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  1. Just had a thought. What if the summer break is incorporated into the team orders rule? Team orders allowed after the summer break while it's the final stretch of the championship.
  2. I'm seriously considering replacing the G25 with one of these at some point. It's a damn shame it's not 360 compatible. It would be the perfect wheel for me in that case. http://www.thrustmaster.com/product.aspx?ProductID=206&PlatformID=12
  3. We'll just have more games running at 30fps, which is shit.
  4. Nay. Webber, Alonso, Vettel, Massa, McLarens and then Kubica. With Sutil and Petrov somewhere round there.
  5. I pissed myself laughing at Battlefield Bad Company.
  6. Yup. Or today if you'd ordered from ShopTo
  7. This arrived today. Only had a chance to play Gunblade but it's FUCKING AMAZING!!! I much prefer it to Ghost Squad. Anyone else getting it?
  8. Meh buys GamesTM if he runs out of toilet paper by the sound of it!
  9. Why not? We can expect not to have sim handling in arcade mode, can we not?
  10. Looks a bit "ham shank."
  11. People out there will buy every cover, won't they?
  12. Daft looking gun? It looks fucking awesome! Amazing colour scheme.
  13. Amazing. Simply amazing. I'd settle for it just the way it is. If it shreds then so much the better.
  14. Thanks. I would've thought SOny would announce launch titles for each region. I guess I will go for Resi 5 then. I've got a Tiger Woods game for the Wii so there's not much point getting that. And if Kung Fu Rider is any good I suppose I could get that.
  15. Still no official launch title list? I don't want to have to buy Resi 5 just to have it on day one.
  16. I loved Sega Power back in the day. I used to make sure I had enough pocket money left over to buy it every month. Captain Ages and Rewop
  17. Aren't dancing games casual games?
  18. Only problem so far is the black plastic showing up dust like a biatch.
  19. Should be pretty special next gen then.
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