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  1. Just saw this over at NTSC-Uk and thought it would prove useful in this thread. I've highlighted some points that me me v.excited indeed!!
  2. They have now - it's June 7 That's really only a couple of months away! Woot!
  3. rgraves

    Mario Party

    Yep - 5 is the best in the series so far.
  4. If you want an avatar, you have to email the image over to rllmuk. He'll then upload it for ya.
  5. Drop Patrick an email - I'm sure he'll be able to help you out.
  6. rgraves

    Pgc Comp

    * Please feel free to delete this if it break any rules * Not sure if everybody on here has seen, but PGC are running a 5th birthday competition with some pretty damn impressive prizes. Full details can be found via the link below, but basically you need to create an ad for PGC. Why bother? Regardless of what you think of the site, look at the list of stuff the person who wins will pick up: First Prize (one winner): Famicom Game Boy Advance SP TWO X-Arcade Solo Controllers Super Mario Bros. Mini for GBA Legend of Zelda Mini for GBA Donkey Konga for GameCube w/special controller Freeloader for GameCube (to play Donkey Konga) Platinum Wave Bird Controller Plush Jirachi doll from Japan Viewtiful Joe Limited Edition Cel Art Viewtiful Joe T-shirt (blue, size XL) Mega Man Battle Network keychain Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes for GameCube - signed by the Silicon Knights development team Second & third prizes are not bad either: Second Prize (one winner): X-Arcade Two Player Controller Hori Digital GameCube Controller GameCube-logoed shoulder bag GameCube-logoed notebook 1080: Avalanche t-shirt (gray) Game Boy Advance SP carrying case Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles poster Metroid: Zero Mission poster Viewtiful Joe T-shirt (blue, size XL) Mega Man Battle Network keychain Auto Modellista for GameCube P.N.03 for GameCube Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes for GameCube - signed by the Silicon Knights development team Third Prize (one winner): X-Arcade Two Player Controller Aqua GameCube controller Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles giant game box Viewtiful Joe bobblehead figurine Mega Man Battle Network keychain Auto Modellista for GameCube P.N.03 for GameCube Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes for GameCube - signed by the Silicon Knights development team More details, rules etc http://www.planetgamecube.com/specials.cfm...=profile&id=487
  7. A list of exactly what you get here: http://www.planetgamecube.com/news.cfm?action=item&id=5148 The £20 off hardware, and £5-10 off selected software is pretty reasonable IMO. EDIT - for those who can't be bothered to click...
  8. Where did you order it from? No, let me guess...DVDBO?? Honestly, swap DVDBO for videogamesplus.com - the prices are pretty much the same, but the service is 100,000x better.
  9. Or in other words, play pirate GBA games. And that is acceptable is it?
  10. I can't believe people are moaning about the cover. It's great. I bet you're the same people that moan to the advertising standards folks about Pot Noodle campaigns.... Best issue for quite a while IMO. Good work men. PS Loved the inside front/back cover work. Genius. PPS Please say that Nagoshi will be back, he was a true highlight in every issue.
  11. I find it really useful for games that you play in long stints - the GC controller doesn't cramp my hands as much as a GBA would over several hours. Very good for Wario Ware as well
  12. rgraves

    Pikmin 2

    Looks like it uses the e-reader..........
  13. Yay! <runs off to videogamesplus.com>
  14. No, it'll have been done whichever way worked to get it done on time. Things like deadlines have a habit of taking over things like optimisation. The RAM issue is also a white elephant - S3 texture compression would certainly play a part, multiple texture passes would play a part, the faster disk access for streaming would play a part, the new Nintendo libraries which have really improved memory issues would play a huge part etc etc etc MGS2 could 100% deffo be done on the GC - and it probably wouldn't have the framerate problems the XBox build suffers from either
  15. Even with the winkey, that's still complete bollocks. But then, something tells me you know that already....
  16. The stuff in Zelda is pretty good fun. Tingle rocks.
  17. But as Sprite said, what about System Link peeps - they could make use of the content but are 'denied' access to it.
  18. What if the code for that Island was not in the original GC game but was, in fact, developed later and contained within the Metroid cart? Would that be OK?
  19. So then..... RTCW having extra levels that can't be accessed unless you have broadband & Live!, but doesn't actually use broadband/Live! in any way other than to unlock the bugger, is shite. Do we agree?
  20. So I'm interested - is the use of the link cable in Animal Crossing "bad"? It does not require any further software to be purchased.......just offers an extra to GBA owners.
  21. You got some of your wishes Jack.... $19.99 is blindingly cheap for F-Zero and Metroid. I might just pick Wario World up at $29.99 as well!
  22. But they are already on the disc, and by buying a Live!/broadband subscription you unlock them. How is that different in any way to unlocking things with the GC->GBA connection? As I said, I really think they go hand in hand - you can't say one is OK but not the other IMO.
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