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  1. Ta @moosegrinder - lots of places online seem to say this one (the 'Talon') - what's the difference, apart from obviously more buttons, both from the same folks... https://www.amazon.co.uk/Talon-Media-Remote-Update-Xbox/dp/B07VFCJ4KK/
  2. Anyone got any good recommendations for media remotes that work on the Series X - why is the official one so expensive?
  3. Update on this: heard back from MS and they say that 'due to a large volume of orders, it is taking longer than usual for transactions to register' - has anyone managed to have a transaction register on the 'spend £30 get 4k points' offer yet?
  4. They were shit, that's what they were. Massive, non-optional, mis-steps in an otherwise near-perfect experience.
  5. Should do I would have thought - but I'm having an issue with that sale reward card myself - I've spent over £30 and it's still saying I've spent £0 on the punch card...
  6. I just picked up Dark Souls III (ultimate), Metro Exodus, and Mad Max for £30 - can't be bad. Shame it doesn't appear to have registered that spend for the 'Ultimate Game Sale' punchcard though....off to the support ticket desk!
  7. Actually, it is there - you can download it and everything.....
  8. Shut it you. Sega does what Nintendon't.
  9. LOL. This has to be a beard. It's been a GP poster-child for a while now.
  10. This does look lovely - although it's not a genre (shooty shooty) that I usually have much fun/luck with. That's the beauty of GP I guess, I can try it with no risk whatsoever. Just need to clear some space for it.....tough month on XB storage this one!
  11. It's clearly not the fastest way to do it, but it's perfectly possible to get around there from where he was and clearly he (a driver a touch more qualified than many armchairs racers on here) thought he was going to make it - unless you are suggesting Hamilton a) was deliberately intending to hit Max in order to slow himself down enough to make the corner and b) was totally confident in doing so that it would be Max who was taken out and he'd get no damage at all (which we know wasn't the case and the red flag saved him). People seem to forget that Hamilton had much more on the line than Max did really. The other way around (Max surviving and Ham having to stop) would have been catastrophe for Hamilton. It's a racing incident between two drivers who didn't want to give an inch to the other. Both could have done things differently to make it easier for the other, but neither wanted to more than they wanted to make a statement to the other. Max would have done exactly the same thing, and Horner would have cheered him on calling it the 'brilliant confidence of youth'.
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