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  1. I stand corrected then, I'd honestly not seen anything confirming when it was coming.
  2. I meant more that they are buying a whole new machine to play a game available on their existing one - unless there is a brand new FIFA coming to PS5/X in November? Obviously when there are new versions of the 'big games' I expect people to upgrade - but unless I've missed it we have no confirmed next-gen FIFA at launch do we?
  3. Christ, it's not the most enticing of next-gen launches as it is - the idea that somebody would still pony up and then just play FIFA....
  4. I love both equally in this case!
  5. I was right and wrong - it's in this one AND getting it's own mini direct right after.
  6. OK, I was wrong. lol. EDIT: x2!
  7. Why does it mean nothing - it shows they upgraded quite a bit of the sprite work, and stuff like the HUD - none of which has been done for any other version so far. Don't look at the N64 version, look at the Switch version - it's clearly better than any previous version including the one on the Wii U.
  8. You're in luck then, as it has been improved - it's higher res and has some new textures and effects to compliment that. It's not the 'exact' game. From our man Scullion:
  9. If they go £79:99...wow... £350 gets you an X and a year of gamepass ...or four PS5 games
  10. Spinning negativity - don't be so dramatic - I'm just wondering what's going on - might be nothing, might be something - I'm hardly crying SONY IS D00med LOL I've said *multiple times* I think it's all nothing. It's likely a non-issue. My interest is just in why they are not talking about it. They've said (in a Cerny GDC presentation that everyone was so sure was not really meant for public consumption) they invested in it, they took special time to make it work, it's not easy etc etc - but after all that effort they've then decided to basically not mention it at all during their b
  11. Did you read my last line: Of course I don't think it's going to be limited to eight titles, never said that - that's nonsense. I'm just pointing out that MS are being really bullish on it, and for some reason Sony (who are not shying away from trying to match them up almost everywhere else) are being coy. It's just an interesting little side story for me - I can't get why they are not making a bigger deal of it when they are clearly a little light on content at launch. It's a hanging single thread and I'm interested to pull on it a bit to see what unravels - might be not
  12. It's mad this transition - nobody seems to be honestly ready for it - they both seem to be rushing to go at the same as the other, when they both secretly don't want to. I bet if you got both bosses in a room, they'd have happily shaken hands on a deal to delay all this nonsense until next year... It's a bit underwhelming.
  13. When a pallform holder has to resort to language like "we believe" and "majority", it means it's not a slam dunk. Otherwise they'd say "the overwhelming majority *will*". As I said, every time they mention it they include a bunch of caveats. They just don't sound confident for some reason. I mean, why not pull a MS in that showcase right now and say you'll have access to 1000's of PS4 titles on launch? I'm sure loads of games will work - like Sony I *believe* that - but they've been far from bloody crystal clear on it.
  14. Have they? I've genuinely missed that if so, as everything I've seen (and I include the showcase just now) has been really unclear on it. It's been caveat city.
  15. Are they the standard PS4 games though, or PS4 games updated to run on PS5 available only via the new service? What I honestly don;t know is, will the PS4 disc work, or do you have to pay that subscription to get that service to play those PS4 titles?
  16. Honestly, I think they've left it rolling along the goaline there - if I was MS I'd get something out quick - there's a chance to tap it home if they can somehow muster up the chops to take it....
  17. I'm confused - is it BC with PS4 or not - or do you have to pay a subscription to play the compatible PS4 stuff?
  18. Is this gameplay.....where's the HUD? He's tanking and kill with one hit....
  19. This is nice, but again we've already seen it. What's going to be the big ending......
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