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  1. NP, I thought that was the joke and enquired. I'm not a Clapton fan *ducks and covers*
  2. Fucking hell, I'll keep my mouth shut next time!
  3. I couldn't give a shit how often they swear. If they didn't swear I wouldn't have learned the phrase "Bummed in the gob!" At that point in the topic, the conversation was geared towards how they could present the show to the terrestrial TV channels and the restrictions they might impose on the content of Consolevania. I merely questioned whether they could be as funny without going to extremes, and I think they could be. I offered an example of the possible consequences of being in the graveyard slot on satellite Vs an earlier slot on terrestrial, and an example of a successful game show that had no explicit content, to illustrate my point. I'm 24. Whether that counts as youth these days is a different matter.
  4. I don't have a TV show ready to go on TV so you'll have to forgive my ignorance of the finer details, all I do is watch it! So they could really give Legend the chop or something?
  5. Insomniac is just so dark and gritty, it's my favourite. But, Warning shows their musical talent coz there's less thrashing of guitars and more tuneful stuff. American Idiot is somewhere between Dookie and Warning and it doesn't work for me. It's by far their weakest album IMHO. The first track is good but the rest are just foot tappers until it livens up a bit towards the end. Disappointing to say the least.
  6. The weekly fixture of Counterstrike was a thing of legend. A mate of mine was at UMIST and had a 1MB internet connection in his room and he hosted a server every thursday night for about 2 years! Others would be SF2 Special Champion Edition on Megadrive, Virtua Racing Deluxe on 32X (the replay feature was fantastic,) Duke Nukem 3D on Saturn, F1GP and F1GP2, all Gran Turismos and FFVII.
  7. I only have Freeview but I put a good word in on that website. Come on! Do the right thing!
  8. What's wrong, aren't you funny without swearing and dressing up as paedophiles? Granted, a well timed swear word is incredibly funny but what's better, saying fuck to 1,000 viewers at 3am on satellite or toning it down a bit and reaching more people on Channel 4 at 11pm? Everyone looks at Gamesmaster through rose tinted specs but it was well loved for a reason. It was accessible to loads of people, contained no swearing but had some genius innuendos.
  9. I use MD. I have a Sony portable recorder and a car kit for my car's tape player. My hifi has an optical out so I can record digitally and it's really convenient. All the cars I've had came with tape players and if I buy a car that has a CD player in I'd probably replace it with a MD head unit rather than a CD player. It's small, it's convenient and it's portable. The convenience of it outweighs the audible compression IMO. I have no problems with it
  10. A better analogy because although the CMR4 tracks aren't random, they're dull as fuck! Gran Turismo 3 has a few great tracks, it's the way forward. Take Sega GT 2002 which was supposed to be a GT3 beater. Car handling and graphics are great but there's only a couple of tracks that are great, the rest are just generic filler.
  11. How far is Unreal3 from release? It's a bit unfair to compare Doom III to something that might be a year away. HL2 is imminent so that doesn't count!
  12. I totally agree. Due to my PC being a bit on the slow side, at best I get 20FPS out of Doom III with no enemies on screen, 6FPS with three enemies on screen, I didn't get too far into the game before it was too jerky to continue. It disappointed me because apart from the GFX and sound there was nothing new, a very basic game. So, I've got to buy a new PC to play the game properly, but only Doom III is unplayable on my PC
  13. Right, handbags at 10 paces, that's the only way to settle this! Sorry dude!
  14. Was the Eric Clapton joke before the Winning Eleven review a reference to his son falling from a skyscraper?
  15. I didn't say it could. Here is what I said: Assuming its battery life is long enough to watch a movie or two, the PSP should kill off those portable DVD players. It's possible that movies could be released on the UMD format. Who's laughing now?
  16. Ahh...those were the days! Start the Megadrive up in the morning, put a couple of hours in, then pause it and have a break. Come back for another couple of hours, then pause and have another break. Great times. When I'm in the mood to play through a game, I'll play for 1.5 to 2 hours a night after work, Mon - Fri, and most games will be complete after 2 - 3 weeks of this so that's 20 - 30 hours. Too fucking long! And while I'm on the subject of the good old days, the lack of 2D games is terrible. Tales Of Symphonia (and no doubt many other titles) prove that cartoon style and quality graphics are possible. The TOS characters look as close to an anime as a game ever has. A new 2D Streetfighter game with crisp 2D cartoon graphics rather than sprites would look superb.
  17. Are we thinking that loads of tracks is bad because they won't have enough time to perfect them, or bad because it belies Sega Rally's arcade roots?
  18. I don't have white as an option. Neither did I when I first typed in a possible spoiler, but I thought I'd see if typing the word "white" between the tags would work. I previewed the post and it did work. Common sense?
  19. Surely they'll put the original tracks in it? It would be like Gran Turismo without Trial Mountain.
  20. Assuming its battery life is long enough to watch a movie or two, the PSP should kill off those portable DVD players. I just can't see it being a worthwhile purchase for anyone with a PS2, and there's a lot of people who have PS2s so it may well flop. See, the GBA has all those remakes of Mario etc for people who never played them first time round, and it's the only system where you can get original 2D Sonic games, so it has reasons for GC owners to get one. I should start reading up on the PSP but does anyone know if it has any kind of video output?
  21. Yeah, spoilers are supposed to be typed in white with a spoiler warning Thankfully, I've completed Max Payne 2
  22. Hey, that's sounding pretty cool although my local GAME is far too small to have people hanging around playing handhelds. The ability to play DS while waiting for a train or bus would be cool though.
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