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  1. Sorry, i dont understand that. What i meant was a lot of scanned magazines you find on the net are scanned in at around 100-200 DPI, meaning you get horrible dots showing up everywhere (because of the way magazines are printed). Whilst the versions ive scanned in look fantastic compared to these.
  2. It came out to around 150 megs (i think, may have been 250) in their uncompressed raw format (but in a zip file). I scanned them in at 600dpi though so they are in great quality.
  3. I started work on this, did around ten issues of scanning (didnt clean them up though) and then lacked time. Maybe if i get a week off i'll clean these issues up and find somewhere to host them.
  4. I'll happily take them off your hands in exchange for money depending on condition and what ones you have.
  5. If anything im noticing its the total opposite to OoT which was all happy to start with and was turning bad towards the games final climax. Whilst this seems be totally opposite. Im only about ten hours in but for me it doesnt seem as magical as OoT, maybe because that was the first Zelda i played, but the whole pixie thing and the little spot effects and the darkness and atmosphere of it all seems a little lost here so far with everything being a muddy brown. However it was nice to see a cut scene about the triforce which brought back memories of OoT, especially as it was done in a similar (if less dark) way.
  6. It came out friday, its free and YES you can access any sort of dodgy site you want. Youtube/porno tube both work well, but the best thing of all is the browser is extreamly quick to load stuff on the most part.
  7. Cameras pick up the Ir sensors. It's exactly how the Wiimote itself works, as it has a little 1mp camera inside it.
  8. What botheres me the most, and i cant see why Nintendo of ALL people did it, is different screens having yes and no in different places. For example, on some screens yes is on the right, on others its on the left.
  9. Plus, they can call the next version of the Wii out next year 'WiiHD'
  10. Except when its your 50th time watching that sodding intro!
  11. The fans aint on, but the processor is still working (even if it isnt 100%), so its going to get a bit hot.
  12. So whats this like on the PS2, i thought this version was made just for the Wii but looking at the back of the PS2 box it looks the same minus wiimote control.
  13. Thats because they dont know what its worth as it is not on their till system.
  14. My reason for wanting it to support DVD's is because of how quiet it is. When your other options are a PS2 or an Xbox 360, well you can see where im going with this.
  15. I was most disappointed with TWW because everything and i mean everything was exactly the same puzzel wise to OoT. Yet in TP, even though ive only done the first dungeon there has been a huge number of new and unique puzzles that were extreamly clever.
  16. Warner Bros a year or so back mentioned they wouldnt let games companies have licenses to their films unless it was guaranteed the game would get scores of 80% plus (paraphrasing). But what about other film companies? Harry Potter has been lucky to have had a few nice games made for it, but theres a lot of crap games based on licenses. But what about the games companies themselves. Take Mario and the Mario Bros film. Was it even remotely related to Mario Bros at all? What about Resident Evil which started off close to the films but seems to now be using the name to sell a generic sci-fi film. But then there are flms like Doom, sure it wont win any awards but, in my eyes it was a great game to film conversion and seemed to revel in this. It seems games companies dont really see the value in their IP, wether its releasing crap after crap with the Tomb Raider name on it (which has since had a good game since the crap) to Sonic and Crash Bandicoot where there is a new adventure every week that gets worse and worse. Hell, even Nintendo giving Star Fox out to Namco wasnt exactly a brilliant thing to do.
  17. When are we meant to get the news and weather channels anyways?
  18. Because the address book shows when people are online, whilst my mii parade is either empty or only has miis from one or two people in my address book.
  19. Havent seen it linked here yet, but if you wish to order up to FOUR replacement Wii straps you can do so at this link. http://wii.nintendo.co.uk/6315.html
  20. Ive noticed on my Wii that almost EVERYONE isnt setting their Miis to 'MINGLE' meaning they dont show up in the wii parade. So set your Miis to mingle!
  21. I read you can change the laser hockey 'sticks' to rounded versions, how do you do that?
  22. There is a thread here on a kit you can buy (£50 quid it is) that stan made and he posted some instructions as well. Companies that screen print in the UK are often VERY expensive, you'd be looking at around £15 quid a tee unless you bulk order.
  23. 1) Is your Wii set to widescreen? 2) is your TV set to widescreen and not something like zoom or cinerama. It sounds to me as if your tv is taking a 4:3 picture and making it widescreen. And by being 'clever' it makes the center look fine but stretches more at the edges. This is to keep central figures looking like normal.
  24. When you are Wolf Link, and you have to fight the 3 enemies at once. The only way to do this is to create this dark field that captures them and allows you to attack all 3 at once.
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