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  1. https://news.xbox.com/en-us/2020/05/28/xbox-series-x-next-generation-backward-compatibility/
  2. rgraves

    Nintendo Switch

    THIS, SO VERY MUCH THIS! On Switch, it's not in the same league as WaveRace obvs, Riptide Renegade GP is worth a look to kind of, sort of, scratch that itch a bit. It's almost always in the sale for about £3 as well: https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-Switch-download-software/Riptide-GP-Renegade-1314620.html Don't pay full whack for it when it's not on sale - but for anything under a fiver it's worth a go.
  3. rgraves

    Nintendo Switch

    Yes, of course there will be.
  4. I honestly think any club that votes to stop the season, should be automatically removed from being eligible for play-off matches - it's mental that some clubs will vote to stop, fully intending to actually play on in the play-offs. Just wait until it's safe, then play out what needs to be played - this issue is not going to go away overnight, so rushing to conclude this season doesn't really gain anything, we can't just 'get on' with the the next season with crowds coming back and money rolling in again. The idea that stopping now saves clubs is madness, it's not going to bring anything back any sooner - if you can't afford testing now, it's not going to change in a few months. Every club should be wanting to get games going again - even behind closed doors. At worst, there is some potential money to be made from streaming matches online etc
  5. It's mental - they are rushing to unfairly finish a season so they can what.....get on with not having any idea about how and when the next one will start? And it's not safe to play matches, but we can play play-offs? Which is it - either you can hold games safely or you can't surely? Just realised: We're also going to get the mental situation where clubs are going to vote that it's "not safe to play, the season should be stopped now" - but then happily take part in play-off matches. Bonkers.
  6. It's farcical - promotion but no relegation, you can't cherry pick like that IMO. Either things stand from top to bottom, or they don't. Bonkers.
  7. What's ridiculous about it? And why would you need to gift something as a workaround? #confused
  8. To be fair, the discount you get is worth more than the cost of several of the games that trigger it - so you can spend less than £20 and end up with two games....I've no idea on the quality of stuff though!
  9. Not quite - the discount is only for those that already own other titles from Forever Entertainment - but some of those are really cheap (stuff like Timberman VS)
  10. The big problem with PPG is that it's potentially massively affected by your remaining unplayed fixtures. Say you have 10 games left, but 7 were at home against teams in the bottom half - you'd expect a decent return from that. But a PPG system would only look at the games you already played against the top teams, where you might expect fewer points etc. Honestly, I'm totally in favour of just waiting until games can be played (even behind closed doors), playing them on a Saturday-Tuesday-Saturday-Tuesday loop (with no cup matches) to rattle through, and letting it finish up that way. I know there are complications with contracts etc, but every option has complications and at least actually playing the games will mean it's as even as it can be. See how long that takes, then sort anything for next season out (if it needs to be shorter etc) before a ball is event kicked so everyone knows what's going on. Oh, and don't allow any transfers between clubs until this season is done - that would just get messy (if clubs find they don't have a team as player contracts are up, then maybe allow emergency loans as a bridge, but those players out of contract should not be allowed to play for other clubs in this season fixtures).
  11. rgraves

    Nintendo Switch

    No way at the moment no. They are apparently releasing something “this year” though...
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