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  1. Noboody denies it takes any time - of course it takes some time - but the other option isn't free either. It doesn't take zero time to advertise, sell, package, post out (or pop along to CEX) a used game either. You can't say - i've got no time for that, but I do have time to organise multiple forum trades. For me, it's about 3-4 mins a day and that's it. I don't really notice it, apart from that it pays for my GP. If you want to really ramp up the points you do all the quests and things sure, but it's all optional - don't do them if you don't want to. MS don't come round and force you to earn points. You lot make it sound like we're all sat in front of our TVs sobbing while Phil Spencer lashes us and demands we collect 7 items in 'The Evil Within'.
  2. There is no way you save more money buying physical games over GP - you'll lose more on your very first purchase than you'll potentially ever spend on GP. I mean, at the moment, you could very easily buy one month of GP and then just use MS Rewards to never actually pay another penny.....all set for a tenner.
  3. I kind of see that going the other way. If folks have, say, £60-80 disposable to spend on gaming, what makes more sense - a couple of new games, or GP access for a whole year? To me, that feels like far less of a gamble with the limited resource as there are certainly going to be at least two games in that 12 months that resonate. And I think the whole "but you can re-sell the games you buy" is completely negated by MS Rewards - for around the same effort/investment as selling a game, you can basically keep GP for free.
  4. Once they are on the 'leaving soon' list, I think it means they are going 'within the next two weeks' - so end of the month would make sense.
  5. Unless they know something we don't about the HFW date.....
  6. Only time I get once the kids and everything are dealt with. I’ll be online in about 20 mins if that still helps?
  7. I could maybe do 10ish tomorrow. I’ll add you and let’s go from there!
  8. I could do now if that works? Or if not, sometime later tonight? What’s your tag - mine is rxgraves
  9. Happy to help with this if still needed?
  10. I think the extreme mix of people we're getting in here veering from "it's too linear" to "I'm totally lost" suggest they have, actually, nailed it. And PLAY "OTHER M" PEOPLE (I had to put the quote marks around that in case Heather Small's legal folks came after me). Yes it's got some dialog issues, but behind that is a really good game that's well worth sticking with.
  11. Same for me. Most annoying since it's specifically listed.
  12. Don’t take this the wrong way then, but I think your personal opinion is a LOAD OF TOTAL HORSE SHIT. Sorry to everyone else, I just had to get that off my chest. Carry on.
  13. How anyone can say this game is not worth the price is totally beyond me. It’s a pretty terrible place we’re in if stuff as polished and good as this is deemed not worth it. somebody earlier on the thread called it ‘last gen’ - which must make the devs who so clearly worked so hard on this cry buckets. It’s a nasty road we’re on, one that can’t be sustained….
  14. Crysis Remastered is being added to EA Play today I think - so guess that should show up shortly.
  15. I picked up an achievement from Dead Space 3, but it's not given me the reward credit yet for the Top 10 card. Frustrating.
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