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  1. Does Mr Valve like the Wii? I'd like to see a Valve game on the Wii.
  2. LOL! The link text does suggest a full review, which I couldn't be arsed reading at the time. So, it may be a bit of a disappointment then. I think I'll go with the PC version and save a few quid.
  3. It was an obvious attempt to get a drive-through or something, just to get Massa behind Alonso.
  4. Must... not.. berate.. FM3... ... ...
  5. I already have a play and charge kit. Fuck being forced to buy another.
  6. There's some seriously creepy voodoo going on inside there. Still the best dpad ever.
  7. If I wasn't forced to buy the play and charge kit I might be interested. Fuck that.
  8. It seems too coincidental for it not to be a contributary factor.
  9. Maybe I've got the new 360 and use it loads now that I'm reasonably confident it won't explode.
  10. Does that shit dashboard only get installed if you have Kinect, or is it going to be forced on everyone in the form of an update?
  11. I gave the demo a try and got battered on the easiest setting. WTF is going on?
  12. If they could make this widescreen, why not Ghost Squad?
  13. Do you have that out permanently? I have a racing chair with brackets for 360 and G25 but it's so cumbersome to set up that I hardly use it. The Thrustmaster wheel is a step in the right direction gor me. Perhaps they'll figure out that at least one cable for powering FFB isn't so bad and release a proper version.
  14. Balls. Massa is still significantly behind Alonso.
  15. Webber and Kubica are lanky streaks of piss though, aren't they?
  16. Meh. The convenience of the unit is extremely desirable. The only thing the lack of FFB affects IMO is the price, which is too high for a non FFB wheel even if it does come with a built in "wheelstand."
  17. Great race. Gutted for Kubica though
  18. Why are Jake and EJ dressed the same?
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