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  1. This latest patch is a big improvement over the last botched patch 2.2. Framerate is great and its runs smoother than ever.
  2. My talents are kind of spread out evenly. I have 20 points in arms, 18 points in Fury and 11 in defense. I lean more towards 2 handed swords and DPS, mainly for PVP. So, if i stay with arms talents i can get mortal strike by 70. But at the same time i also like Death Wish, as it last 30secs. Where are the points best used?
  3. There is! sort of. Have a look at this. Still a little way off from being finished, but looking mighy fine! Shame its Vista only... http://www.eurogamer.net/article.php?article_id=59299
  4. Pretty much, yeah.. Its just one way for people to play on the EU servers. You would still need a EU key.
  5. If you want a copy of WoW to work on both the American and European realms, open the realmlist.wtf file in the main World of Warcraft folder and change the text after set realmlist to us.worldofwarcraft.com when you want to get to the American servers, and eu.worldofwarcraft.com when you want to get to the European ones. (Blizzard allow this modification, but won't offer you any technical support for problems arising from it.) If you want to change an American copy of the game to permanently access the EU servers, if I recall correctly you'll need to download and install one of the European language packs off of wow-europe.com. You need a European account, created with a European serial key, to log on to the EU servers and an American account to log onto the US ones, though. You cannot use the same account to access both regions, nor can you have an account or the characters on it transferred to another region.
  6. I simply think there isnt enough reason to buy a PS3 at the moment, hence the low sales so far. When the likes of GT, MGS appear in the stores, interest should start to get higher.
  7. Devilfish


    I'm guessing that he got a big fat pay off. So i dont think he needs to do anything for a long time. He could also just join any other Premier side...
  8. Worse patch ever made by mankind! No sound at all is the result of the patch, great. All other games and music work fine, just WOW.
  9. Went to Nintendo World today. wasnt really all that intresting to be honest. they DS, GC, set up to play ten or so GC games on huge TV's but that was about it. Plus i got wasted at Mario Soccer by a little kid, who blantley had the game for the last year... with his proud dad smiling away in the background! came away hating Nintendo and Mario, as well as that bastardo kid.
  10. If you bought the PSP brand new, which i am hoping you did! Then all you need to do is take it back to the shop and replace it for a new one. Chances are that it wont have the latest firmware on it. Sorted. Thats if you bought it new...
  11. I am really glad i missed it... Hate stuff like that. The internet can be a bad place to be somtimes.
  12. PS3 was all i myft, and is now coming out in 2139?
  13. In a unrelated note... I went in Harlm, NY today. Found a internet gaming cafe. Cost $7 for a hours play on any Xbox game online. You get a HD bigass TV, nice sofa to chill on. RnB louder than the earth to drown out anything you might want to think to yourself, or the person next to you. Was kind of ace.
  14. I have been working with crazy kids in backwater Missouri for the last 3 months, so i've missed out on anything game related? I even didnt know that Van Nistelrooy had left Man United. A yank had to tell me that! The shame...
  15. I would but i am still messing around in the USA...
  16. I would buy the first, as it was the best. Should still play good after a few years. MIght look a bit blockey and stuff but its still playable as ever...
  17. Rollcage! Cool as fcuk. Hard as nails on some tracks, but the music more than made up for it.
  18. I have been based in 0.0 for over a year now. It is tricky to mine solo, but it is possible. Being well aware of who is in the system with you becomes a skill in its own.
  19. Devilfish


    See, if you would have bought EF. You could be having the time of your life on the Operation Smoke Screen map. I have racked up 40+ alone just being that class.Because of the vast amount of amour on show, it makes for easy pickings when mines are placed in prime locations. Plus if you travel with group of tanks, you get points for healing.
  20. If people are stupid enough to even think that you can buy a PS3 before Sony has even mass made them, thats up to the bidders. Ebay pisses me off a little. People get away with this all the time. Doese Ebay even look at what people are putting for sale of there own site or what?
  21. Latest ones. 6.3 CCC. https://support.ati.com/ics/support/default...dge&folderID=27
  22. Same card i have. I dont have any issues myself... The game lags a little when the map first loads but this lasts for less than 20 seconds. After that it runs smooth at you could wish for.
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