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  1. That DOES look good, nice use of 3D sections this time, adds a bit more variety compared to what the GC version offered.
  2. It looks like Killer 7 with added textures, which could look very nice or very horrible.
  3. Component on the cube only ever looked SLIGHTLY better than composite. Id compare them to an uncompressed jpeg (component) to a slightly compresses so you can only see little blocks around the edges of things jpeg (composite). Its not as huge a leap as 720p thats for sure.
  4. Was you *really* going to buy the machine without a game?
  5. Still, means you dont have to put up with being called an australian or that you have a funny accent or learn to speak American whilst being called a faggot because you aint the host.
  6. Whilst the gameplay wasnt brilliant, it did mean the game didnt have a stop start nature. You was never stuck with what to do next thanks to its on the rail approach, plus it told one heck of a story. Something which i feel only MGS3 has matched.
  7. Wasnt half the problem the GC discs having that little raised barcode on the inside?
  8. Its out on DVD, that sure did sneak out didnt it. £10 at Sainsburys this week. I havent seen the film so cant comment, just more of a heads up really.
  9. Question, can you play 4 player on wii sports with just two remotes and two nunchuks?
  10. So who fancies some games one night then? I noticed everyone stopped playing after the first week.
  11. Plus all the VC games are emus, so they dont care what port you use, as long as the Wii tells it what port it wants to use.
  12. More to do with the ratings probably and parental controls as well as copyrights and things like that.
  13. Your account on your Xbox still stays there, but im guessing you just cant access live from it.
  14. The host machine on Halo 2 handels everything. So if you throw a grenade, you'll see it on your screen. But if the host didnt get a message saying you had thrown it it just wont detonate or may even disappear. Some games are worse than others, for example on Rainbow Six 3, if you was the host, you'd win EVERY and i mean every gun fight, because the lag advantage was a good second or so ahead. What disappoints me most with all this, in an era of broadband and ten meg connections, games still lag, yet dreamcast cames on 33k modems were mainly lag free. Also, games that freeze the gameplay when there is lag are more annoying than players that spawn around the area due to lag.
  15. Let us know how it goes, ive been interested in picking up that set but £50 is a lot of money on something that may be a bit rubbish.
  16. Word on the street (or inside the shop) is that GameStation in Birmingham (the huge UK's biggest gaming store with rubbish Microsoft paid for floor) are getting WAYYY more than 60 consoles and there is no need to preorder games or gear because, as long as you have preordered your machine from there, they will be keeping a load of stuff back.
  17. I was about to laugh at your comment Stevosowl, then i checked mine and the left hinge is cracked I bought mine from gamestation, whats the best way to get it replaced?
  18. The problem with the controls, and this is from just watching the videos appears to be the bounding box. Take Halo 2, a bench mark for every console FPS and when you aim with the right stick, the whole screen moves. But because you can move you arm within an area before the screen moves its a bit jarring. I guess its like Goldeneye when you go into aim mode, it feels a bit slow and jerky and annoying because you cant aim precisely if a target is in the bounding box, you have to move your head and then reaim rather than just aiming right at them.
  19. Play do this, they set items to dispatched but dont actually send it out till release day. I think its the way their systems work, when the item comes into stock its allocated to you and is thus then set as dispatched, when in fact it hasnt left the warehouse.
  20. It was just that he mentioned playing his for quite some time, so didnt think that was the reason.
  21. Is the glass in the heart mission still there? I could play that one all day.
  22. PGR3 online was wonderful, being able to watch other people race, join games in mid session and chat and watch them race and change the camera angles, the way the online single player mode worked. All brilliant. Accept no other games followed it, all they gave us was multiplayer death matches. Nothing else.
  23. You can preorder Zelda at pc world for £35 in case any one was interested.
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