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  1. I said things could change....didn't say that would absolutely be for the better.....
  2. Yeah, essentially PS5 had a slightly higher frame rate generally (3-4fps in some places) but SX was running at a slightly higher resolution. Swings and roundabouts (especially if you're using VRR). Keep in mind, that was also not a final build - so anything could have changed. Not long now, bring on the ring!
  3. Are the games they are already selling going to be one of those mad 'go up in value' things do we think.....should we be buying them as an investment...but then, that's giving them money which just feels wrong.
  4. You can, and it's already been pointed out multiple times in this thread. It's amazing how negative stuff sticks and spreads like wild fire, but stuff like this is always a 'surprise'.
  5. You mean Series S right....? That's the current model aimed at 1080p....
  6. Looks like it's back now - but was gone for around a day or so. Lots of people online reporting the same issue I saw such as: Still, it's back now - go play it folks, it's awesome 👍
  7. But still says it's part of GP on the xbox.com..... something seems to have broken
  8. Has Plague Tale already dropped off - I tried to load that last night and it was giving an error about it no longer being owned....
  9. And they've actualy said there is a patch on the way for BTB - sometime very soon (like maybe even tomorrow): https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2022-01-29-343-industries-believes-it-has-fixed-halo-infinites-big-team-battle-issues
  10. If you want 'less cluttered' just set it up that way - turn off tiles you don't want etc I'm with @Kryptonian - I think a lot of these 'issues' are just people not knowing (or even looking) what they can do. I'm now just waiting for the Crich post on batteries.......🤫
  11. Eh? You can change that option at any time though?
  12. I found the setup to be insanely easy - did everything via the mobile app and it was the smoothest experience I've had with a new console. There is also a 'Help' app if needed. The UI does lack an instant 'wow' factor, but once you know your way around it's incredibly flexible. I think the volume of stuff you can do is a bit much to beging with maybe, but it comes into it's own once you get comfy.
  13. I know it won't help you now, but on his final phase ditch the grapple and move to the thrusters - it's much easier to dodge, keep control, manage him etc. Honestly, I'd not really touched the thrusters until that point but they really do help in that fight so the big key is remembering they are there. EDIT: Yeah, what @CarloOos said.
  14. They are D00MED!11! Slightly more seriously, that does knock on the head anyone thinking there would be any complications in regards to a monopoly regs really.
  15. Snap (except I have seen the first one, and would throughly recommend it if you haven't!) Sing 2 Kids absolutely loved it, and I did as well. 4/5
  16. Maybe, but all the evidence we have so far is that that's not happening - indie devs in particular are coming out and saying how GP has been great for them and their games. And you do have some control - don't be in any doubt that MS are looking at all the data on what people play - if you're playing certain content, that's being noted - and if enough others are doing the same, it's in their interests to keep that audience happy and engaged with the platform. Also - if you REALLY like a game, BUY IT. Just because it's on GP, doesn't mean you can't buy it still - just the way you usually would. It's still right there on the store.
  17. I guess the thing to do here is - play them! If certain games on GP are getting attention, being played etc then the developers pontetially benefit (depending on the deal with MS) or at worst MS takes note and look to either commission or acquire more types of that content for the service.
  18. Mad isn't it - the binary nature of the internet in a nutshell.
  19. I'm being 'evasive' because it doesn't fucking matter! What platforms I own and play on should have no bearing on this conversation - unless (as I strongly suspect) you basically want to turn it into some kind of "fanboy" argument (note that I haven't asked you the same question as what difference would it make?). Anyone reasonable can look at the current GP proposition (access to a massive catalogue of stuff that's growing all the time and includes some major day 1 releases for £10 a month at most) and see that it offers terrific value for most average gamers. Sure that might change if the price increases (but it hasn't yet), and there will be a 'niche' of people that can't apparently find even a handful of things amongst the raft of titles on there, but I'd suggest that's more about their own leanings and hang-ups than anything else. It's as baffling to me as the people that say they can't enjoy something they've not paid a lot for as the value has been reduced. Like if I sold them the same game for £70 they'd like it more.....oh, hang on..... TLDR: It's like saying you can't have a valid opinion on a murder unless you've been murdered yourself.
  20. I think there is plenty of room for a good conversation on GP. It’s just that a lot of the time the iffy hot takes are so bad they ruffle feathers and things go south. Or, they are so totally abstract - I mean yes it could lead to lower quality or variety I guess, but that’s all complete guess work right now, there’s no evidence to put forward either way. I’d personally doubt it, but I can see there’s room for that view. I’d love to talk about stuff like Anacrusis on GP - like what do the devs and MS really think that’s doing? How does anyone benefit from that kind of ‘release’? That’s a far more here and now debate.
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