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  1. There does appear to be a trend at the moment for trailers that make good/decent films look truly awful/boring. I can't remember the last trailer that made me think, 'I must go and see that film'. In ye olde days, trailers made shit films look great. There's no art to trailers anymore. Like that first King Kong one: fine, go ahead and fill the teaser trailer with loads of (bad, incomplete CGI) images of Kong, why don't you.
  2. Although... d) it already appears to have had its eBay value halved, compared to the prices it was going for last year.
  3. Looks like BB has turned Derek. We might have found a cure for gays.
  4. It made it into the top 3 at the UK box office, settling itself cosily among the likes of WOTW, Star Wars and Batman Begins. Can't really expect much more than that, particularly as its success has largely been through word of mouth.
  5. Either way, they'll boo him on Friday, and that will shut him up.
  6. And he says 'innit' at the end of every sentence. It's like Ali G never happened.
  7. Leak a picture of the kid using Dreamcast and PS2 emulators on it and my order is in.
  8. Eek, I have just found it cheaper by 45p at DVDBO: http://www.dvdboxoffice.com/start.asp?clas...3800&tag=gmenav Haven't used them for ages, so I don't know if they're still as slow as they used to be.
  9. I've already pimped MovieTyme in the bargain folder once today. I'm starting to feel dirty. http://www.movietyme.com/catalog/product_i...ducts_id=28565&
  10. I've also remembered my appreciation of Life Force Salamander. A superior shooter to Gradius (says I), and still worth playing today thanks to the perfectly judged music.
  11. I don't know if you could label them MOR, but I'm partial to a bit of Extreme, including More Than Words.
  12. If Orlaith wants to go so badly why doesn't she just leave now and mess the eviction up for C4? It'd save her from the inevitable boos and the objects thrown at her.
  13. You should get A Boy And His Blob in preparation for the unrivalled excitement of the forthcoming DS sequel.
  14. I'm going to have to try this. I liked the Neo Geo baseball games, yet I never felt I had the control over the batting that I wanted. I'd often just hit the ball high in the air and watch it take about a minute to make its way into the hands of a fielder. My favourite baseball game to date is Sega's Baseball Advance on the GBA. It's my top ten of most-played games of the last five years: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detai...ce&s=videogames
  15. Whether he has an Xbox 360 or not, his TV is laughable.
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