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  1. Have you been to CFA yet? If not, I reckon it's possible you might retract that 'hope to see him again' sentiment
  2. Oh absolutely, me too - totally with you. I guess I just went OTT trying to nail down the "(not) random" part. It's hard, really hard, but it's not random or unavoidable or inevitable - if you're good, really good, you can dodge or block or evade it all. It's possible. Fucking lobsters can do one though. Bastards. Especially those ones at the bottom of the sewers.
  3. It's perfectly possible to dodge (or block with a sheild) that attack though.....
  4. No there isn't - hence people being able to do no hit runs etc. I'm not disagreeing that in some places this is a bit 'oh do fuck off' for us normal folks, I'm disagreeing it's 'random' and 'inevitable' - clearly it's not because some people have mastered it and can totally toy with it.
  5. This doesn't really stand-up when you see the youtube vides of people owning the bosses and game though - it's totally not random and it's perfectly possible to get to a point where you can play the whole game without getting hit, jsut using your fists, jsut using a summon, at lvl 1 etc etc. I know that comes across as a bit 'git gud', but that is kind of the point - it's not random and it is entirely possible to go through the game in total control. I personally can't, but other people can and do.
  6. Oh man, you're close(ish) to an AWESOME boss. Enjoy! And hit me up if you wanna do any jolly co-op (I'm done now, but just find myself booting it up to join the pool and help peeps).
  7. Tiche is a bit convoluted to get to - if you want to know: And mimic:
  8. Stop messing around with scrubs, get in the game with Mimic or Tiche.
  9. I'd love an option to enable a shittyflute version of it.
  10. He's gonna hold you back. If he loves you, he'll let you go.
  11. Dump him, there are waaaaaay better summons that you should stick your resources into.
  12. Man, she's a cake walk compared to some you have coming.......but you'll LOVE IT.
  13. Never forget the power of the backstab!
  14. I really like it when they throw in one of these much more relatable projects from time to time - occasionally it's just good to see what can be done on a much more conservative budget than the usual, 'yeah we went 2m over budget because we just had to have the slovakian crystal marble in bathroom #6'. It clearly meant a lot to them, wasn't grossly oversized for what they needed, and is a home rather than a penis extension. I was also fascinated with the whole construction process - that just feels like the future in terms of how much more sensible and efficient it is. Did anyone catch the name of the company - loved the whole QR code history log.
  15. If it helps, I'm using one of these and get VRR, Dolby Vision etc: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B08SLR3HW9
  16. Also, in case you've not worked it out yet, the smithing stones you find are used to level up your weapons. So if you don't think you;re doing good damage take a trip to the blacksmith and upgrade your weapon (depending on the specific weapon it can go to either +25 (regular) +10 (special)).
  17. Ash summons are not single use - use away! There is a 'cool down' on them, and they can only be used in certain places (when the icon is up on the screen), but they are not consumed on use (although using them consumes either FP or HP depending on the specific summon). You can level them up so they get stronger as well. To get rid of that debuff, just use the item you already correctly identified you got from the hugging. You can hug again if you want another one for any reason. Ashes of war are also not 'spent' when applied - once in your inventory you have them (unless you sell or leave them). Experiment away with those until you find a setup you like. Note that some special weapons will come with a pre-installed ash of war that you can't swap out though.
  18. Can't say I agree 100% with this as a sweeping statement - I've rinsed the game now and used R1 for the vast majority of that time - it really does depend on your build/weapon/play style as to how effective it is.
  19. Business Idea: When a game drops on GP, offer the chance to gamers to pay £30 for it so that they can then play it and feel "invested". Maybe collect their account details so if they download it without first paying us, we delete it.
  20. Give it a few weeks and you'll be solo-ing this guy in a handful of hits - honestly, go somewhere else (south) and do some exploring. Get yourself a summon, the mixed flask etc. I know that sounds a bit 'git gud' - but really it's, don't bash against him and get frustrated. Go elsewhere and come back to him later on when you are stronger if needed.
  21. They do have cloud saves though....selling a switch doesn't mean you have to lose your saves at all - or are we saying because they are not free, in which case fair point.
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