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  1. Right now, Nintendo are planning on a US release. I'll be stunned if it's not shown at E3.
  2. It is getting a western release. Expect to see a translated build on show at E3. Maybe
  3. There isn't one - it's a GC exclusive.
  4. Dunno if it helps, but somebody over at NTSC-UK posted this (playing the JPN version):
  5. Nonsense, Seven Serpents was better!
  6. I'm sure a lot of them weren't. Touché?
  7. Absolutely, totally, 100% exclusive. Nintendo paid good money for the RE series on GC, and RE4 is going nowhere.
  8. AvP on the Jag was pretty tense. It had a great motion tracker beep.
  9. Isn't this one gonna have a quasi-first-person aiming mode built in though (see that first grab, and hence the widescreen only format)....should offer the best of both worlds Rejoice!
  10. Wow - thanks for that. You've just made me realise that all those hours spent playing them were actually wasted. I wasn't having fun at all. It was terrible, and I was just in denial.
  11. After being wiped from the face of the internet, a couple of pics from RE4 are back online...... Those flame torches look
  12. According to the latest figures I saw, they sold about 130,000 in the US during January.
  13. CUBE Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes (not really an exclusive as such) Metroid Prime Mario Sunshine (as a Players Choice title it is well worth a go) Zelda: Wind Waker F-Zero: GX Viewtiful Joe Animal Crossing 1/2 (maybe? unsure) Resident Evil + Zero + 4 Eternal Darkness Super Smash Bros (not to all tastes (inc me) but many love it) Waverace: Blue Storm Pikmin 1/2 Super Monkey Ball 1/2 Skies of Arcadia Legends (also on DC) Ikaruga (also on DC) Star Wars Rogue Squadron II (or maybe III for the co-op levels) Mario Kart: Double Dash 1080 Avalanche Wario World Lost Kingdoms 1/2 Tales of Symphonia Baten Kaitos All *exclusive* (unless noted), all top-notch. Others that never made the list (mainly as they are much more 'marmite' in nature!) are P.N.03, Cubivore, Mario Party, Gotcha Force, Megaman Network Transmission...... Hope that helps in some way.
  14. My personal combination is an XBox and a GC - they both offer something different, and I wouldn't swap either of them for a PS2 right now. Obviously you'll be missing out on something whichever way you go, but to me I could just take missing out on the the PS2 exclusives easier than I could either the XBox or GC ones.
  15. rgraves

    What Next?

    I'm sure that it was shown that way once, but the system was pretty much complete and certainly running off Jag hardware when I saw it. Check this out for further info: http://jagcube.atari.org/jaguarvr.html They have shots of the final prototypes, and listings of what stuff remains in the open today (not a lot by the looks of it). EDIT: Here you go, running and not a Virtuality system in sight!
  16. rgraves

    What Next?

    Nope, it was deffo running on Jaguar hardware when I played it (there was nothing else in the demo room), and it wasn't bad ('twas some form of early Missile Command 3D). Sure it would look shit now, but back then it was pretty impressive IMO. I'm pretty sure that nobody else has picked up the tech because of the motion sickness problems though. As good as the tracking was, there was a 'delay' there and it could make you feel right sick after a while. One day though, one day.......
  17. rgraves

    What Next?

    The future of gaming is here!! You know, I got to have a go with one of these and it actually wasn't bad at all. Felt slightly sick afterwards, but the motion tracking etc was damn impressive for the time.
  18. Oi, Sprite did he just say............. Alot of games could of definately been improved by having quicksave. Perhaps it is something to consider for all sequals - Chrystal Chronicles 2, Gran Tourismo 5 ect. ect.
  19. Dunno why I feel the need to add to this, but just to be clear...iQue is a separate company formed between Nintendo and Dr Wai Yen (of old ArtX fame). More precisely... More details can always be found at http://www.ique.com
  20. rgraves


    I was thinking the exact same thing JP - come on Cyhwuhx, spill the beans or stop being such a platform-tease! PS Can it make coffee? Blink once for yes and twice for no.........
  21. Didn't know that - that would indeed skew the figures a little Saying that, 200k copies in the first week is still very respectable and I think the early release on GC will mean it grabbed most of the fans.
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