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  1. Well, exactly. At this point I think we can reasonably assume that those with a 4kTV will know what to do, and everyone else will just either have power to spare (as they buy the X anyway) or save some money. It could be a really smart move - I'm not certain what the numbers really are, but I suspect it might be a gen too early for 4k TV to be genuinely mass market.
  2. I think the easiest way for them to pitch it to the masses will be around what TV you're plugging into: HD TV = Series S 4k TV = Series X That should be pretty clear to everyone (if indeed that's how it's going to be split power-wise).
  3. The point you’re making then is, with the greatest of respect, bollocks. There are some Wii U ports absolutely, but it’s a handful really - not “most of the best” by any reasonable measure. I want more - I want Wind Waker for a start!
  4. I can’t think of a publisher with a more varied output, or one that takes as many risks as they do. We’d be on Mario Odyssey 3 by now with a lot of them.
  5. If you’ve not played it, and plenty of people haven’t, Pikmin 3 is as worth the RRP as thousands of other games. It’s a delightful thing. If you’ve already beaten it then absolutely it’s not worth full price again, and I won’t be paying it. But if you haven’t, then yeah it’s worth it easily.
  6. Or, for another option on Switch, Bulletstorm is available and often cheap as well... https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-Switch-download-software/Bulletstorm-Duke-of-Switch-Edition-1631472.html
  7. It’s not a pure port though is it. It’s got new mission content. And the whole thing can also be played co-op now. Why does everyone just keep ignoring that? I’m happy Pikmin will get a bigger audience. I hope it does well. I’d love to see more from the franchise.
  8. Well, yeah. Because it’s a sequel. I hope Splatoon 3 is very Splatoon 2-ish. I hope they don’t turn it into anything else, it’s fucking brilliant.
  9. And Splatoon 2. And Fire Emblem. And Luigi’s Mansion. And Yoshi. And Clubhouse Games. And Mario/Rabbids.
  10. I love Pikmin, but having already rinsed this another purchase will depend on how meaty the new mission content is...
  11. Proably! But at his best, Hart was/is a very good keeper. Adrian has never been more than average IMO.
  12. I think that's nonsense - a LOT of goalkeepers under 22-23 would look at the season Adrian just had and think it would not be a bad ride for them - if you're outside the premiership right now, I think you'd jump at the chance to join Liverpool even as an understudy. Take my example - Bentley at Bristol - do you seriously think if Klopp called him up he'd say no to joining? What we need sitting on the bench right now is a young up and coming keeper (that has some games under their belt at a lower level rather than just reserve/youth experience), that is glad to be at a big club, and happy to pick up some experience - the total opposite of Hart or Reina who both will want to be (understandably) playing at their stages of their careers. They would be looking to go the other way - maybe drop down a level to secure first team football. Having said that, I'd take Hart over Adrian still
  13. I'd guarantee you there is a better GK than Adrian currently in the Champ (maybe even in L1) that would LEAP at the chance to sit on the Liverpool bench right now. We need to remember to look at home as well as just at big clubs abroad sometimes in situations like this. As poor as he has been, I'd even take a chance on Butland over Adrian. Or somebody like Bentley at Bristol.
  14. Damn you, that's another on the pile!
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