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  1. Schumacher should be on an attempted murder charge for that
  2. Legard just doesn't shut up. It's so annoying to hear Brundle trying to get a word in edgeways and having to stop talking.
  3. "The car should work really well..."
  4. Is it going to be HD like the HD remix game?
  5. Still feels to expensive at £25 - 30 in most places. £20 or below and I'm there
  6. That's way back in China, isn't it? I thought this was a new development
  7. I noticed the Williams wing flexing a little on some in-car footage too. Not as much as the Red Bull, which all but turns itself into a handlebar moustache at high speed.
  8. The Red Bulls look astonishing here
  9. I'd rather have a rear view mirror.
  10. Just seen it. Best film of the three. Proper good movie
  11. Yeah, if there's a decent bundle it will be the sensible option.
  12. Hmmm... why would they split the game from the controller bundle? Very dodgy! P.S Thanks for the info both of you
  13. Can someone tell me what the back of the EU box art is supposed to look like please? Mine has three screenshots, a thing holding a wand and no text. It arrived unsealed from Shopto.net and it looks a bit dodgy.
  14. This. And also skippable developer logos.
  15. If they do push 3D movies on this at a reasonable price (£10) it would be a masterstroke. Take-anywhere 3D films with no glasses. Poifect!
  16. http://uk.cube.ign.com/articles/569/569725p1.html I guess the "details" were a long way off at the time.
  17. For puzzle games, you definitely want Shatter.
  18. Fuck. How annoying. I hope the Ormskirk store doesn't close. I mean, not that it's much good. I just like going in for a browse.
  19. I'm officially bowing out. I keep buying tons of cheap retro games and I can't keep track of it. I'm going to try an dcut back but I can see myself spending the same in the 2nd half of the year. Au revoir.
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