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  1. I finally got around to giving this a go after picking it up cheaply at HMV a few months back. I loved Amped and Amped 2, even if they were both stupidly difficult and had annoyances with the grind system. Playing the demo of this and hearing about how it was easy, i wasnt too impressed. Graphically its no better than Amped 2. Gameplay, pulling off tricks is a bit dull, theirs no skill, grinds sort of work, in that they are automatic and you can grind from one rail to another easier but you can instantly jump off them again by accident if you let go of the A button too late and the game has already attached you to a grind. I really like the presentation, it doesnt fit in at all and seems like they just did it because they thought it'd be fun. And they were right. The challenges so far are simple but a bit boring, there doesnt seem to be a structure or flow as you have so many things you can do and it sets you down at points on the mountain to do so. I liked Amped 2's structure of having just tricks and media icons and unlocking them one at a time. It's alright, worth the £13 i paid for it but the lack of an online mode, plus Amped 2 being so much better mean its not worth anything more.
  2. From your wii, email yourself, any account will do, then just reply. The Wii itself will only accept emails from people its already sent emails to. Im guessing this is to stop spam.
  3. Its more of a way to tell you when you get messages or invites to games and things. If you want it on always, send an email to your wii and it'll stay lit to tell you that its recieved an email.
  4. Nice design except its way to big on the tshirts, if you was to get it printed you would instantly notice this. You have to think that the tshirt is round and thus you only really want it in the center of a tshirt, probably inline with the neck.
  5. Thats the whole point of adverts, to grab your attention.
  6. It seems UK reviewers are giving this higher marks than US ones. And ask almost every Us reviewer wants the next Halo (take Perfect Dark Zero for example where they moaned about it not having halo specific things) it could be that this game is alright.
  7. I'd rather Nintendos way than previous generations ways making me pay £30 for a memory card. At least SD cards are a) super cheap and b) can be used in many other products. Still i doubt you'll fill up all the internal wii space within the first 24 hours of buying it.
  8. The console itself probably has loads of space reserved for channels and save games. Much like how the Xbox 360 hard drive is only 13 gigs of usable space.
  9. Went to Argos, got my machine replaced. Woman tried to fob me off by saying it had to be sent away but after telling her i was told it could only be replaced due to the warrenty running out in a couple of weeks time she replaced it. Even offered me new cables which i stupidly turned down but well the others work fine as it is. So nice brand new machine, now to see if it works. Also got to keep my hard drive
  10. Depends, are the games still fun to play and enjoyable? If so then they should get a ten if they improve and are all these. Whilst something like Halo 2 doesnt deserve a ten because its single player just isnt as fun as the original. Graphically its better, multiplayer its better but its single player is worse.
  11. Look at it this way. Gran Tourismo scored a Ten. You can't possible tell me that GT3 or 4 didnt improve on it at all? More games are deserving of a ten. Edge have only given is it 4 tens in their whole life time? Thats 4 games that are revolutionary? Only 4 games out of the many thousands everyone should play or own? Theres a lot more than 4 games which every one should experience even if not everyone would like them.
  12. There was a scene in Saw 3 where it shows Jigsaw having a car crash, which explains a few things.
  13. Stolen from Neo Gaf http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=129426 - Thanks to Matt for posting it.
  14. Why shouldnt it? Just because you dont like Crown Green Bowling doesnt mean others do too. It could be the best realisation of that particular genre/game. For example, does Gran Turismo deserve a 10 score more than Ridge racer because it has realistic handling and nice graphics compared to the extream amount of fun and graphics that suit the game that RR has? A game doesnt need to be different to get a ten, if it offers the best the genre has to offer then it should get a ten. Doesnt mean you cant have multple tens though, tetris would get a ten as well as many other puzzel games because whilst just puzzel games they can offer everything you'd want.
  15. Surely if a game has graphics that suit it, sound the suits it and tonnes of gameplay and fun it deserves a 10/10? It doesnt need to be perfect, it just needs to do everything as best as possible.
  16. http://www.rllmukforum.com/index.php?showtopic=143974
  17. Yeah, Pangya something or other. Check out the wii screenshot thread for more pics.
  18. You'll be wanting this then when it comes out.
  19. I get the feeling it'd sound something a bit like this with voice acting.
  20. The golf game has something like 9 holes to play i think. Bowling, is well bowling. A full Ten frames, Tennis has a championship mode of sorts with 60 AI players to beat and boxing also has a championship sort of mode too i think. They arnt just one level demos, they have a little bit of depth, think Virtua Tennis rather than Pong.
  21. Shame about the fees though...
  22. Sorry if i missed this but it appears 1up have reviewed it and given it http://www.1up.com/do/reviewPage?cId=3155329
  23. More screens, remember there may be spoilers below so watch out. Need For Speed: Carbon Tony Hawks Down Hill Jam Sonic Necro-Nesia Monster 4X4 Pokemon Rayman COD3 ZELDA SPOILERS BELOW
  24. A quick call to Argos (who got me the Xbox 360 in the first place when GAME let me down on a preorder) have cme up trumps again. They offer a full years warrenty themselves meaning i can take it into store and have it replaced (although they mentioned it may be sent away for repair, sounded like a script to cover everything though) so first thing tomo its getting replaced and a new 360 will hopefully be on its way. Argos 2 - GAME 0
  25. Well, well well, i was looking at the 'Are you still on your first Xbox 360 site last night' thinking rather smugly to myself, yes, not had one problem with it. Turn it on hours later and i get 3 red lights. It didnt even go out in a blaze of glory, just as soon as it turned on, 3 red lights, no start up screen, no noise, no crashes, nothing Got mine from argos online, whats the best thing to do? Also id like to keep my saves and hard drive if possible.
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