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  1. It does though. I mean it’s got to be taken in context (it’s Ubi and it’s Watch Dogs), but it’s clearly “better” looking on Series X than on current gen in some ways.
  2. Leaving out BotW and MO, and picking only from those I've played: Splatoon 2 Dragon Quest XI Mario vs Rabbids Hyrule Warriors Astral Chain Christ, what a collection of 7 titles that is...all playable on the lav Honorable mentions (as long as you've not already played them elsewhere): Mario Kart Alien Isolation Pikmin 3 Dark Souls Switcher
  3. If anyone gets an X they don't want, LET ME KNOW - I'm looking for one, desperately seeking susan Series X.
  4. Why does none of the 'gameplay footage' have a HUD? Is it something that can be switched off do we think?
  5. Me. Me. PM on the way! Edit: Ignore me, I thought this was the Series X thread. LOL
  6. Nintendoland - it's a vastly underestimated masterpiece. Sweet day is glorious.
  7. I don't think he wants anything clearing up, he just wants validation he's on the A team and that team B smells of poo poo.
  8. Sorry - I must be misremembering - I thought it just put him at the main menu and the fast-forward was through all the mode select stuff. My bad if so. Fake news concern. EDIT: OK, I looked - this is where is takes him before all the fast-forward stuff: Given the options there include 'Training' and 'Backstage', and there does not appear to be a 'back' or 'home' option, I think that's just the main menu.
  9. But you don't have to do all of that with resume - we've seen online quick resume games on X just go back to the lobby/level select, not all the way back out to the main menu. It was a really odd thing to demo on a lot of levels.
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