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  1. It'll have to be if Nintendo want to rule! What's the minimum level of additional tech required to get the DS online? If it's a PC, internet connection and wireless network then I'm 2 thirds there. Would software have to be suplied with the DS for installation on to your PC to get the online thing working?
  2. Nothing can beat Dungeon Keeper! What could be better than giving an imp a well aimed clip around the ear to increase production?
  3. Yeah, I rarely buy DVDs at more than a tenner. There are exception of course, but only for must-haves like Star Wars and Spiderman etc... As for games, I'm trying to condition myself to do the same, although if I want a brand new console game it's difficult to find at £20. Donkey Konga is £30 with the drums at Play so progress is being made! There is the problem of when games just disappear from the shelves, never to return. Years ago, I kept putting off buying Zelda DX for the GBC coz it was £25 and it's nowhere to be seen now
  4. NiGHTS is a masterpiece, no doubt about it. I didn't get too involved with the A-Life system, but it's such a rush to do all those links and kill the enemies as you go. And Christmas just wouldn't feel like Christmas if I didn't hook the Saturn up and play Christmas NiGHTS! The song at the end of it is brilliant! FFVII is also a game that really pulls you in. The thing is, I knew before I started it that SOMETHING happens which is quite moving, but when I reached that point I was still shocked, angry at the game and in total disbelief Also the end of Unreal II is just
  5. The big name PC games always used to be £29.99 but they've been creeping up to £34.99 in the last couple of years. Thankfully, Play sell most new PC games for £17.99
  6. But just imagine controlling a proper nights game with an eye toy!
  7. Why do they keep farting around with NiGHTS? A version locked away in a GBA game and now it's featuring in an Eye Toy game. If they just re-released the original on PS2 or something it'll sell very well, surely? I don't even want a sequel! Just the original game with smoother textures and a better framerate would be nice!
  8. I saw Chaos Legion for PC in HMV for a fiver once. I should've got it
  9. Not the top right one. Look at the awful track texture. It's all straight lines around the curve
  10. I don't mind second hand as long as it has a manual. I'd buy a pre owned game with original artwork over a new game with a budget cover. Xbox Classics covers are awful. Player's Choice and Platinum are OK and PC budget covers are a mixed bag.
  11. £130 is a bit steep considering that's what the GC started out at. £110 would be my preferred price but it's such an interesting console I'll probably get one *Optimus Prime voice* NO MATTER THE COST!!!
  12. If it wasn't for the monthly fees I'd get it like a shot. Incidentally, are there any MMORPGs that don't have monthly fees?
  13. Yeah, Sony could be sandbagging with those battery life figures. Then just before the launch they announce that they've miraculously increased the battery life to 5 hours or something.
  14. I find that HMV rarely have decent sales on their games. Although I do find the odd gem in there.
  15. For me, DS is almost certainly a launch day purchase. It just boils down to what games are available. Because it's something new, something exciting. PSP is just a small PS2 and I already have one of those plugged into a TV and 7.1 speakers Does PSP use memory cards to save game data? I've not checked it out much coz I won't be buying instantly. if so, some kind of link up with PS2 versions of games would be cool, in a Mario Golf kinda way.
  16. Me neither. Here are the two pieces of good service I've had from GAME, ever! On one occasion I bought a joypad which set the alarms off as I walked out of the door. It was busy and because lots of people were near the door I didn't think it was me and I carried on walking. Then, a member of GAME staff ran from the store to remove the tag to stop it setting off the alarms in any other shops I went in that day. And, years ago, I decided to buy a preowned copy of Goldeneye at £14.99. The assistant took 10 minutes to reappear from the store room, so the manager knocked a fiver off the price for me! Other than that it's been just normal style service with just a couple of niggles about staff game knowledge. Don't get me wrong, I pre-order from GAME sometimes, and I buy if they're cheap, but sometimes they suck.
  17. I'd like to see games shops (not just GAME) refuse to trade unless the game you're offering has a manual. Missing manuals really ticks me off. And when people have written in the "Notes" section... Aaarrgh!
  18. What staggers me is the amount of them that are released. It's a safe bet for the publishers coz if a game has a license, the publisher knows it will sell X copies and the licence will probably pay for itself, but if they were releasing a game that featured an original character and story they're gonna have less idea of how well it will do. I was in GAME browsing the GC section (painfully small and at the back of the shop, bastards,) and I turned to look at the Xbox and PS2 sections and all I saw were actor and sports star faces on the boxes. All the non licenced games seemed to be at the bottom of the shelves with the spines facing outwards.
  19. Mine doesn't do that and I've had it for about 3 years.
  20. Yup, I can't stand the PS controllers. I always forget where the buttons are too. Colours are much easier to remember than a shape.
  21. The DC has always impressed me with it's solid feel and build quality. The N64 design hasn't aged well IMHO but I like the red light on the front. I have my PS2 in the upright position, which allows it to fit on the same part of my desk as the GC and Xbox so I like that part of the design. GC is also pleasing to the eye and I like the way the fan sucks air through the console. Xbox. Hmmm...it looks crap and doesn't feel as solid as it should judging by its size. Saturn was a bit bulky but it had some onboard memory. I prefer the white/light grey ones.
  22. I've seen Manhunt in the St Helens branch of GAME.
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