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  1. Ash summons are not single use - use away! There is a 'cool down' on them, and they can only be used in certain places (when the icon is up on the screen), but they are not consumed on use (although using them consumes either FP or HP depending on the specific summon). You can level them up so they get stronger as well. To get rid of that debuff, just use the item you already correctly identified you got from the hugging. You can hug again if you want another one for any reason. Ashes of war are also not 'spent' when applied - once in your inventory you have them (unless you sell or leave them). Experiment away with those until you find a setup you like. Note that some special weapons will come with a pre-installed ash of war that you can't swap out though.
  2. Can't say I agree 100% with this as a sweeping statement - I've rinsed the game now and used R1 for the vast majority of that time - it really does depend on your build/weapon/play style as to how effective it is.
  3. Business Idea: When a game drops on GP, offer the chance to gamers to pay £30 for it so that they can then play it and feel "invested". Maybe collect their account details so if they download it without first paying us, we delete it.
  4. Give it a few weeks and you'll be solo-ing this guy in a handful of hits - honestly, go somewhere else (south) and do some exploring. Get yourself a summon, the mixed flask etc. I know that sounds a bit 'git gud' - but really it's, don't bash against him and get frustrated. Go elsewhere and come back to him later on when you are stronger if needed.
  5. They do have cloud saves though....selling a switch doesn't mean you have to lose your saves at all - or are we saying because they are not free, in which case fair point.
  6. For 99% of people, they load up something like Mario Kart or Splatoon and play online. Done. It's not aggressively shite for them, it's simple and uncomplicated. I'm not saying you are wrong, I'm just saying they are making business decisions around their main audience, and the cost/ROI/risk on some features we think are 'essential' clearly don't stack up for them. Question: If they had spent the millions extra required to match Sony/MS online, how many more units of Switch and/or MK8 do you think they would have sold as a result? How much of the market have they missed out on by not spending the cash/resources in that area this gen? I get it, it sucks - but you can't fault the numbers and results on their end.
  7. Oh man, tick rate is the least of your problems - look at the colours!
  8. I'd bet a bollock that a good chunk of those would never have had the slightest clue there was something off if it hadn't been pointed out for them to object to in the first place. It's a bit like those DF videos zooming in and pixel counting then suddenly being followed by posts from people frothing that platform X/Y is 3% down on pixel resolution over platform X/Y every 1 million frames and as a result is terrible and all owners are defensive fanboys.
  9. I don't think anyone minds folks being critical, I think it's just the level of hyperbole that gets people. I mean, tick rate may be an issue for Spaltoon 3 - but it's going to actually bother only a tiny, tiny, tiny handful of players really. Nintendo are many, many things - but I don't think they are lazy or technically incompetent - they'll have their reasons, and it will have been a deliberate choice - not just something that's happened because they got the intern to do it. Be critical sure, but also be reasonable and don't pull out the 'nobody can say a bad word about Nintendo' card as it really does undermine the argument. It's a bit like saying "I know you are all saying you're having fun, but you're not and I'm here to tell you why".
  10. I think modern engines are scalable enough that this is not the issue many people think it is moving forwards - see the recent Bright Memory title that managed it just fine*. Also, see both MS and Sony still wanting their games on XB1/PS4. Older stuff yes, but I think going 'to the metal' on hardware is getting less and less common/practical. * = yes it made some cut backs, and depending on your level of nerd you may either accept them or scream that you never play anything that doesn't have full GI because it makes your left lobe pulse, but it's pretty remarkable how close it still looks really.
  11. That's a pretty decisive statement - is there a story or reason [which you can share] you can be so bold? I ask because I'd have loved to have seen another #sadface
  12. Which bit of Halligtree - you might need to focus on killing the snails rather than the dudes.....
  13. Well yeah, I mean I missed that legendary weapon in the capital (of course, the only one you cannot get again if you miss it!) so that achievement is taunting me to go NG pretty strong.....
  14. I'm not certain I can face NG - i've poured hundreds of hours into it, and the thought of rubbing that away and having to go back and do it all again.....I like my nice full map and being able to warp around as I please.
  15. Yes, worked fine for me (I'd previously played and completed Ryse so was a little worried it might not work, but no problems at all). FYI, the latest MS Top 10 (worth 500) is up now as well. Forza 5 is included - lots of easy achievements in that.
  16. I have the same feeling about Piastri - he's really not done himself any favours the way he's handled this, and I'd not be at all upset if it doesn't work out for him at all.
  17. Xbox app, Gamepass app, and cloud gaming on your phone/ipad should do it...I think. EDIT: Thinking about it, not sure how you access the weekly to see what the tasks are and mark them as complete though? Is there a way to access the XBox rewards app? Remote access perhaps?
  18. In a really unusual twist for me, as I'm always too late with this stuff, I managed to both snag this at £16 AND use reward points to buy £15 of credit for it - so it actually cost me £1.64. I thank you @Quest! And I thank you MS for a rewards program that is actually really rather decent.
  19. I have no idea on the latest Sony ones, but the current MS headset is actually really good - it's certainly not totally outperformed by a standard set of £10 headphones IMO.
  20. Yeah, this really needed the difficulty to go the other way - making it harder.....no that was not needed.
  21. Oh.... https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2022/07/intellivisions-offices-are-now-empty-and-available-if-you-want-them
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