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  1. ROFL! I totally missed him! That section of CV4 is darker than Doom III on my screen!
  2. I didn't see Hitler. Where was this?
  3. I thought the Pete Molyneux bit was funny. Good likeness too!
  4. Got and watched. CV is back to its best!
  5. Connected to it at 33k/sec. It'll be here in no time!
  6. They've started putting the pre-owned stickers on the game cover artwork UNDERNEATH the plastic cover of the DVD boxes!
  7. Hell, for me Doom 3 lacks any PLAY value. It's a real disappointment and highlights how good Far Cry is.
  8. Where did you get Space Tripper for£1.98? Since seeing it out of stock on Game's website for 49p, I don't wanna spend much more than that on it!
  9. I downloaded the demo and it ran like total shite coz there was a driver issue or somethig with my 9600 Pro (check the TrackMania forums.) The 4.8 Catalysts fix whatever was wrong and I'm getting into it now. The track creation and sharing is what I'm most looking forward to.
  10. Here's mine: PC Doom 3 £26.49 inc p&p MS Train Smulator £9.99 PS2 Gitaroo Man £8.09 GC Soul Calibur 2 £18.99 (The insane price of the GC version must be the Link's effect!) N64 Jet Force Gemini £4.99
  11. I hope so I usually take advantage of Play.com and get my PC games from there if they sell what I want for £17.99, so if it's not what I expected I won't be wasting much cash. It's still good to play a demo though!
  12. If there was a demo out for Richard burns Rally I'd be able to decide on it. The level of realism sounds extreme from the Xbox and PS2 reviews I've read and on the PC with a FFB wheel it should be the ultimate. Must wait for a demo though!
  13. I like the way the girl at the start of a race in NFSU is in the middle of a conversation and then interrupts it to start the race.
  14. Exactly. That's the best answer I've read here. I had a really good spell in about March/April and I completed 9 of my PC games, then I was a bit exhausted after that and I've not played anything with as much dedication until the last month, when I started Shenmue. I'm on disc 3 and I'll be sticking with it to the end. After that I might start Jet Force Gemini or FF Crystal Chronicles. Can't decide which.
  15. Yeah. Shenmue is no different to any of today's games bar a few polygons and special effects. To me, retro is anything before the Saturn and PSOne because there's a definite shift in that era of gaming, 2D to 3D. You don't need to wear rose tinted specs to see the differences between Shenmue and similar games today.
  16. Rather than start new ones for the same discusion? Yes!
  17. Oasis - I Hope, I Think, I Know
  18. Oasis are hit and miss, even in the same gig! I've seen them twice and fortunately they were both good gigs. Glastonbury had the best Wonderwall ever, Live Forever and Cigarettes And Alcohol were great along with My generation, Columbia and Don't Look Back In Anger. Stop Crying Your Heart Out was awful, and so was Little By Little and Supersonic. The others were just normal good performances IMHO. The band are sounding great, it's just Liam's singing. If he's singing well then they're amazing!
  19. Noel's anecdote at the end of the Live Forever britpop documentary is possibly the funniest thing he's ever said! And Liam's reaction to being banned from flying with Cathay Pacific is equally hilarious!
  20. I'm an Oasis freak! (Expect some bias) Most B sides have been mentioned, but some other stunners are: Thankyou For The Good Times and Shout It Out Loud (On Stop Crying Your Heart Out) Stay Young and Angel Child (On D'You Know What I Mean?) One Way Road (On Who Feels Love) Carry Us All and Full On (On Sunday morning Call) (BTW, Full On really IS amazing) Special mentions must go to Rockin' Chair and Let's All Make Believe, truly great songs. And while you're at it, there are some unreleased songs floating round the net. They are called: Leaked around the time of 4th album: Solve My Mystery (could also be called Revolution Song) Let There Be Love (could also be called It's A Crime) Both live from Poole 2004: A Bell Will Ring The Meaning Of Soul Also track down the demos for the Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants album. They're arguably better than the album itself!
  21. Beach Boys God Only Knows Don't Worry Baby Warmth Of The Sun The Beatles (Too many to choose from) She's Leaving Home Lovely Rita Norwegian Wood And Your bird Can Sing Tomorrow Never Knows Rain Oasis Let's All Make Believe (B-Side to Go Let It Out. Liam's best singing ever, so much emotion) Idler's Dream Slide Away Stop Crying Your Heart Out Who Feels Love The Masterplan Lisa Loeb How Stay Rose Coloured Times Firecracker And finally, My Immortal and Hello by Evanescence.
  22. I hammered Shenmue 1 for a fortnight a while back and was totally engrossed. I'm up to the part where I've found the phoenix mirror and have to meet Master Chen. But I can't do this until a certain time the next day and at this point I lost interest a bit. I do really like the game though. Getting a QTE right first time is really cool!
  23. First steps on to Hyrule field in OOT. The music and the sunrie gives everything such warmth! Being in "the zone" racing on Monaco in F1GP. Ayrton Senna once gave an interview where he described being in the zone as something like a trance, where everything flows from the subconcious and you'll drive 15 laps and hardly notice it, but the smallest thing can break it, like braking a bit earlier for a corner, going too close to a barrier. First massive link in NiGHTS Into Dreams. Getting a FREE moment right first time in Shenmue.
  24. Not interested in tennis. CMR2005 is truly awful. If you have CMR04 then there's hardly any difference in the new game. rip off merchants Codemasters are at it again. Xpand Rally is great. Handling takes some getting used to, but the cars feel poweful and are challenging to keep on the road. And, your driver gets injured too! Hit a wall too hard and you black out for a half second or so! B)
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