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  1. So much wrongness in that post. The graphics are terrible but the framerate isn't that bad. 30fps with no slowdown. Handling is excellent on the pad. I just did some work on a setup for the Jordan stage and the car felt so good once I'd nailed the suspension setings. Day one purchase.
  2. Bump the rear end on a wall or get two flat tyres?
  3. Ordered on 360 now. Can't risk my PC not being able to run it.
  4. I'm confident it will be a better drive than Forza 3, which I maintain is flawed in some way.
  5. Not me. When it's used well it enhances gaming greatly. Like in Wii Sports, you almost forget about the controller and just do the motion. Perfect.
  6. Sounds good, but nothing will beat Monaco GP2's career mode. Still the best.
  7. Ico is fucking mind blowing. I had SotC but I kept falling off the monsters so I traded it.
  8. THis is dirt cheap to pre-order. That's a bad sign, isn't it?
  9. I'm pretty sure he's said publicly that he rates him as an excellent commentator. I vaguely remember seeing him say it at an awards show or something. Anyway, Allen is good. Not just in comparison to Legarse but in his own right.
  11. Me. Not sure how it will fare on my rig though. CPU only meets minimum spec. 8800GTX graphics card though.
  12. Every level in Halo should just start with a radio message or Cortana saying "kill the baddies."
  13. It's okay so far. Graphics are a bit patchy.
  14. Legendary Edish incoming from ShopTo.
  15. Definitely. I hope he replaces that shitbag Liuzzi at Force India next year. I reckon it will happen with there being an Indian GP.
  16. Fuck. Half a second in a pitstop cost Button an awesome win
  17. I'll be all over this faster than Wayne Rooney on a tart's mot.
  18. Their customer service sucks a bit though. They give a discount code each month if you buy a certain number of games a year. I added mine this month and it's disappeared from my account and I haven't used it yet. I got a couple of replies about it but they're ignoring me now.
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