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  1. You can absolutely pay it back early: https://www.klarna.com/uk/customer-service/can-i-pay-before-the-due-date/
  2. It's fun, but at certain times you will want to put your foot through the TV.
  3. Just the audio already means they have to drop support down to just one (pair) of joycon instead of four, I'm not certain the bandwidth could stretch any further - without crushing everything down to crappy mono etc perhaps to leave the required room for the controller inputs as well.
  4. But, we're all re-charged and ready to go on that subject again right here.
  5. That's exactly what I'm getting it in right now! I might stick in a support ticket....although it looks like they don't have an option to do that online? Only if I call them!?
  6. Yeah, I found some suggested pre-sets online, pumped those in and went from there.
  7. I think they're great - although I have been noticing some spells where I all of a sudden start getting a lot of drop-outs - like a stuttering in the sound, almost like the signal is cutting in and out. It doesn't happen all the time - so I'm wondering if it's some other device interferring, or maybe even when the battery gets low or something. Anyone else using them and get anything similar at all?
  8. Nobody is doing that. Stop trying to make out that they are.
  9. IMO that's nonsense - 30fps is a perfectly acceptable target for many games. This idea that *everything* needs to be 60fps needs to be nuked from orbit IMO. Sure for some games/genres it absolutely makes sense, but there are many others where it really doesn't matter much at all. The game that started all this - Omno - is a great little game with bags and bags of heart. To cast it aside simply because it drops a few frames every now and again....well....it's the negative side of the DF coin.
  10. Max also has to get his around the fact he's driving an F1 car, not a kart - stuff that you could perhaps get away with in lower formulas you simply can't (and shouldn't) in F1. The stakes are a lot higher. Winning is as much about picking which battles to fight, as it is about raw speed. Aggressive is good, blind belief that you're god and everyone else should and will just instantly get out of the way or else is not.
  11. Stunt Race FX was about 10fps. Starwing was about 10-15fps. OoT was only about 15-20fps. AND THEY WERE BRILLIANT.
  12. Some of you people don't know you're born. The framerates we used to play games in - 30fps was a dream. And they'll be plenty of 30 fps games this gen too, not everything needs to be 60, and something being 30 doesn't immediately make it shit..
  13. Yeah, we just keep having it on a (ene)loop.
  14. Splatoon has gyro aiming down to a perfect, fine art. It's awesome, and going back after playing that feels really old.
  15. https://forzamotorsport.net/en-us/news/forza-horizon-5-confirmed-car-list
  16. We're going towards smaller and more discreet - TVs that take up less space (and don' dominate the room) when you're not using them - stuff like the LG OLED R:
  17. Ha! Glad you liked Plague Tale - I'd say that Omno is perhaps "better" in that it doesn't have a stupid difficulty spike near the end! It's tiny though - 3-4 hours absolute max, but that's absolutely to it's credit in my book. It's only mis-step is in the final achievement IMO - you have to play through the entire game getting 100%, you can't just use the chapter select to go back and mop up what you missed (I moved on with only 94% on the third level originally, so now have to replay the entire thing getting 100% on *every* level all over again if I want that final chievo). I don't always get it right either- I've loved some absolute stinkers in my time. Step forward exhibit A: Lost Reavers.
  18. MS needs to get this on GP - it's seems too perfect for it.....
  19. If you get the PS5 version with the PS4 version now, what's the advantage to buying the more expensive PS5 version? Why would you buy the PS5 version at all?
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