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  1. Just read the rear wing angle help in the setup bit:

    That's not right is it? Surely downforce improves grip i.e. more likely to oversteer?

    The rear end will have loads of grip so it won't slide across the track as much when the car turns. The front end will be working against this and feel like you've not got enough steering.

  2. hmmm

    Is it just me or do the throttle and brake lag quite badly? And the sound of the engine seems out of step with the rev LEDs?

    The engine sound is another minor gripe. It sounds awful at the end of a straight or if you leave it in a lower gear too long.

  3. Blimey this is fairly difficult isn't it. Still not got the hang of braking properly, and have kept the traction control firmly on.

    That said I was able to finish mid-field in some MP races last night, so I guess I'm not the only one.

    Need to long a few more hours with this, see if my skills improve. However I'm annoyed its come out so soon after Reach - it's distracting me from it :(

    Are you on pad or wheel? I'm on the wheel and I can floor the brake pedal until I'm just about to turn in, then blend it out to avoid locking up. As for TC, I've not felt any need for it with the wheel. I seem to be able to feel the car go and at least save a 360 spin, if not a big wobble coming out of a corner.

    So, After I got the hang of the basic driving I decided to ditch Bahrain and go to a proper track - Suzuka. Now, like most enthusiast racing gamers, I'm sure you can bang on most games and complete a track that you've played in another game without too many incidents. This is a totally different beast for me. It's like starting from scratch even though I know the layout of Suzuka perfectly well. I'm starting to fucking love this game.

  4. Tearing - not at all bothered

    AA - Jesus Christ, the most overrated feature ever. Why spend £400 on a GFX card and reduce the performance by half when you turn on AA?

    AF - Maxxed out religiously. Amen to AF!

    FPS - Must be either 30 or 60. Not bothered which as long as it's constant

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