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  1. I'm around from now until about 11 if anyone wants to do Nightfall, Raid or Trials
  2. Hey, I've made a request to join. GT is Daxside. Current power 274, ready for any clan shenanigans.
  3. I can't see that anyone has mentioned but they've got rid of the voiceover guy reading the codex entries. I liked that guy, and now I have to read things myself. Pre-order cancelled.
  4. Sorry, someone did message me yesterday and I think I replied but the chat system in this is pretty awkward. I'll be on again tomorrow evening.
  5. Hey y'all could I join the guild? I'm quite enjoying just pottering about in this so far. My character name is Siaru.
  6. Costa killed himself because his wife(?) came back and he killed her in the fire in the first episode. You could tell it was Pierre playing the guy in ski mask from his eyes, even though it was supposed to be 35 years earlier.
  7. This is pretty fun, enjoying my time with it so far. Was there any actual point to which origin you take or does that just decide your starting weapon and outfit? Anyway my ID is Daxside if anyone wants to party up.
  8. Just to add a more objective view to the praise Don't go mental wanting to play this. Apart from occasionally looking and sounding nice it's a JRPG through and through. It doesn't bring anything new to the genre and is in some ways actually regressive, particularly with a requirement for grinding just to be able to beat the bosses to advance the story. The characters are likeable, Drippy in particular has some great lines but it still sounds / reads very Japanese (not in a good or bad way, just know what you're getting). The Ghibli cut scenes are also few and far between.
  9. Are people have trouble getting games going online on 360? Seems to be a lack of people, though I wouldn't be surprised of NAT issues were causing problems.
  10. Civ 5 Code for Steam. Apologies if it doesn't work but i've had it for a while and didn't realise. Also apologies if it eats your life as you just have to have one...........more....turn....... EKNGV-FK7DW-PB4GJ - Gone to Headache. As usual shout up if you use it please so I can remove it from the post.
  11. Could I get an invite to the guild please? Daxside.2163 I found and did my first puzzle last night, a secret Asuran lab in the Sylvari starting zone, I didn't even know stuff like that was in the game, pretty excellent.
  12. Goddamn Blue Mountain is kicking my ass, died more in this zone that the previous 2 put together. Managed to do get most of the missions done a few left that seem nearly impossible. Also finished the main storyline quest for Solomon Island which gets pretty amazing at the end there and sets up the next part nicely.
  13. It just has to be Zombies not Dragur, the wet zombies are on the beach right in front of the womans house.
  14. That's a pretty damn good trailer. Dax - Daxen - Illuminati, Arcadia
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