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  1. Okay, played all my Move stuff. Kung Fu Rider demo - Crap Tumble demo - Okay Raquet Sports - Below average The Shoot - Reasonably fun Sports Champions - Great but very lightweight Start the Party - Utter genius Eye Pet - Very good
  2. As long as it feels right, it doesn't matter how they do it.
  3. Phew! I was almost cajoled into buying TW by the overly helpful GS staff. Kung Fu rider appears to be utter balls according to IGN, too. If my controllers ever finish charging I'll be able to see for myself.
  4. HMV is selling the starter kit for £50 too. Disgraceful.
  5. Move controller is taking a while to charge. I've downloaded and installed all the move software I've not bought and it's still not charged yet.
  6. Kinect won't even be as big as Virtual Boy.
  7. Knowing me, Knowing me, with Jonathan Legard.
  8. Feels almost as good as Dirt 2 but without the incredibly twitchy (pad) controls.
  9. Not yet. At first he constantly slagged me off but as I got better he became much nicer.
  10. http://www.shopto.net/PS3/ACCESSORIES/PS3AC45-Crown%20Playstation%20Move%20Hand%20Gun.html Cool gun attachment. Nicer than the official one.
  11. I reckon if Legard does go, he'll end up flipping his lid like Alan Partridge.
  12. Definitely do some setup work. Once I got my springs and ride-height correct the car felt like it was really planted.
  13. It's not bad. FFB is a tad weaker than the Logitech wheels, but you can't rest them on your lap like you can with the 360 wheel. The pedals have a good method of reducing them sliding forwards but the springs in them aren't very strong, so you've got to be quite sensitive with them. It's a good wheel for the price and is wireless if you don't mind missing out on FFB by not plugging it into the wall.
  14. See. FM3 is flawed. I could feel it on day one.
  15. You can't get pedals separately for a console AFAIK. That kind of kit is only available for PC if you're doing a custom setup. Just get the official wheel and you'll get the pedals with it.
  16. Interesting. Whatever they've not done right sticks out a mile on pad and wheel to me. It's really spoils my enjoyment of what is otherwise a polished game.
  17. Keep an open mind and you'll enjoy it.
  18. Are the demos available to download?
  19. Decided to trade a load of stuff for this because Gamestation are offering an extra 20% if you trade for Move. Got the sports game, party game, remote and nav controllers, charging base, camera stand and I nipped round the corner for Eye Pet in HMV for £6. Just needs patching
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