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  1. It's. Too. Fucking. Small.
  2. Godfather Part II has such a stellar rep as a sequel that's better than the original, and I won't deny it's an absolute masterpiece - but so is the first! For a movie of its length and scope it seems a bit daft to say it's tight, but every time I revisit it I'm amazed how it flies.
  3. The last one took decent money (though quite a drop from what they're used to), so there's an audience out there. It just depends how much of that audience went to see Depp in particular.
  4. Dark Night of the Scarecrow (1981) This has got a great rep but ultimately it's shackled by being a TV movie. As usual you can feel things stretching out to fill a primetime spot (with ad breaks), and being a vengeance thriller it could really use a splash of red here and there. Two deaths are so heavily signposted you can only roll your eyes when they happen exactly as expected. Cast is good, including Charles Durning as a postman who seems to live in his uniform, and bug-eyed wall of teeth Lane Smith as two of a quartet of trigger-happy vigilantes quick to action after a tragic misunderstanding. There is a nice little mystery you can juggle in your head as clock counts out, but it's not really worth going out of your way for. 3/5
  5. Guys, just because a film features waterbed incest it doesn't mean it's any less valid to try to remember than anything else It's probably not Ghostbusters 2, anyway.
  6. I just wanted another Batman. Yeah, I'm not tired of those.
  7. I absolutely adore pretty much all the PICO-8 games. If that thing existed as a 'real' console I've have one in a heartbeat. Witchway and Roguelight were a lot of fun.
  8. Sorry... you seem to have dropped a point somewhere. Let's look for it together.
  9. Renegade on the Speccy was so good. I played it round and round.
  10. In 1987 it was undoubtedly still Elite on the Speccy, but I put a lot of time into R-Type and Double Dragon in the arcade during that period. Although all-time fave to this day Dungeon Master came out in 1987 I didn't play it until a couple of years later.
  11. How much of a box office chunk goes to the cinema chains? I wonder how it would stack up for the studios against how much, say, Apple skims off stuff on iTunes?
  12. Early on during Da 5 Bloods I was convinced it was incredibly ham-fisted, hokey and convenient. Then something happened and I had a little revelation where I realised it was this bombastic adventure movie (but with something to say), and I totally settled into it.
  13. You can just sit in the TV world and repeatedly grind the various levels for cash and XP. It's a little tedious, but without the tiredness mechanic of 3 there's really no penalty for it. The worst thing that can happen is running low on SP, but you tend to get plenty of SP items from drops and chests anyway (and you'll always find Goho-Ms along the way so you can pop back to the staging area to save and organizize your Personas, etc, then resume from the latest floor). I went a little to town on the first dungeon, to the extent that I breezed through the second. It's way more forgiving in that regard.
  14. My Neighbour Totoro (1988) Basically just medicine 5/5 Ms. 45 (1981) This film jumped way up for me the last time I revisited it, and it's holding up well. Oozing style on a shoestring budget, dollops of pitch black humour and surprisingly restrained in some aspects. A top scuzzy NY movie. Even though it's super short I'd still take out the landlady character (but keep the dog). 4/5
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