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  1. 22 hours ago, Colonel Panic said:

    Okay, past the cart and on to more enemies. This game has outstayed its welcome now. Might pass on the sequel.


    You're really close to the end, keep pushing - the cart bit sours it right at the death for sure, but overall I think it's excellent. I've 100% both this and Requiem.


    If you're on GP, might as well give Requiem a go at least - it does look lovely, and the rats get dialled right up.

  2. 20 hours ago, HarMGM said:

    Switch hardware also remains quite high



    Bit of an understatement lol - it's going to sell at least 4x more than any other platform in the year and is over 10x the userbase. Not sure anyone saw this kind of domination coming. It's an absolute monster.

  3. 58 minutes ago, Strafe said:

    They haven’t cut the animations as they haven’t made them yet.


    So they are charging for stuff they have no idea if it's any good or not? What happens if they implement them (beyond the concept art they must have at minimum done so far to even know they have 12 of them) and they're shit - they just ship them anyway?



  4. There is no point in developing great wet tyres if the race director is basically going to wait until the track is virtually dry before going racing anyway. It certainly felt at times this year that the wet tyre was redundant as the racing was basically only ever allowed in intermediate conditions. As soon as it got wetter, they stopped it.

  5. Is this, from the Wiki entry, true!? I would have loved to have seen that if so (as well as RS of course):



    By 1994, Factor 5 believed that the current generation of 3D consoles had the technology the Fractalus sequel required and again began work on the game. Eventually, the work on game was converted to Star Wars: Rogue Squadron for the Nintendo 64 instead.


  6. List for the 'This or That' today (atomic numbers):



    Here is the list of 118 chemical elements with their atomic number:


    Actinium (89)

    Aluminium (13)

    Americium (95)

    Antimony (51)

    Argon (18)

    Arsenic (33)

    Astatine (85)

    Barium (56)

    Berkelium (97)

    Beryllium (4)

    Bismuth (83)

    Bohrium (107)

    Boron (5)

    Bromine (35)

    Cadmium (48)

    Caesium (55)

    Calcium (20)

    Californium (98)

    Carbon (6)

    Cerium (58)

    Chlorine (17)

    Chromium (24)

    Cobalt (27)

    Copernicium (112)

    Copper (29)

    Curium (96)

    Darmstadtium (110)

    Dubnium (105)

    Dysprosium (66)

    Einsteinium (99)

    Erbium (68)

    Europium (63)

    Fermium (100)

    Flerovium (114)

    Fluorine (9)

    Francium (87)

    Gadolinium (64)

    Gallium (31)

    Germanium (32)

    Gold (79)

    Hafnium (72)

    Hassium (108)

    Helium (2)

    Holmium (67)

    Hydrogen (1)

    Indium (49)

    Iodine (53)

    Iridium (77)

    Iron (26)

    Krypton (36)

    Lanthanum (57)

    Lawrencium (103)

    Lead (82)

    Lithium (3)

    Livermorium (116)

    Lutetium (71)

    Magnesium (12)

    Manganese (25)

    Meitnerium (109)

    Mendelevium (101)

    Mercury (80)

    Molybdenum (42)

    Moscovium (115)

    Neodymium (60)

    Neon (10)

    Neptunium (93)

    Nickel (28)

    Nihonium (113)

    Niobium (41)

    Nitrogen (7)

    Nobelium (102)

    Oganesson (118)

    Osmium (76)

    Oxygen (8)

    Palladium (46)

    Phosphorus (15)

    Platinum (78)

    Plutonium (94)

    Polonium (84)

    Potassium (19)

    Praseodymium (59)

    Promethium (61)

    Protactinium (91)

    Radium (88)

    Radon (86)

    Rhenium (75)

    Rhodium (45)

    Roentgenium (111)

    Rubidium (37)

    Ruthenium (44)

    Rutherfordium (104)

    Samarium (62)

    Scandium (21)

    Seaborgium (106)

    Selenium (34)

    Silicon (14)

    Silver (47)

    Sodium (11)

    Strontium (38)

    Sulfur (16)

    Tantalum (73)

    Technetium (43)

    Tellurium (52)

    Tennessine (117)

    Terbium (65)

    Thallium (81)

    Thorium (90)

    Thulium (69)

    Tin (50)

    Titanium (22)

    Tungsten (74)

    Uranium (92)

    Vanadium (23)

    Xenon (54)

    Ytterbium (70)

    Yttrium (39)

    Zinc (30)

    Zirconium (40)


  7. 1 hour ago, HarMGM said:

    -Xbox seems to have slipped away by quite a bit though, sadly.


    Not overall though really - I mean they've sold 250k this year compared to 87k last - I'd say they'd be happy with that kind of progress really. It's certainly a better picture than prior gen for them.


    Especially when you say:


    1 hour ago, HarMGM said:

    -Playstation 5 has improved its performance from last week and last year by quite a few numbers.


    But they are the ones running behind YTD still (885k vs 917k), and must be disappointed they are fighting more with MS in Japan and just having to watch Switch disappear off into the distance.

  8. Just now, scottcr said:


    most of the time I try to summon before a boss, no-one appears... 


    Let me know when you're on and we can set a password to ensure you get me - it'll likely scale me down (what lvl are you at?), but I'll give you a hand no problemo!


    My tag is rxgraves - add me ;)

  9. 3 hours ago, scottcr said:

    I probably going to use jolly co-op to complete it - call on xbox gamers to help.  My son asked for help with Malenia and some guy appeared and basically did it single handedly.  Was impressive to watch. 


