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  1. Don't forget the "loading hack" incident. Proper faceplant that one.
  2. New Series is starting on 27th June back at the usual time of 8pm. From topgear.com
  3. The $10,000 achievement is for the total cash eared during the game, not your current balance.
  4. Unless I'm missing something I'm sure they're just in your journal>challenges>sharpshooter. It will just say something like kill 5 rabbits, then once satisfied you're up to sharpshooter level 2 which offers different objectives.
  5. I don't suppose anyone has a spare warhorse code for 360 do they? It would cheer me up no end if you could pass it on
  6. Frank knew the exact vectors and directions as he'd already piloted the helicopter to and from the Island.
  7. This. I fucking loved the ending and the fact that people are still theorising over it after it's finished is a testament to it's longevity. People will one day eventually stop whinging about the ending and move on, but until then just keep theorising and complaining. I'll be waiting in the Church when you're ready to let go.
  8. Charles Widmore's real name is Jim Robinson, Vincent's real name is Bouncer, the whole series was one of Bouncer's crazy dreams.
  9. The rubbish quota gets a +1 tonight.
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