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  1. greek_tools_cheese_grater.jpg?

    Moderator Note:

    Following Yoñlu's suicide, this forum does receive a steady stream of visitors from Brazil and we have had a few instances of people signing up specifically to find more information about suicide.

    For anyone who is struggling with a crisis and is considering doing any sort of harm to yourself, please talk to somebody and if there is nobody in your immediate friendship or family circle you wish to speak to, here is a list of emergency / suicide support numbers you can call in your country:


    Specifically in Brazil, the following organisation is available to you:


    Centro de Valorização da Vida (http://www.cvv.org.br/) is an emotional and suicidal prevention support NGO founded in 1962 in São Paulo, Brazil, and recognized as Federal Public Utility in 1973. It offers voluntary and free support, with all communications being confidential. Contacts can be made through the phone number 141 (available 24/7), personally (in one of the 72 centres around the country), chat (via their website), VoIP (via Skype) and e-mail.

    If you would like to speak with members of this community, then we do have a thread dedicated to offering Mental Health Advice & Support, in which you will find many people who have faced similar difficulties in their own lives and will offer you the support and advice they are able.

  2. I liked it.

    Yonlu that was mega! Although slightly mental I really liked the composition and little thing you've added. The part where the 3 voices come in, amazing!

    Thanks! Given my suicide schedule, this is probably my last song... Hm, I guess I should've made something more meaningful.

  3. Could you not put it to some of your charming music?

    These lyrics are begging for music, aren't they? They don't have much strength on their own right, but I think with the right music the result would be interesting. Sadly I don't have any melody to hang them on ATM. Thanks for the suggestion tho.

  4. I seldom ever write anything poetry-like, so I'd like to be given some feedback on this "piece" I managed to write last night when I couldn't sleep. I don't even know if it's finished, it's just what I managed to come up with. Anyway.

    I tried to live my life again

    Didn't get as far as the first time

    For knowing how it would end, I chose not to meet you

    And over not meeting you I chose to die

    Ever since you left me

    I've been known to often smile

    Well don't you know smiling's the tool

    Of those who've no more strength to cry

    And sometimes I think of many things I'd like to say

    I'm sure you'd be converted if you heard my plea

    But I know that when the time comes for you to see me

    I'll just say "thanks" and walk away

  5. I can't be arsed to do love is the law now and it's a bit much for a beginner, so I'll do Street Spirit by Radiohead. An excellent riff for picking practice. When you can do it without looking at your picking hand at all, you're a man my son. Of course the hardest thing about this riff is playing it fast whilst still maintaining accuracy, but playing it slow is still very rewarding. Some people find it easier to finger pick this riff, but it sounds nicer if you use a pick.

    The thing most appealing about this riff to beginners is that it's all played in a constant even rhythm, no pesky timing to worry about. Also, once you've learnt to play what I've posted here, that's it... that's the whole song in those 3 very slight variations of fingering - you'll be able to play Street Spirit from start to finish.

    Street Spirit

    The main part of the riff (below) requires you to finger an A minor shape, but with your little finger on the B string, fret 3 (basically where it falls naturally). Then it's just a matter of removing your little finger, then your index finger - as you pick. Look at the B line in the tab - it goes 3, 1, 0 - that's the only variation of fingering in this bit of the riff, i.e. the only part of your hand you need to move.


    The next bit is very similar, but with slightly trickier fingering. The first note is an open E rather than an A, and the G string is now played open, rather than on the second fret. Otherwise, it's almost identical to the first part.


    The only difference on the final bit is the first note - played with the third finger (you're forming a C shape now, with the little finger on the B string, 3rd fret).


    So that's it, the verse is made up of parts 1 and 2. The chorus of 3, 2, 1 in that order.

    A personal favourite, that one. B) And piss easy too(fingerpicking, that is).

  6. Outkast - Stankonia


    Here's my list. You're unlikely to find anything of your interest. That's OK, at least I gave it a shot.

    Arcade Fire - Funeral

    Echo and the Bunnymen - Flowers

    Garbage - Beautiful Garbage

    Kiss - Alive III

    Kiss - Creatures of the Night

    Kiss - Dodger Stadium L.A. 1998 [live bootleg]

    Kiss - Double Platinum [doesn't have the original booklet, only the front cover]

    Kiss - Dynasty

    Kiss - MTV Unplugged

    Kiss - MTV Unplugged (DVD)

    Kiss - Psycho Circus + bonus CD [bonus CD doesn't have the sleeve anymore]

    Kiss - The Second Coming (DVD)

    Kiss - You Wanted the Best, You Got the Best

    Madonna - Greatest Hits Volume 2

    Marilyn Manson - Mechanical Animals [case is broken]

    The Offspring - Americana

    Pato Fu - Ruído Rosa

    Raimundos - Só no Forévis

    Rolling Stones - Jump Back - The Best of the Rolling Stones

    U2 - All that You Can't Leave Behind

  7. Yes! That is what I love! It's the washed out, 1970's retro urban to your images, it's amazing :D

    Yeah, I think I know what you mean. Well the credit's more due to the film and the camera than the photographer, in that regard.




  8. What sort of camera are you using? Scanning in film I assume? The vignetting and slightly grainy look to the pictures adds a certain 'artistic charm' that with the right sort of photos (like your 'urban' shots) enchance the image in a way that 'perfect' high end DSLR shots just can't capture.

    For this set I used my trusty Lomo LC-A(known for its vignetting effect as well as other technical limitations which are marketed as features) with ISO 200 Kodak ProImage film(I love the colours it yields; it can make any picture look cool). Oh, and for most of the shots I had the camera set to ISO 400, which increased the vignetting and contrast. I scanned the prints - which explains some of the grain you see(try scanning stuff with a furry cat jumping about). Thanks for the feedback.




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