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  1. I've watched the first three. It's great to be back in this type of show, but I wish they wouldn't wring so much drama out of the obstacles they choose to put in front of themselves. More amazing locations and connecting with the people, less "Will the battery run out" please.
  2. I've found myself defaulting to it for re-watching the Marvel movies, when previously I would have gone to the bloos.
  3. I just checked the iTunes version. It's definitely there but "Where does he" is buried way down in the mix - I really had to crank it up to pick it out. It also doesn't help that the line starts before it cuts to Joker, which makes it seem more like the first part is missing.
  4. What the fuck. I re-watched this on Tuesday.
  5. How many Kojima games do we have left in us?
  6. Basically a theatrical window, if a tad shorter.
  7. Judging by the intelligence the robot possesses in the mid-80s it'd probably be ruling the world by the time Creed comes about. Also, let's not forget that Paulie - fucking Paulie - apparently reprograms it to be more attentive and sexy.
  8. This is fucking weird. A friend and I have been going through the Rocky movies (following up a Rambo series revisit), and after watching IV much of the talk was about the robot and its weirdness, and the rumour that Stallone had a 2+ hour cut of the movie squirrelled away. This was literally last week. I reckon he's hacked into my Alexa.
  9. While I was trying to hold it together at work on Saturday, this was the image that kept creeping in and breaking me down. When that portal opens and he's the first one through it's already a lump-in-the-throat moment for me, but every viewing from now on is going to destroy me. This has hit me really hard. The MCU has been incredibly important for me for over a decade, way more than just on-screen entertainment. We've actually lost a hero.
  10. Yeah, Perry owns every scene and situation he's in, and he's clearly armoured himself in a profession that's most certainly dominated by hetero alpha males. I even think those jokes are timeless because they're about the other characters and their relationships to him, rather than simply jokes about 'being gay'.
  11. I've often found the audio mix on Nolan's movies to be very unbalanced. Interstellar was probably the worst, but I always have to tweak the bejeezus out of the levels for the Batman trilogy.
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