Mrs Pacman, saves her hubby from inevitable scoffing:
  7. And how on Earth would you know if I haven't watched the damn DVD. I've watched it twice, and had to put up with listening to Slowhand's cassettes in my bloody Dad's car. The last sentence in your post, practice what you preach.
  8. Come on, Live Aid's lineup wasn't much better: The Style Council: Cunts Phil Collins: Can FOAD Spandau Ballet: Please go away U2:Sunday Bloody Sunday, New Year's Day, rest is a bit meh Queen: Dislike immensely, although talented Elton John: Candle In The Wind, beat it! Duran Duran: Nooooooooooooooooo! Eric Clapton:Was shit by the eighties Status Quo: Annoy me And as for Bob Geldof, he's really starting to piss me off
  9. Redwolf_Eddy

    Create A Band

    VOCALS:Thom Yorke LEAD GUITAR:Omar Rodriguez Lopez BASS GUITAR:Roger Waters DRUMS:Jon Theodore PIANO:Matt Bellamy
  10. The original was, and still is one of my favourite films of all time. Why they decided to go and turn it into a steaming pile of merde is beyond me
  11. Redwolf_Eddy

    Lan Games

    What a game that was. Must have spent excess in 350 hours playing that game over the past 7 years. Still boot it up for a game every week as it happens. Oh, and Starcraft is also an excellent LAN Game
  12. On a side note, are the Black Net Yaroze Playstations rare?
  13. WTF!! Surely nobody can play all these games?
  14. Radiohead Muse Smashing Pumpkins Audioslave Aphex Twin Kraftwerk Pink Floyd Richey-era Manics Placebo NIN The Secret Machines RHCP Jeff Buckley Nick Drake The Verve The Mars Volta Coldplay The Cure Green Day Tori Amos Pearl Jam Rage Against The Machine Martin Grech David Bowie And a load of Classical artists
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