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  1. You know when such moments in football happen and you don't know what to do or say? I've had that moment happen twice in the space of two days. Unreal.
  2. I cannot sleep. This game might be the death of me. COME ON YOU LIONS!
  3. Was never a free kick in the first place. The ref was awful for both teams. We got hurried in the 2nd half and our defending was poor for the 2nd & 3rd goals. Fair play to Sheff Wed, but this form won't last long, but a great start for you so far in the Championship.
  4. I'll be heading up to Sheffield to see Millwall at Wednesday, but I am just thinking that we're going to get absolutely dicked on. Still, we won tonight. FUCK YEAH!
  5. CJ.

    The Boxing Thread

    A real gut check between Brook & Jones tonight. Those were running on empty at the end. Brilliant fight! Tyson Fury also wins in what looks like an empty stockroom at Makro. He only seems to fight mugs.
  6. My season ticket was bought well before we confirmed our status in the Championship (which really wasn't in any doubt as there were at least three teams worse than us last year) and I really feel like our manager has learnt from his mistakes of trying to turn Millwall into a different football side (Swansea) and it didn't suit the team. We had an extremely unsettled squad with some bad apples rotting the bunch and our turning point was after we got spanked 6-0 by Birmingham with our fans singing the manager's name. We did have two players sent off, but that's beside the point. We seem to be assembling a young, hungry squad and with some foolhardy experienced players (Paul Robinson, Maik Taylor, Tony Craig), some eager and hungry upstarts (Scott Malone, Josh Wright, Charlie Taylor, Shane Lowry) and a quality (Andy Keogh, James Henry, Liam Trotter) and we have the makings of a team that could gatecrash the Play Off party. Can't wait for the season to start, but where the bloody hell are our new shirts?!!!!!!!!
  7. Good. Elitist corporate wank rag of a competition.
  8. I know. The incredible story of Arsenal getting 3rd. Crazy times!
  9. BACK TO FOOTBALL Anyone watch the Wycombe-Huddersfield game? Rhodes had a worlds scoring FIVE goals. Guess that's not the first time a football team's been fucked by someone called Jordan.
  10. I'm not a Stoke fan, but I have to throw you one of these your way: o/ (That's a high five, not a throw in ;-) )
  11. It's the vest that does it for me as well. It's inside out and the wrong way round. HE STILL DOESN'T KNOW HOW TO PUT ON A BIB!
  12. For three of the greatest footballers in the world and questionably ever, they all look like really shit waiters.
  13. CJ.

    The Boxing Thread

    That documentary was a real emotional rollercoaster. Anxiety, anger, frustration, pity, confusion. This documentary goes to show that Don King is pure evil and Stan Johnson is a massive cunt. A number of people could be blamed for what happened, but Benn shouldn't be blamed. The moment they met for the first time 12 years after the fight was lump in your throat territory. McClellan saying to his sister, "This man nearly killed me." and Nigel looking remorseful and tearful was both poignant and sad. A must see documentary that was at times very hard to watch.
  14. He looks like a bald version of someone I work opposite. I'm NEVER going to get that image out of my head now!
  15. Right, I want Spurs at home in the Carling Cup. It's going to happen!
  16. Good football all round today so far. Two entertaining, attacking games, which is very pleasing on the eye for the neutral.
  17. You forgot Palace & Leeds elmo.
  18. Bugger. Didn't see that. Feel like a foolish foolhardy fool man.
  19. Am I the only one finding the coincidental red button option of 'Live Swimming' when it's going to be chucking it down in Germany?
  20. Love this one of Del Piero
  21. Still a monumental prick though.
  22. Holy crap!! What the hell just happened there?!!!!!
  23. Not bad, but SHOULD be better. The car was poor in qualifying, he's had to battle his way up and then made to, and sorry for using such a crude turn of words, pussy out because of not filling the car up with enough fuel is terrible. Throw in Button's race ending because of a lollipop and you have two premier racing drivers in their home country feeling embarrassed and humiliated.
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