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  1. If this is basically Zombie Army Trilogy, but with Aliens, I'M IN.
  2. Christ you lot - here's a game coming next year - at least 11 months away, and yet 'looks rough' 'framerate dodgy' is instantly slapped on it. You moan when they don't show stuff, you moan when they do show stuff. They can't win.
  3. Another one for the pile. Thanks @deKay!
  4. That All Access deal feels expensive right - it's almost £700 - you can trim well over £100 off that with the gold conversion?
  5. The strongly rumored reason was that Nintendo pulled out of a deal with Netflix over some leaked projects there were working on years ago, and Netflix have had the hump ever since: https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2021/02/nintendo_cancelled_star_fox_tv_show_after_netflix_leaked_legend_of_zelda_plans
  6. Isn't GRID supposed to be the best option on Switch?
  7. Are they *ever* going to discount Ultimate Alliance 3......
  8. Ridge Racer is dead isn't it. We've had two new console launches and a Nintendo Direct now....it's not coming back. MASSIVE ENEMY DAMAGE MISSED OPPORTUNITY Ridge on Switch just seems so perfect
  9. I think today makes it more likely - if it was 2022, they'd have given it a Splatoon 3 treatment. Instead, they are launching another port to keep people in the Zelda mood and it'll be their big E3 title with a November launch to follow. I'd bet somebody else's bollock on it now.
  10. Zelda is clearly their 'Holiday 2021' title. Splatoon 3 we now know is after that, so BOTW is on for November I reckon. Crosses fingers.
  11. Blimey, that was a bit ropey. Was really hoping for WindWaker to be fair - that game still looks sooooo beautiful. I guess, being optimistic, they are giving the Monster Hunter juggernaut plenty of elbow room.....
  12. To all those shouting BOTW2 and MP4.....
  13. Sold more than 500k in Japan alone (not counting digital either) - so for a re-release I think it's done more than well enough. It's clearly going to be over 1m WW - and if we're going to say 1m+ is 'flopped hard' territory now then there are a lot of games that fall into that category.....
  14. Two I'd love to see return from the GC era: Eternal Darkness Battalion Wars
  15. Seconded. Throw him in Drake Lake.
  16. Apart from the recent Pikmin re-release, which has sold really well....so.. Shut the fuck up. Pikmin games deserve more sales, they need to stick with them - release Pikmin 4 etc I want a new Wave Race as mush as the next guy - but I’m not calling for them to stop making anything else in order to make it. Let them make what they want to make. Let them surprise us with mad shit like Labo. It’s what they do. I don’t want them to be E fucking A.
  17. There is that, but it's also important to see that sales of the 'standard' Switch are still well above the 'Lite' (87k vs 26k in Japan last week for example) - clearly people value the hybrid element and being able to play it at home, or else the Lite would be selling more (why pay more for something you're not going to use at all). I think it's too easy just to say Switch is dominating as it's a portable - I think it's the hybrid aspect that's so appealing, it being both is where the magic is for a lot of people. A pure portable is already selling less, and a pure TV model would n
  18. Blimey: And this will make me chuckle for a while yet (until stock sorts itself out I guess):
  19. Outsold the 3DS now (think Wii is next up?) - and look at that software increase!
  20. Did you work out the trick with him or did you google? I have to say, I totally missed it and looked it up in the end.
  21. I want one. Please MS let me buy one. Pleasey-Weasey.
  22. By missing out on a [short] DEMO? The game itself is coming on multiple platforms ((PS4, PS5, X1, XSX, PC), even the demo is coming to more platforms in a few months.
  23. Yeah, they need to update the rules here - he's a mile offside and basically only comes back to challenge for the ball (it's perfectly possible that Mings saw him, but thought he was so far offside he wasn't a danger at all and he had time to bring the ball down etc). He didn't play the ball to him or mess up - he was tackled by a guy coming back from miles away - It should be flagged offside any day of the week, and it needs fixing.
  24. You can have it - I've changed to 82!
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