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  1. ^ I endured the audiobook until the end, but it's the only one I've ever refunded.
  2. Not all the details match up, but the first thing I thought of was Ballroom Blitz:
  3. Wednesday release signifies Loki's desire to take over Odin's domain. Look out for my upcoming 30-minute YT video on this theory.
  4. My mum burns through stuff like this, but not even the series you'd think of. It's always 10 books in the such-and-such saga that you get complete for 99p on kindle. I try not to be a snob about it (I fail), but at least get through the good stuff before reading fifteen books about a dragon. Holy smokes... I've just unlocked a memory. When I was a kid I remember her shelves being chock full of sagas about dragons, particularly the Anne McCaffery ones. I guess it really is a thing with her.
  5. I managed this last year with the help of a kindle, which at least made the footnotes trivial in terms of flow. I'm not sure I would have stuck it out with a physical copy.
  6. Speaking of Moore, today I finally read the entirety of From Hell in one sitting (well, I read the actual story, and I'm currently making my way through its insanely comprehensive appendices). Late to the party and all that, but, it's fucking excellent isn't it. I think I was expecting something drier and more obviously factual - with some speculation of course, but the way he wove in the occult, psychology, history, the explosion of technology and culture, and the persistent nature of evil completely sucked me in. I've found myself adding books about architecture and the history of London to
  7. Naturally I gave up on Ulysses, but that was years ago on a paperback edition and most of the trouble I was having was constantly encountering words I simply didn't understand. I've often thought another go on the kindle might be more successful, even if I still spend a great deal of time bringing up the dictionary.
  8. I just bought this with the same kind of reflex I get when someone uploads a fan remake of a video game.
  9. "Where's my box?"
  10. I think it's a Carol / Kamala two-hander. I choked up at the end of that promo. These silly comic-book movies.
  11. I'm surprised MacFarlane didn't do anything with this. I heard he'd basically bought the rights years ago because it's his favourite TV show.
  12. Pac-Man Championship Edition DX is the one I always trot out. They took the core elements of an infamous, iconic video game, added enough twists to make it Something New but still emphatically Pac-Man, and delivered what I consider to be a legitimate masterpiece. I absolutely agree with Street Fighter IV as well.
  13. Agreed. And his introduction to the show was this kind of smug shot with no character context, pitting the audience against him immediately because he's not Steve or Sam. A couple of scenes of him in action and humanising him as a man and comrade throughout episode one, leading up to him being offered the shield, would have helped enormously.
  14. Absolutely loved this episode, and yeah, I felt really put out when the credits rolled.
  15. Storyline spoiler, but essentially yes:
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