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  1. You should let Nintendo know you already have their FY2022/23 sales data, they'd love to have that kind of future knowledge already.
  2. They absolutely did - unless you think when they played the final game they were surprised by the framerate themselves somehow?
  3. That's just the genre though right - up the power and it doesn't run better - they don't run the same game at 60fps, they throw more shinies and enemies at it until it still runs like a dog just the same. Musou on any platform is a recipe for 20 fps.
  4. See, I fundamentally disagree with that. There was a lot wrong with the Wii-U, but the idea was actually, fundamentally, a good one IMO. Being able to game away from the main TV, having a seperate screen for stuff like chase and sweet day in Nintendoland, being able to tap the map to jump in Splatoon - all things that worked really well. Made those games better, or only achieveable on that platform (Nintendoland remains a massively underappreciated/experienced multiplayer title as a result) Hell, even just being able to move the map and equip management to the pad in stuff like ZombiU showed the potential was there. Not *essential* to the experience no, but it did make it better (play ZombiU on WiiU and then on any of the other platform ports and you'll see it pretty clearly). It was a calamity, but it didn't need to be - with a few different decisions being made I think it could have been a whole lot better for them (and, more importantly, us). If WiiU has taken off just a little bit more, I think we'd have seen some really exciting and unusual stuff from Nintendo.
  5. Do we not? Am I imginging Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, Splatoon 3, Mario Strikers, Xenoblade Chronicles 3, Bayonetta 3, BOTW 2 etc then? I honestly don't think Nintendo have slowed down at all - and certainly not in comparison to the other two paltform holders. As a business, why on earth would you rock the boat now if you were them? I mean just COVID would be enough to shake things up and make you not follow a normal timeline, but they are selling so well right now there is no reason at all to talk about another platform. Do that when you need it, not when you're selling numbers the competition can only dream of at the moment for various reasons.
  6. I logged on purely to join the summon pool and help some people around the captial last night - 2-3 times I was summoned at the same time as another player called something like "BoyToy". He was naked and holding just a couple of daggers - but he was an absolute beast. Me and the host basically stood back and just appreciated the work he was doing. Some people get sooooo good at this.
  7. It's nuts - about 61m LTD units of hardware sold in that table, and Nintendo (with Switch and 3DS) account for around 50m (over 80%) of them!
  8. The key to the blasphemous blade is to use the Taker's Flame - it hits *hard* and restores some health in the process. So make sure you have decent mind and faith stats to ramp it up.
  9. I'm finding taiko no tatsujin is awesome for gradually knocking off achievements - there's a pretty steady, easy stream you can farm at 3 per week as needed. Stuff like change an outfit, play a song from each category, watch the credits etc
  10. So, basically, you want the game to be worse for some players because you can't self control? I find this attitude mental - if it's helps some people, if it makes the game better for them, if it means they get to see and play more of it, how on earth can that be bad? It's all 100% entirely optional - if you want to, you could never summon, never use any armour, never use a single weapon, take on every enemy naked etc etc. You can make it as hard as you want, so why on earth insist on removing the option to make it easier for players that want that as well? The "playing field is too level" is absolute bullshit. It's *awesome* seeing how many players in this have hit certain achievements, it's awesome seeing how this game is helping people along and getting them deeper into the game than they probably ever would have otherwise.
  11. I saw it, I loved it. It's a superhero movie, and a good one at that IMO. Some of you lot just need to chill out a bit - you'll never enjoy anything with the level of analysis you want to do. You're like Alan Sugar on the Apprentice - whatever happens you'll have a reason to not like it. Who can be bothered with all that? Not me. It had magic and ghosts and booms and bangs and mirrors and tentacles and impalements and foreboding clouds and evil folk taking ages to get the final spell done. It had the lot (even pesky kids). Gimme more.
  12. I've loved this game, stuck an ungodly number of hours into it - but, right at the end, they go and do the 'multiple bosses and if you lose you have to go back and do all of them again' thing. They can f**k right off with that. What a way to go sour it. It's awesome, best I've played in ages, but OH MY GOD I HATE THAT AND IT NEEDS TO DIE IN AN ERDTREE FIRE.
  13. And I totally get that. I just can also see that, for some people, they might like a bit more *optional* hand-holding, a bit more guidance, a bit more 'here's where you should be going next'. I'm not saying it should be rammed down all players throats, or on by default etc - just maybe a tiny bit less 'do life admin with a pen and paper mate' and 'get gud' in the approach to quests and side quests. Especially given the size, scale, and complexity of it all. Listen, it's a monumentally awesome game - I'm at level 124 and have sunk hours and hours into it - but would I have loved it even more had some of my arbitrary decisions during that time which actually had massive implications on side quests been a little bit more obvious and not basically required me to use stuff like wiki? Yes, yes I would. I don't want it to be like other games, I'm not asking for auto map quest markers, arrows on screen, and all that guff, I want it to be like Elden Ring.....but just with an easy mode a digital version of that Pickford journal as I go along.
  14. Absolutely, but it would also be good to have a kind of reference available if people were looking for a bit more. Could totally ignore it if you wanted, but some kind of 'currently open quests' would be ideal. I'm thinking 'Mass Effect' really. Some people like to explore, some people like guidebooks - give options for both. Personally I like to explore - but there is the odd time it would be really useful just to be able to have a bit more info on demand.
  15. If I've got the right one, it's Sellia Hideaway (NE Caelid). I got wiped out, decided to move on, and haven't been back there yet.
  16. You need to retract your furled finger remedy - if you've got that out, you can't summon ashes I don't think.
  17. But that's already dealt with - if you use passwords to do co-op the system just levels the players out. They already have a system for that. Alternatively, just put the player level on the info that comes up with the summon sign - I hit Y - see it's MAXXKILLARZZ2323 and he's level 123 - then I can make a decision if I want to summon him or not. *I* can decide if I want a player at my level, or if I'm just fed up and want to bring in somebody that's a far higher level to help me out. If it's a low-level player, then it's safe to assume they got themselves to that area for a reason I think.
  18. That's one thing I don't like/understand - why gate off the co-op like that? If I want to co-op, why shouldn't I be able to just be available to anyone that needs help - why do they need to be around the same level as me? If I can help somebody that's much lower level, why not just let me do that? If I put my summon sign down, I think everyone should be able to see it and I'd be happy to go in and help anyone (and vice versa, if I'm looking for help I'd love to occasionally bring someone in and marvel at their powarz). At worst, make it an option - let me go in settings and say "allow summons from all levels" or something.
  19. Already confirmed they have I believe!
  20. It's not aimed at kids though, it's aimed at people that like playing a good game. This idea that bright colors = for teh kidz needs to die in a fire. Splatoon is an incredibly deep and well-balanced game, far more so than many other more 'mature' offerings. If it's for kids, I'm 9 and 3/4.
  21. They, the land octpus freaks, are not bad at all if you get up in their grill (not front on). Dooooooo it...
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