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  1. I'll get me coat! That's pretty funny but I'm sure CV can do it better. He didn't even have a wig!
  2. In a future episode of CV, it would be amusing to see one of you don a brown leather jacket, some blue jeans and a spiky black wig to make yourself look like Ryo from Shenmue. Then, go out on to the streets and ask random people if they know where sailors with tatoos on their arms hang out!
  3. I was undecided over SSX3 and 1080 at Christmas, but the Zelda collector's disc offer swung it for 1080. I also got SSX3 for a fiver in Game the other day and I'm of the opinion that snowboard fans should definitely own both. 1080 for racing and SSX3 for tricks. Although, from what I've played so far, trying to win a race and do a shed load of tricks seems challenging
  4. I'll try and find an amusing one.
  5. Space Tripper is out of stock on Game now I pressed the order button and left my email address and they said they'd let me know when they'd get it back in stock. Has anyone ever had success buying a game when it's been out of stock, and do you reckon they'll still charge 48p if they do get it back in stock?
  6. I agree, simply because the PS2 is nowhere near dead. Judging by GT4 Prologue, it's still capable of great things in the right hands. It would be daft to release in 2005.
  7. One thing that would've made the DS interesting is if they had digital video cameras in the back, pointing away from you. Then, in a wireless multiplayer game, you could stand opposite your opponent and have them on the screen and...er...shoot them! The consoles would beam each other's pictures to the opposite DS and the top screen would display your opponent, plus objects for you to each move behind etc. The cameras would have to shoot a mirror image for you to move the correct way of course! Then you'd use the bottom touch screen to throw custard pies at each other or something!
  8. It's one of the best games ever IMHO. Music, graphics, physics, story, missions, weapons, humour, everything is perfect. It's one of those great games where you can just sod the objective of the mission and go for a blast around on your jet pack just because the game handles so well! And for £2 you've got an absolute bargain! I can't speak for the PS2 version though, never played it.
  9. I've got two copies of the PC version of this turd of a game, and I didn't want either of them! I got the first when my 9600Pro broke and I had to send the whole thing back. It came with Soldier of Fortune 2. The one I got in return had TRAOD in it. A couple of months ago I decided to beef up the audio in my PC and I got an Audigy2 ZS Platinum Pro. That also included TRAOD. I can't get away from it. It's following me everywhere. I can't even sell them coz if the hardware breaks I'll have to send the bundle back
  10. This is where I'm stuck too! I remember being convinced to play it by a friend who has the PC version. I got a few hours in and thought "No sweat!" Then I stepped out on to the world map for the first time and couldn't believe how huge the game was! I've got a lazy approach to the FF games though. I don't level up much and I get to a point where the bosses always overpower me. It's the same in FFX!
  11. PC Need For Speed Underground £10 PC Armed And Dangerous £10 PC Indycar Series £10 PC VRally 3 £5 PC Trackmania Powerup £5 PC Grandia 2 £10 PC Doom Collector's Edition £10 PS2 Psyvariar £7 Total £67
  12. When I was young my parents only allowed me to have one console so when I was bored with my Master System I sold it for a Mega Drive etc. Since getting a job I started buying all the consoles I previously owned and at one point I had them all set up in my room ready for use! All I need is a 32X and the collection is complete! The games I re bought were: MASTER SYSTEM Sonic 2 MEGADRIVE Monaco GP 2 SF2 Champion Edition 32X Virtua Racing (saw game for £3 but don't own console yet)! SATURN NiGHTS and Christmas NiGHTS Daytona Sega Rally
  13. This is what I do except when must buys like Doom III and Far Cry come along. The only thing is that I have a pile of 13 games that I've bought in the last month coz there have been sales on!
  14. Me too. I've never really been a fan of them until the last couple of years. I got Bangai O for my DC and that kick started it. Since then I've got Ikaruga and last week I got Psyvariar. I also have PN03 and the style seems similar but it's not strictly a spaceship featring in the game.
  15. Giants Citizen Kabuto is one of the best games ever made and it's a crime that only five people bought it Not completed it yet though and I have Armed And Dangerous lying in wait on my shelf.
  16. I downloaded the demo and the handling is really sensitive but it you get used to it. Sometimes it helps if you want to knock an opponent out of the way and get back on like quickly though. Not something I'd buy though.
  17. Max Payne. The screaming in the distance and the navigating to find the murder scene. Brilliant way to start a game.
  18. Calm down, it's a video games show! It's only episode three and we all know that nothing happens in the world of video games in the summer, I guess that's why Driv3r was relased this summer! I like the way that for a given sketch, there's an example shown from actual game footage, as with Tap! and that guy with the beard and robot following him around. On its own, Tap! wouldn't have been funny at all. And, from my experience of games TV shows (I don't have Sky so that would be Gamesmaster, Bits, Thumb Bandits, Bad Influence etc), there weren't too many characters in them, mostly relying on guests or interviews. I'm not too worried that this episode didn't quite meet my expectations. How often have you bought your favourite games mag and it's turned out to be a rubbish issue? Is the show famous enough to have publishers sending you review copies or do you review games you buy yourselves? Hopefully the show will get to the stage where you can go and see previews or visit E3! I'm expecting a Christmas Special!
  19. One thing that I've noticed as I've got older (I'm 24 now) is that I don't find the majority of the games I own quite as interesting as I used to, and I leave them after a few hours. These days it's the likes of Ico, Project Zero, Ikaruga, Rez, PN03 etc. that get me interested in what games can offer, but having about 100+ games I just don't have time to finish them. I did knuckle down earlier in the year though and got a few finished, which brings me on to another point, Max Payne 2on PC. It wasn't particularly hard or long and that allowed me to actually pay attention to what the game was offering me in terms of story, environment and playability. Definitely one of the best games ever IMHO.
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