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  1. The point of DoAXBV is the girls' relationship. It's a real life sim. Even winning all matches, my partner rejects the most expensive gifts I give her. I tried a hacked savegame with infinite money and i made the best gifts to ALL the girls. My partner left me anyway and it was impossible to get a new one
  2. I mean a good camera fix, not what they did with Hurricane1. But you all seem so glad with NG cameras... I own about 50 games in this generation, about 10 are in 3rd person view. Ninja Gaiden has by far the worst camera. It should be the best game of this genre, wich makes you notice that defect easily.
  3. How can you defend the Ninja Gaiden camera? It ruins the whole game, it could be great. You cannot forgive such a BIG mistake even if the rest of the game is ace. Is this a Tecmo fanboy forum or what?
  4. Hard does not mean "unplayable". A game can't be hard for design mistakes, in that case it's just faulty. Hard must mean very challenging, but no fustrating. Rez has a good concept game. It's well designed (easy to control) but it can be as hard as you want: 100% hits. But the game can be enjoyed by people with different skill levels since the first second.
  5. Not being able to beat the game on Normal (or get bored in the middle despite being able to do it) means that you (Itagaki) are a failure as game designer. Did you ever hear about free camera? Stop patching (adding packs to) the game until you fix the key problem.
  6. If the game it's not optimized... how can it support the modes? If you don't agree with "most" change it for "a lot", but do not say "lies" when i've tested what i'm saying.
  7. LOL It's only a joke. Are you really that kind of PC fanatic? Then "Why even bother registering"? I think this is a forum for open-minded people.
  8. If a PAL game (Burnout) has 50/60Hz option, the game will run 50/60Hz (you choose). I your console is NTSC, the same pal game will run 60hz NTSC. But most PAL games run 50hz despite you had selected the 60hz mode. If your console is NTSC, the same PAL game behaves like an original NTSC at 60Hz. Third case: Halo 1 PAL. The fucking game is unplayable in NTSC or PAL 60hz. You need to select PAL 50hz or the game would play jerky and slow as hell. In this case PAL 50Hz > PAL 60Hz (jerky) >>>>>> NTSC (SLOW like 20fps and jerky as hell).
  9. Xbox NTSC HDTV modes and progressive enabled (used when aviable in games) 5.1 z680 500W How to play: Turn on the the TV and xbox. Insert the disc or run games from HDD Enjoy games as they are meant to be.
  10. But it's not a xbox problem. Yo can set PAL 60Hz by software in the dash (no chip, original menu) But the fucking PAL games ignore the PAL 60Hz mode and runs at 50Hz. The funny thing is that if the PAL game reads that the console is in NTSC mode it will run NTSC 60Hz just like if the game was an original NTSC.
  11. XBOX consoles are REAL multisystem (PAL/NTSC). It means that the hardware of all regions is the same (except the power suply). You can set by software any video mode and region you want (and play original games from that region, Live too) I bought a PAL console and it's set to NTSC mode, so every game runs in 60Hz. I only have PAL games, and i've noticed that only few poor conversions like Halo 1 PAL are jerky in NTSC, even more that running in PAL 60. But for most PAL games, even if coded to run at 50hz, they will run in NTSC 60Hz if NTSC video is detected (and they will run in PAL 50Hz even if PAL 60hz is detected). So that's the point to set a PAL console with PAL games in NTSC mode. You need to have a modchip or xploit to change the mode. Once changed you just turn off the chip or remove the xploit, and it's a real NTSC console from the region you want. You can play Live with original games, and MS will never notice the difference (is game region = xbox region. If not you need to turn on the chip and cannot play live until the game and console modes are the same) I own 55 xbox games. All PAL. Only HALO 1 is NTSC US. Fucking PAL version didn't accept PAL 60hz or NTSC.
  12. I had a n64 but i now only keep an AES, PSX, DC and XBOX. Xbox emulates most N64 games fairly well. The original SNES F-Zero was great, but it's not such a great game in the 3D editions. Wipeout is ace.
  13. Both games are worse than expected. Both scored seven out of ten in EDGE. I'd really like to find a good Wipeout game in xbox, with balanced control and a good design, but until then... Which one is best for you? Or why do u hate both? I prefer QR, maybe because it seems that PD just tries to copy the QR style instead creating something fresh.
  14. I just collect some console games and the original arcade ROMs thanks to MAME. It's a personal research, not any kind of work. Nowadays there's plenty information about games in the internet, but I have trouble with the oldest. And i use to read the forum a lot but i only post the questions i can't answer by myself. Thanks!
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