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  1. Fuck, I just can't do it! £150 is too much!
  2. I got a game called Stick Golf HD which is pretty good. I think it's free too.
  3. We virtually do have standard engines. They're all V8s. I want to go back to the says of V8s, V10s and V12s. I want to see Ferrari blowing people away at places like Monza, Spa, and Canada
  4. No, I mean that if something completely outlandish happened like him winning the championship even with the gearbox problem, they had the spy scandal to fall back on and McLaren to disqualify.
  5. Wii version all the way then, if it's good.
  6. Hang on. I may be misunderstanding this. The Wii game is the new remake version of NBA Jam with the classic version too that features some extras. The 360/PS3 is NBA 11 which is a proper basketball game that also has the classic version or the Wii remake in HD?
  7. Don't get me wrong. I wasn't expecting it to be good, but to actually see it turning out to be true is gobsmacking.
  8. A pretty scathing preview: http://www.bit-tech.net/gaming/xbox-360/2010/08/03/xbox-360-kinect-first-impressions/1
  9. I don't care for realistic basketball games so I'll probably get the Wii version if it's good enough.
  10. That was just a cover for if Hamilton won the championship.
  11. Gosh, they're good graphics.
  12. No, I just mean it gets more pronounced once he knows where Rubens is. He's heading over to the right side of the track and then he's making much more of a move over.
  13. The point is, Schumacher kept on squeezing Rubens when he knew he was there. The following video from Schumi's rear wing shows it quite well with outside view PIP. At the point where Rubens is directly behind him, Schumi is gently meandering towards the pit wall. Once he knows that he's alongside him, he starts the vicious swerve. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mNKtIbrNqp4
  14. This is why I only buy as many points as I need. Lucky you weren't browsing Undertow.
  15. Don't forget he did the same to Massa in Canada. He seriously should've got more than a grid drop.
  16. Not enough. Should've been a one race ban suspended for three races. Teach the bastard to think about what he's doing for a change.
  17. Massa: "A part of this..." "A part of this..."
  18. I reckon Schumi will get a suspended ban.
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