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  1. Except that particular cave does already have a boss, you would have maybe already fought the boss. It's a second boss behind multiple fake walls - which I think qualifies as a bit 'niche' in terms of people finding (or expecting to find) it. Being frank, you're not a 'regular joe' in this conversation - your understanding and familiarity with the FSU (From Software Universe) does mean you're likely to find things a little more fully than most average players
  2. Well well done you. To me, dropping all that way down in the tower for one and going through multiple fake walls to another is pretty mental yes. I'd say for most players, there is A LOT in this game that's wildly obfuscated. I mean, who really has the time (or wants to use that time even if they do have it) to hit virtually every wall in case it does something. Fuck that.
  3. THERE BE SPOILERS, but the craziness of the route to some of these 8 optional bosses you may otherwise miss is mental.
  4. Take the positive - they also spend more money on physical games (more than digital which surprised me to be honest)!
  5. I think it's a debate around if subscription services work and can be sustainable in the gaming space using available data from the main service we currently see - no need to turn it into a format war....
  6. I'm missing something here then - because if people are not, on average, spending more money after subscribing to GP how does the average spend for that group go up when compared against people that are not subscribed? Taking into account they will have been in the first group (non-subbed) before moving over to the second group (subbed). Unless you think it's basically a result of people going directly in as subbed without ever being part of the ecosystem prior - which is of course possible, but I think that's not really fair as really their spending has also gone up as far as MS are concerned (they are spending 100% more in fact). Also, as I previously said, I'm not arguing they are spending more *overall* - I'm saying they are spending more *with MS* - which is all they care about.
  7. There IS data on that though - I keep referring back to this same (non-MS) chart: That shows that, on average, xboxs users who sub (blue) spend more than xbox users who do not (orange) - so, on average, somebody moving from non-subbed to subbed within the xbox ecosystem will spend more. Obviously individuals will differ, but the trend is for increased spend from subscribers.
  8. You keep going on about the way the data was presented - totally ignoring that some of that data was not from MS, but from a third-party - who we're supposed to believe are just going along with the grand MS mis-direction for the fun of it as well right? They are both twisting the truth in public presentations at an industry event, most likely in a room full of people that might just have an idea of what's actually going on? What they show is, that a customer who subs to GP is worth more on average to MS than one who doesn't - so getting somesbody to sub (even for £1 through some careless 'mistake' on the website) is likely to lead to more revenue for MS than they would have had otherwise. I'm not certain MS care how much that person was spending on other platforms before that point - what they care about is "is that person spending more with us now than they were before" - and getting them on GP seems to result in just that. The MS data says that, the third-party analyst data says that. The idea that MS care if person X was really spending £100 with Sony before but only £75 with them now is pointless - MS had £0, and now has £75 - that's what they care about, not that the person is actually spending £15 less (they can work on that longer-term). Sony obviously see the same - they've not looked at what MS are doing, thought "hang on, this is costing them an arm and a leg with no returns - we need to get us some of that". They've seen it's working and they've responded as best as they can at this point without totally gutting their previously primary model in the early stages.
  9. Did you read my post? I quote my second chart - that's NOT FROM MS and that people seem to be ignorning again: It's really odd how we've got really recent, industry conference delivered, data from both the manufacturer and a third-party analyst - but people still prefer to ignore or hand-wave away as they don't suit. It's like a <drops political hand grenade> Brexit discussion. EDIT: Folks should take a look at the PDF by the way, some interesting stuff in there about the market and the dynamics at play.
  10. But they were previously not subscribed (so they were in the non GP bucket), and then when they are, they spend more (on average). They know what people who sub spend, and what people who are not subbed spend. They've got both sides of the data at their fingertips. Obviously looking at averages is going to mean you get people on the extremes - but the data is there - MS getting you to spot their 'error' and 'get one over on them with the £1 trick' means they get your £1 + you are, on average, likely to spend more with them than you were before. Audience A: Does not subscribe = spends X Audience B: Pays £1 to subscribe = spends X+5% Clearly B is worth more to MS (instantly in terms of the sub, and long-term in terms of the revenue) - it's not really the £1 they are chasing (but the billions it brings in aren't exactly a bother).
  11. I think the key difference is, unless I'm mistaken, you think they are doing this and taking a hit (loss-leading). Whereas, I think it's likely they've mapped this out and it's a net plus to the business even now.
  12. You think MS are 'turning a blind eye' to that, lol. How amateur do you think they are? It's all planned in, it's not some 'mistake' we're all secretly in on (but they've not spotted yet so shhhhh lads). They know that bringing you into the ecosystem is well worth it for them even at that level (see the fact that a member spends more with them in the data above). The idea it's costing them and they are just totally carrying on and ignorning it, is mental. Corps like that *pore* over the data, they know what's going on. They know more about your buying habits than you do in all likelihood.
  13. At a guess, fewer machines that those owned by gamers who think "christ I've got a load of good stuff and I've saved loads, so absolutely I can splash out for something as good as Elden Ring". MS presented data on this really recently - they officially said that folks with GP seem to spend more time playing games, and spend more in the process - I can't fathom why this is continually ignored by people who apprently seem to know the business and financials better than MS themselves. Like this is some long-term philantropic venture they are on purely for the good of gamers who never spend any money with them. https://www.gamedeveloper.com/blogs/in-depth-game-pass-stats-probed-deconstructed It's also well worth realising, that even just a "GP box" is value add for MS - 25 millions subscribers at even $5 a month gives you a $125m a month ($1.5bn a year) warchest to work with even if you sell absolutely nothing else at all to them (but you're going to sell them headsets and controllers even if they don't buy more games).
  14. Is there any evidence at all to suggest this though - I mean it feels like something that people keep saying, but never actually have anything to back it up. If anything, I think Sony are making more noise about moving in that direction to be honest...
  15. Eh!? What about the GP model doesn't fit selling consoles or big budget, open world story driven games? I mean, one of the big MS tentpoles on the horizon (Starfield) is exactly that....and the Series S is a GP gateway drug.....
  16. I loved the first game, really looking forward to this!
  17. I'm playing Elden Ring using quick resume and having no problems at all.....it's working just fine every night and it's only ever closed when there is an update (so will be when I go back to it tonight I guess). I do find it *massively* helps to let it sit on the title screen for 30 secs or so before trying to login - like it just needs some time to do some background stuff first or else the login often fails a few times before I eventually get in.
  18. I think that very first merchant is the guy that sells it! The crafting kit.
  19. Where does one find that exactly? Or am I being dense and it’s Rllmuk?
  20. So...you...already have it? Or you just need to up to include the expansion pack...which is another $45 (and gets you a lot more than just this....)?
  21. Next week I believe - something like the 16th.... EDIT: It's actually sooner - Thursday!
  22. #HUMBLEBRAG I just lost about 15k in runes by being impatient. You know when you think you can just run back to where you died without all the usual caution, and then you get sloppy, and then you scream....
  23. That's awesome - I *almost* bought it [GotG] yesterday!
  24. No dongle needed at all (well, as long as the PC has BT obv).
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