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  1. I'd play one game for a week or so, then try something else and so on, but I'd never come back to them. However, this year I decided to stick with them and I've completed 9 of about 55 of my PC games. Warcraft III is a work in progress - I played it every night after work for about three weeks and it's almost finished, and Mace Griffin is well on the way to being finished. I went through my PS2 memory card the other day and there was so much to delete because I'd not played any of the games for about 2 years and I had no idea where I'd left off
  2. NiGHTS Into Dreams. Hooking up a massive link for the first time gave me a great sense of achievement. And, it's one of those games that, if you've mastered it, you look like the best gamer in the world when playing it! B)
  3. Mine too. Those little teeth that hold the CDs in all break if you so much as fart near them! Also annoying are the big DVD boxes that Doom 3, Colin McRae 3 and 4 come in. They don't fit in my racks!
  4. It was running OK until I had three enemies on screen at once in the Alpha Labs, then it went down to 7fps I have an AthlonXP 2100, 1gig RAM, 9600Pro and it gave me about 25fps until that point. It's a crap time to need a new PC too, with Socket 939 and PCI Express on the way.
  5. Yeah, Once you're out on the world map it really gets going. The story is superb, and Aeris...well...
  6. I have one. A Nokia 3300, it's excellent to have a bit of music.
  7. Somebody pin them down while I pummel them in the face! I recently got Jet Force Gemini in near mint condition for a fiver. I really wanted it back when it was first released but never got round to it.
  8. Even better, but they would probably want the game to be bought by more than enthusiasts!
  9. I've not played a Sonic game since Sonic Adventure on my DC, which I got three years ago. You'd assume that people who make games are intelligent, but apparently not. Sonic Adventure just didn't work and nothing seems to have changed. I'm sure the Sonic Fans will correct me if I'm wrong though, and they're welcome to. If we can see they're crap games then why can't Sega? Who do they have play testing them? They need to go back to the drawing board and make something with the flashiest 3D graphics imaginable, but keep it locked to a 2D plane with a fixed camera angle.
  10. The no voice thing in Zelda leaves it purely to our imagination. I'm sure I think of Link's voice differently to the next person. The odd grunt or wheeze as he jumps or rolls is OK, but full speech would ruin the game.
  11. Played Mafia on the PC? Superb voice acting. Also, the voice acting in Doom 3 is good and Unreal 2 wasn't bad either. Max Payne and its sequel have great voice acting, as do Far Cry and Star Fox Adventures. TOCA Race Driver 2 has amusing acting in the cut scenes too!
  12. Excellent point! With current TVs being shite, the differences each new console has over the next are minimal. I'm seriously impressed with what GT4 Prologue looks like and amazed the PS2 can do it, but they've probably found a way of exploiting the TV's low resolution to the game's advantage. HDTV will improve things for consoles, but only up to what PC graphics look like on a monitor, if that.
  13. Since I lost interest in CS I've played hardly anything online. One reason is the monthly subscriptions. I'd buy FFXI but why should I continue to pay for it after I've bought it? If they can work out a pay as you go (or pay as you play even) system so that you only pay for what you use then I think that would be much better.
  14. Which is why I agree with what Satoru Iwata says about the graphical improvements the new consoles will bring. I decided to set my DC up the other day and play through Shenmue. I was thinking that it would look a bit dated in comparison with the likes of The Wind Waker, Halo, Metroid, GT4 Prologue etc, but it doesn't look at all bad. This is a four year old game and it's perfectly acceptable IMHO.
  15. The Warrington Branch of Gamestation is the same. I think they had a lighting problem for a couple of weeks too. Half the shop was in darkness. And, the branch of Game in St Helens had a water leak last year. They were selling water damaged stock with a massive 30% discount, greedy bastards! I would think that anything physically damaged should be half price at the most.
  16. I really like this mag and have been buying it for years, back when it was called N64. However, your post has reminded me of the time when I noticed that one of their GBA reviews was exactly the same as a review of a different game the month earlier, except that all names and stuff had been changed so it made sense. There was also one issue a couple of months ago that I think they recognize as being crap. Can't remember the exact issue though, 93 I think.
  17. Probably happened more than 6 months ago, but Consolevania, the best video games programme ever was released. Hilarious in the extreme. www.consolevania.com
  18. Pending review scores and impressions from demos etc my most wanted for the coming months are: Richard Burns Rally (PC) Final Fantasy XI (PC, If I can be brave enough to pay monthly) Half-Life 2 (PC) Colin McRae Rally 2005 (PC. If Play are to be believed, 24th Sep) Pro Evolution Soccer 4 (PC) Gran Turismo 4 (PS2) Tales Of Symphonia (GC) Zelda Four Swords (GC) Star Fox 2 (GC) Metroid Prime 2 (GC) Fable (Xbox) Street Fighter Anniversary (Xbox) Halo 2 (Xbox)
  19. The first was good, and IMHO the second is superb. I've never enjoyed playing a game as much as I did when playing MP2. Loved every minute
  20. If they do stay can you make them stay on screen a bit longer please? Not all of us are Johnny 5!
  21. Giants Citizen Kabuto (Still looks amazing 3 years after release) Far Cry Doom III Toca Race Driver 2 Need For Speed Underground Max Payne 2 Beyond Good And Evil New York Race Unreal II Warcraft III
  22. Water temple in Ocarina Of Time had me stumped for a while. The tutorial at the start of Driver 1 put me off that series of games for life. And when I finally did it, the game was crap! Other than that, level 6 - 3 of Asterix on the Master System was unbelievably hard. small platforms rotating over lava causing an instant death. Come to think of it, that was a pretty amazing game if you're an Asterix fan! Probably the best Asterix game ever made!
  23. Why??? When you knew it was coming, why would you pay for it again in a shop???
  24. It probably is exagerrated. All it seems to be is exactly the same game as Doom and Doom 2 but with the superb graphics. This is what makes me disappointed by it. PCFormat gave Doom III 90% despite calling it "too long, dumb and repetitive." Wimps. I'd give it 75% and that's me being generous. Nice graphics and sound, but little else. It's probably something to go back to in a couple of years when PCs that can run it properly on ultra are affordable. But by then, even more stunning games will be out and Doom III will be meh.
  25. Not impressed. Duct tape mod will be tried out coz I'm not being killed by something I can't even see. Unfair games are no fun. Hmmm...let me see...if I'm in an area that's crawling with zombies, should I walk around with a torch and biff them on the head, or do I walk around with the shotgun so i can actually kill them?
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