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    I Ninja...

    Nope, I have the 'cube version right here. Lovely little thing it is (apart from Egg Shell Skull!!)
  2. rgraves

    I Ninja...

    I've played it, and I loved it. A charming little platformer with plenty of variation, and those little touches that lift it above the average crowd. Recommended.
  3. A review is an opinion of course, but to compare the single player experience in FFCC to that of Mario Party is about as wide of the mark as I've ever known (IMO). I've had a lot of fun with FFCC - both single- and multi-player. EDIT: Ikaruga, you get one link cable free with the US release, dunno if the PAL one will be the same though.
  4. Erm....it does have a perfectly good (excellent in fact) single player mode that requires nothing but a GC you know. You only need to use GBAs for 2+ players.
  5. Ah-ha I see....'twas posted on Dec 15 though so you only just missed it!
  6. http://cube.ign.com/articles/446/446222p1.html
  7. Would make no difference - it's out on GC (I have it in fact). It's not a bad attempt at a console RTS title - somewhat short, a few bothersome niggles, but fun regardless.
  8. For 1 week out of 52, unfortunately. And as the worldwide figures show [pinch of salt or no] there's less NGC's out there now than anticipated. 5.6Million is still good, in fact back in the Pre-Playstation days that would be ultra respectable but now it is greeted with a muted shrug of shoulders. I know it was just one week - that's why I wrote "for once". And that 5.6m figure is rubbish - the total is over 10m right now.
  9. Depends. I make it about twenty to five. Suppose it is a school night
  10. robrymond is right, to get the demo you need to buy NOM from GAME.
  11. But how is that fact? The very latest figures we have access to show that the GC is outselling the Xbox by a considerable margin right now in the US (christ it even outsold the PS2 for once). How exactly does that prove that the XBox has taken priority over the GC at US retailers?
  12. It's limited yes, but I think it pretty clearly indicates that the GC is not "dead on its arse" as NumberSix was insisting.
  13. Found the stuff I was looking for! [source: Gamefront.de] October NPD numbers. PLAYSTATION 2 Pos. Title Publisher Dollars * Quantity * ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 NBA LIVE 2004 Electronic Arts $19,311,610 387,363 2 MADDEN NFL 2004 Electronic Arts $10,151,370 204,064 3 JAK II Sony $9,525,686 239,217 4 WWE: HERE COMES PAIN THQ $7,575,488 152,073 5 TONY HAWK UNDERGROUND Activision $7,166,578 144,842 6 TIGER WOODS PGA 2004 Electronic Arts $5,678,678 114,109 7 CASTLEVANIA: LAMENT Konami $4,733,432 95,177 8 SSX 3 Electronic Arts $4,559,972 91,815 9 BACKYARD WRESTLING Eidos $3,948,827 79,233 10 CONFLICT: DESERT II Take-Two $3,192,561 64,096 XBOX Pos. Title Publisher Dollars * Quantity * ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 NBA LIVE 2004 Electronic Arts $5,259,460 105,539 2 T. CLANCY'S RAINBOW 3 Ubi Soft $3,911,208 78,633 3 CRIMSON SKIES: HIGH Microsoft $2,948,061 59,379 4 ESPN NBA BASKETBALL Sega $2,668,353 53,567 5 MADDEN NFL 2004 Electronic Arts $2,427,489 48,870 6 CONFLICT: DESERT II Take-Two $2,353,912 48,345 7 TONY HAWK UNDERGROUND Activision $2,311,633 46,711 8 TIGER WOODS PGA 2004 Electronic Arts $2,214,646 44,551 9 SSX 3 Electronic Arts $1,936,943 38,990 10 HALO Microsoft $1,813,485 36,547 GAMECUBE Pos. Title Publisher Dollars * Quantity * ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 SW:ROGUE SQUADRON III LucasArts $5,744,523 115,672 2 VIEWTIFUL JOE Capcom $4,060,866 102,231 3 KIRBY AIR RIDE Nintendo $3,063,197 61,583 4 SOUL CALIBUR II Namco $2,659,374 54,369 5 TEENAGE MUTANT TURTLE Konami $1,758,922 43,050 6 SUPER SMASH BRO MELEE Nintendo $1,532,765 51,201 7 BILLY HATCHER Sega $1,429,339 37,215 8 SIMPSONS: HIT & RUN Vivendi $1,419,004 28,999 9 MARIO GOLF: TOADSTOOL Nintendo $1,326,796 26,699 10 NBA LIVE 2004 Electronic Arts $1,321,751 26,511 So then NumberSix, how does that prove that the GC is "dead on its arse" in terms of software sales when compared to XBox in the US? Looks pretty damn even to me. And this was before the hardware sales boost it's currently enjoying.
  14. There was a thread on here not that long ago, where somebody posted the top 10 US charts for each of the three main consoles. Adding up the total sales from the top 10 titles, the PS2 had sold the most, then the XBox, and then the GC. However, the gap in units between XBox and GC sales was tiny - almost nothing from what I remember. Can anybody else remember/find that thread? I can remember that the GC top 10 had Viewtiful Joe (selling 100k+) and RS3 in it so it must have been fairly recent.
  15. At last, a cover-mounted GC demo disk is here: Fingers crossed this is just the beginning.
  16. Rubbish. Here is a quote directly from the recent Nintendo Press Release: Now obviously it won't hold that #1 position too long as the PS2 will slam it out of thw way, but it sure proves that the console isn't "dead on its arse".
  17. Yeah, they should have gone at it the MS way and just thrown loads of money they were never going to see back at it. I mean, why wait until the next generation of hardware when you can spend millions on a service that won't reach full potential right now. Nintendo will go online when they can make cash out of it, not before. If anything the lack of commercial success for Live! does nothing but justfy the decision Nintendo made this gen.
  18. I used to love the lava guy in Axelay
  19. Yes. Yes you do. mumble, mumble, mumble, pesky kids.....
  20. I have <runs off to count> 39!! Yay I win!!
  21. I'd like one to stick on my desk at work - no spare power sockets, but a few spare USB ones. The dock means that the GBA will be held nice and neatly instead of just laying on the desk picking up scratches etc as it's shoved around. If you have no use for one that's fine - doesn't make it useless to everyone though.
  22. That's nice - I want one! The search begins.......
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