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  1. Can you familiarise yourself with the controls in a train-ing level?
  2. Anyone had any experience with a Polaroid Pogo? They seem interesting little devices.
  3. My NES has a grey case with a handle. Is that a standard thing or an extra?
  4. Ah, that might make a difference. The PS3 is connected to HDMI 1, so perhaps only that port has the auto-switching feature.
  5. I've just noticed something annoying about the 360. It may have been the case on the old console but I didn't have that hooked up with HDMI. I used VGA. Basically, the 360 doesn't change to my TV's relevant HDMI channel when i turn it on like the PS3 does. Not only that, if I turn on the 360 and it's not on the correct AV channel, the 360 doesn't actually start up until I change the channel myself. WTF is that all about?!
  6. An F-22 is a fighter plane with jet engines and 228GB is the amount of space you have available on a new 360, which has caused some kind of meme on this forum.
  7. Jet exhaust? I didn't realise I'd bought an F-22.
  8. You could spend the vouchers on 360 games.
  9. Doesn't look like anything is plugged in
  10. The optical drive in my new 360 is much quieter than my old one. I won't need to bother copying games to the hard drive.
  11. Bizarre. If I ever needed a new router, that's something I wouldn't think of checking.
  12. Is NFS Shift any good compared to the disappointing mess it is on the proper consoles?
  13. Well this looks good, I must say. Roll on Goldeneye Wii.
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