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  1. At best, they are just both going to agree to finally release Goldeneye (original + remaster) out on both XB and SW - leaving Sony out of it for the lols.
  2. Looks good for a Wii game!
  3. Showing my age, because reading this I instantly think of the old Psygnosis submarine shooter!
  4. Still got it if needed...
  5. I have a 14-day GP code that I can't use as it's for 'new customers only' - if anyone wants it, drop me a DM.
  6. Yes - have GP - it’s insane! What’s Grounded like, that looks interesting. And State of Decay 2?
  7. Yeah played some Unravel 2 on switch, so might pick that back up again. And LOVE dark souls. Code Vein is a new one on me. Is that on game pass?
  8. Perfect - I’m pretty much the same. What’s decent co-op?
  9. Think I just added you @Stanley! Let me know if not, because it’ll mean I picked a total stranger lol
  10. I finally got one! Is there a list of mukker gamer tags anywhere to add as friends? If not, anyone wanna be friends
  11. I used to LOVE the day that a new public domain catalogue from somewhere like ‘Wizard PD’ arrived in the post. Looking through the pages for new demos, new utilities etc wondering if ProText 3.5 was better than TextSpeed 2.0, or if I should get both... Man, digital delivery gets rids of the anticipation so much at times...
  12. This still available? I’m after one. Don’t really need the extra controller though....would you consider shifting just the X?
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