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  1. Be off with you and your common sense
  2. Mmmm, I think Mantis is fantastically well lit and shaded. The arms have some of the best body muscle tone work I have seen.
  3. Yeah, those portraits in the background are terribly bland and low-res.....
  4. I can never tell if you folks are being serious You honestly think the PS1 version looked better than this........ Madness. Madness.
  5. So you are saying it is a bad thing that they have moved FFCC forward to March 12th then? MGS:TTS is still set for March 26th isn't it??
  6. Does anybody honestly, genuinely believe that there won't be a secret underground Umbrella base of some sort? I'm personally certain that there will be - they [Capcom] are just showing us what they want us to see right now...
  7. Tekki = single game with one huge controller that is good for nothing else (apart from a soon to be released broadband-only online-only sequel) FF:CC = game that makes use of hardware which many people might already have, and will certainly be able to use for many other great games as well. PS Before anybody starts, I love Tekki and can't wait to play it online.
  8. Yes, it's a pain in the arse - I've never said otherwise. It's a huge demand, but it's what SquareEnix have chosen to do and their implementation of it makes it worthwhile. They have genuinely produced a game that couldn't have been done in any other way. The comparison with Tekki is a good one - a game that simply wouldn't have worked without the controller.
  9. I think he may have you there SU
  10. Yes you can play FFCC on your GC - in single player. FFCC also isn't the only game you'll be able to make use of your GBA for. I totally understand your situation, but I don't see how that makes any case for the designers of the game making concessions to suit you specifically. Should somebody in an area without access to braodband be on here complaining that no 56k option is available in PGR2?
  11. Why do you have to buy the GBAs - the game is intended to be played by groups of friends who already own the hardware. If you don't, then you are not who the game is aimed at. Worldwide, there are many more GBAs out there then GCs.
  12. Why can't you meet the games requirements? Are you going to be thrown into jail if you buy three more GBAs or make friends with people who already have them?? You are choosing to not meet the requirements.
  13. But it is!! It's a great idea, as it's enabled them to do something that's never been done before. As I said in the other thread, I really think you need to play the game in order to understand just what making use of the GBA link has enabled them to do. The game just wouldn't be what it is without it.
  14. You do realise that they sold considerably more than they expected to in Japan don't you? How can breaking your own sales targets (300k) be deemed "messed up"?
  15. Not worthless, just not as good. The designers made a choice to go with GBAs. They felt that it made the game better. So they went with it. Sure it limits their audience, but are you really saying that they should have diluted their ideas down in order to make it a more accessible but ultimately more simple game? We should be applauding them for going out on a limb like this, not slamming them for trying something new.
  16. In your opinion, I think it looks like an exciting new take on the franchise. It needed something new. You can't understand, as you have absolutely no idea if they have or not. All the previously shown stuff could still be there for all you know. Or they had the mansion stuff ready first show showed it, and now have this stuff ready so have shown it. Why does the release of screens from one location automatically mean the scrapping of another? They sure as hell aren't going to let us see everything before it's released. Oh come on, from just a few screens....that look graphically ahead of almost anything else right now. I'm personally excited by the fact they are heading somewhere different with this one.
  17. "Oh look, they have a cave troll!" http://www.gf-data.de/gamefront-temp/bio4-78.jpg Stunning. At last they are trying something new with the franchise. And this shot does indeed show off some damn fine texture work: http://www.gf-data.de/gamefront-temp/bio4-73.jpg Oh, and the darkness isn't all gone (top shot): http://www.gf-data.de/gamefront-temp/bio4-83.jpg EDIT: They are the same as some of the shots above - and the direct links don't work, so you'll have to cut 'n' paste if you want to see them. Soz.
  18. It's not bad at all. A bit short, but I played it right through to the end and enjoyed almost every minute of it. Sure it's a bit rough in places but, and I'm ready to be flamed for this, it's fun!! Personal highpoint - controlling a large slime complete with 'windy' sound effects Besides, didn't you order yourself a copy of this ages ago??
  19. That's because you haven't played it. Seriously, you need to play the game - I think it will really clear a few things up for you.
  20. I'd suggest that what you actually appear to want, is a game with the guts ripped out of it. I ask again: Without the GBA screen, how would you give one player, and one player only, a map? Without the GBA screen, how would you give each player individual, private objectives for each level? These are not 'little add ons' - they are key/core/significant gameplay elements. Without them you would have an average game, and they didn't want to work on an average multiplayer game. They had their sights set above that.
  21. OK, let's look at this from a feature perspective: Without the GBA screen, how would you give one player, and one player only, a map? Without the GBA screen, how would you give each player individual, private objectives for each level? It's things like this that make the game unique, and totally reliant on the GBA link in multi-player. Sure, they could have scrapped the individual player objectives but they didn't want to - they wanted to build a game in this way. They weren't even trying to make it function any other way.
  22. Pug, does this piece from Penny Arcade explain it any better for you??
  23. I see what you are saying, but your logic is slightly flawed. Using steering wheels for MKDD would add nothing that a normal controller couldn't already provide. A steering wheel is just a different way of inputting the same joypad commands (A, B, Left, Right etc). The key difference in this case, is that the GBA adds a second screen - something that the standard joypad alone couldn't possibly add.
  24. If anyone in this thread is blind, it's not me. It's not even a Nintendo product for a start....
  25. The games was designed, from the ground up, to work with the GBA. It wouldn't be the same using a joypad, and they [Game Designers Studio] decided that the game they wanted to make was the one using the GBA. It's not limited for no good reason, it's limited for very good reasons - it's what makes the game what it is. Do you think that Tekki should have been dumbed-down to work on the standard Xbox pad?
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