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  1. Almost done with the Wii version. It's AMAAAAAAAZING!!! Really a total stunner of a game. Highly recommended.
  2. LOL! What a load of shit. He didn't weave at all before the corner and ran him out wide during the corner as anyone would.
  3. You appear to have a roll of parcel tape in your PC
  4. Depends what your opinion of a decent standard is.
  5. I've not been charged yet. Looks like its free.
  6. Too busy to handle request. Looks like I'll be getting this in the early morning.
  7. Fuck off Valve. I've paid money to be insulted less than this.
  8. I've never played one of these games before. It looks quite relaxing. I bet it's good for letting off a bit of steam.
  9. Dunno. Macs are alien to me.
  10. If this is cheap enough I'm expecting people to swarm all over it when its released.
  11. I've bought shitloads this month. I hope I can afford this.
  12. How much will this cost? When will it stop being unavailable?
  13. This is rapidly becoming a train-wreck thread.
  14. Any more like that and I'll be siding with bradigor.
  15. Looks better than the old version and waaaaaaay better than the black slim, which I've never liked. Looks like a square cow pat.
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