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  1. Just got the hang of braking. This is the best F1 game ever made.
  2. Wow, this is extremely good. Such a smooth framerate and that just one more go feeling remains intact. Tremendously good stuff.
  3. Out today. Review: http://wii.nintendolife.com/reviews/2010/09/batman_the_brave_and_the_bold_wii
  4. That shouldn't really happen. If you played Monaco GP 2 properly, your results reflected the team you were with at the time.
  5. I'm hoping it will arrive today from ShopTo. I will let you know how it plays at about 19:00.
  6. I was having a hell of a time getting my braking right for the tight right-hander after the new Abbey chicane on Silverstone. There's so much temptation to leave it a bit too late, but then you've overshot by miles.
  7. This has the best simulation of a gearbox Ive ever played. at first I was pissed off with it because there seemed to be a huge delay between my pressing and the downshifts happening. At first I was waiting to hear the car downshift before doing another like I do in most other games, but then I figured I should just do it like they do on TV and knock out five rapid-fire downshifts into a slow corner. Then it's like the car does the rest and changes down at a pre-determined rate. Apart from that, I have to play on TV cam because it's just not fast enough in cockpit view. That's quite a disappointment. Oh, and that new bit on Bahrain is really shit
  8. Fuck. It has a motorhome menu like Dirt 2? That's the worst thing about Dirt 2.
  9. Bonnet cam for me. Seems closest to what I'm concentrating on when really driving. For example, I'm not admiring the A pillar and whole dashboard on the way to town for more games.
  10. I hope they are working on some kind of patch for the current version of Everybody's Golf.
  11. I'm glad I've downloaded all my games.
  12. After watching the new vids in the Virtua Tennis 4 thread I realised that now the PS3 has a motion controller, the only Wii games I will buy are Nintendo's.
  13. Hmmm... Children of Eden looks interesting, if a little haphazard. I've never seen that before so I think I might investigate. That doesn't mean I'm getting Kinect.
  14. I downloaded something called Eyepet Move Edition from the store and I've only played that so far. Eyepet was in the console at the time but I've not tried playing it from the disc.
  15. What can Nintendo do with its next console? Get the remote as accurate as the Move controller, which is now the benchmark? They've barely made use of Motion Plus themselves since they launched it, nevermind third parties. I think Nintendo are in a slightly precarious position now that Sony has caught up.
  16. Comparing prices is a bit pointless because Move has several components and can be shopped around for. Kinect is one unit and I doubt even the online retailers are gonna discount it more than a tenner.
  17. 10. First day purchase 9. Buy 8. Payday Purchase 7. Buy after checking scores 6. Buy after reading reviews 5. Fanboy purchase 4. So bad it's good 3. For a laugh 2. Contains boobs 1. Bargain Bin Purchase 0. Yarrrrrrr!
  18. Yes, they controls are superior to the Wii but the package as a game isn't great overall. The presentation is lousy and it's got even more of that tech demo feel than Wii Sports had way back when. Sports Champions plays really nice but it's got even more of that Wii Sports thing where you don't play it once something better comes along.
  19. Care to link that? Kilroy pissing on a shop window is hardly safe for work
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