    I'd be happy to help if needed - it's basically all I'm doing now; going on, putting my sign down (near & far of course) and helping people. I've wrapped everything else up and can't be bothered to do it all again (twice) jsut for the final two achievements (I did the Ranni/stars ending)

  10. 20 minutes ago, MattyP said:

     Fight For Life in particular isn't great.


    I'm sure I read some back-story on that recently that basically said the developer(s) had a disagreement with Atari and basically gave them the rough version of the game to publish as a protest against not being paid or some such.....I'll try to find it again!


    It's such a shame the Jaguar selection is so small - would have loved to have seen titles like Ultra Vortek, Iron Soldier, Checkered Flag - and some of the CD stuff as well like Battlemorph, Hover Strike, or even Highlander.




    Mechanically, the game is serviceable. It's pretty much a standard, albeit slow, virtua fighter clone. The moves list is actually alright except for the fact that you don't start off with any moves and instead must steal moves by defeating opponents. This lets you build your own character, and the number of moves in the game is actually large, so by the end of the game you have a custom super fighter that can pull off lots of moves, but it is rough in the beginning. It seems like, buried under all the trash is an average game. And it turns out this is exactly the case - see, Atari had actually gotten into the habit of not paying their employees at the time. Much like the USFL, developers weren't ever sure if their checks would cash. Fight for Life came out as Atari was shutting down and being sold to Hasbro, so the final 4 or so months of work on the game were unpaid to the developer. And thus, in retaliation, the developer withheld the final builds of the game from Atari. No pay, no game. Atari, needed to recoup some sort of the development fees, released a very early beta of the game as the final. The version of fight for life that was sold is a 60%-ish complete version of the game. This is pretty apparent by the "intro" to the game which features several minutes of characters standing around doing nothing:


    A few years ago, Jaguar Sector 2 - one of the best Jaguar fansites, contacted the lead programmer for the game and he gifted them the source code to the final build of the game. JS2 subsequently built 28 copies of this game and sold them, making them amongst the rarest, hardest to find Jaguar games around. I have number 22 of 28. Dubbed Fight for Life Limited Edition, this version is much improved and is actually a pretty good game for the system:


    Better texture work, faster FPS, faster and smoother gameplay, no 10-minute long fights. Sure, it's well below VF and even Battle Arena Toshinden, but it's not a joke anymore. What is a joke is that this version never got an official release, and that Atari thought so poorly of its own customers that they'd release an actually-unfinished game. And that's how Atari bowed out of the gaming industry - not with a stellar last effort, but with a cheap, insulting cash-grab.


  11. 25 minutes ago, MattyP said:

    Ah no worries! :) I was going to post up here in the main discussion group but didn't think it was "new" enough :)


    Ordered this on disk although thinking of changing to digital. It will probably need a connection to the net anyway to patch etc. And it will be convenient.  Although nothing has been mentioned about it being on other XB store - its on Steam/Epic but no mention of the console versions.


    It's deffo on the XBox store:



  12. 4 hours ago, Vemsie said:


    Sales are doing well though. PS5 is the best-selling console in the US and Europe


    That's a claim that basically ignores Switch - which is is certainly larger as a total userbase, quite often larger on a monthly unit sales basis, and only mostly behind on revenue because it's a lot cheaper.

  13. 1 hour ago, BadgerFarmer said:

    I find the chatter adds to rather than detracts from the experience. Because Amicia is working with another character, sometimes a young child, it makes sense that they communicate to warn each other and plan their objectives.


    This is a great point - it would be a bit strange for Amecia to be silent and just expect Hugo to deal with everything - he's a kid, so constantly reminding, encouraging, helping him is natural. You would say "over here, through this gap" rather than just nothing and expect the child to be Indiana Jones.

  14. 3 minutes ago, Clipper said:

    QUesiton is do I have to play the first one to understand this one?


    You don't have to, but it will certainly help as it doesn't do any kind of re-cap at the beginning oddly enough. I'd say play the first one as it's great anyway, but YMMV on that (and this one as it's deffo more of the same).

  15. 8 hours ago, CrichStand said:

    Put a couple hours into this and it appears to be one of the worst games I’ve ever played, up there with the first game.


    If you didn't like the first game, no it's not going to convince you. Not sure even why you'd really hate the first one but download and play this on day 1 to be honest. But if you did like the first, and many people did, then it's more of the same and I'm genuinely looking forward to that as I loved the style and atmosphere of the first one. Not perfect by any measure, I'm looking at you cart section, but fun and an experience.


    I get you don't like it, and that's fine, but it's nonsense hyperbole to call it "one of the worst games" you've ever played unless you've been a very lucky and very selective gamer for your whole life.

  16. Personally, I'm more bothered about the quality of the game than the frame rate - I'm certainly not going to deny myself a good game because it's "only 30 fps". Christ, some stuff I used to play years back did well to hit 10 and I still had a good time. Imagine never playing something like Starfox because it wasn't 60 fps.


    I'm not saying 60 would not be better, before anyone jumps in with that one...just that a solid 30 is perfectly fine in some places (this is hardly a twitch shooter etc)


    I'll save you Hugo!

  17. That Marko quote should set alarm bells riniging at the FIA (yeah, I know lol) - if the teams think they lack teeth, and they won't punish infringements in any meaningful way, then the risk is well worth the reward every single time.


    They have to do something to make teams think [at least] twice.

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